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Telos: Necromancy


This guide assumes very strong understanding of everything found in #telos-basic and #Stuns & Mechanics Overview. The rotations listed below are ideally used at 1000%+ enrage. However, they will generally work at lower enrage as well, and it is encouraged to learn these rotations as early as possible to build good habits and muscle memory.

An average kill at 2449% enrage is worth coins 10,163,906 in uniques. This assumes an estimated orb price of coins 74,830,376. Advanced players can get up to 18.7 kph, earning coins 190,065,044/hr.

Notable Enrage Checkpoints and Changes (999+)

1000% P4 one rock will fall, P5 multiple rocks will fall, immortality no longer works P5, and Telos will freedom stuns and binds with a 16 tick cooldown

2000% "So you think you can guard?" Achievement, aka Silver Warden

2700% Tendrils damage required caps at 30,000

3300% The first prayer drain on P3 will smite you from full unless Telos touches the beam.

4000% Hard enrage cap; "True Warden" achievement, aka Gold Warden

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

wardenlegs90 switch with clearheaded and turtling4 for p4 volcanic golems and p5 cade. Helps to have zemouregalsnexus and malletops perk for extra cade duration.

⬥ Rune pouches for smokecloud veng sbslunars disrupt prismofrestoration

kwuarmsticks, spiritsticks, and lantasticks incense sticks used at bank.

ripperpouch with ripperscroll (set to 1) or reaverpouch with reaverscroll (set to 5) are to be used.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• reaverpouch requires prismofrestoration in P3 and P4.

The Fight


Pre-building stacks at wars is recommended as it allows you to achieve a more consistent phase 1 and 2.

Dummy at War's Retreat: soulsapthreadsoffatetouchofdeathsoulsap (should end on 4 necrosis 4 residualsoul)

conjurearmy + (sbslunars)veng + (sbslunars)disruptlifetransfercommandghost + cinderbanesinvokedeath → ‎ ‎invokelordofboneslivingdeath + adrenrenewal → (wait 2 ticks) → surgecommandskeleton / limitless devo

*Prebuild Notes:

⬥ Optional: to reduce P1-2 RNG up to 4k you can staffoflight eofspec at adrenaline crystal.

⬥ if invokelordofbones is not owned, skip in prebuild and use rod or asr instead of reaverring P1 to P4*

Phase 1

ingen praeswand + (tc) + smokecloud + vulnbomb + omniguardtouchofdeathdeathskullsomniguard specnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautofingerofdeathsoulsapnecroautotouchofdeathanti or deathguard70 eofspec if not phased

Phase 2

⬥ This phase's rotation varies slightly depending how many autos Telos still has remaining before tendrils.

2 autos: splitsoulbloatnecroautocommandskeleton → wait 1t + volleyofsoulstouchofdeathfingerofdeathsoulsapnecroautonecroauto

1 auto: splitsoulbloat → ‎ ‎commandskeletonvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathtouchofdeathfingerofdeathsoulsapnecroautonecroauto

0 autos: splitsoulbloat → ‎ ‎volleyofsoulscommandskeletontouchofdeathfingerofdeathsoulsapnecroautonecroauto soulsapnecroauto

*P2 Notes:

⬥ Optionally (At higher enrages / long streaks):

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• ‎ ‎res/divert telos' 3rd auto after tendrils

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• ‎ ‎ ‎Use devo for onslaught hits.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• ‎ ‎ ‎Ensure ending with 85%+ adrenaline for safer P3.*

Phase 3

bloat + vulnbombtouchofdeathsoulsapcommandskeletondeathskulls + dive red beam → soulsapcommandzombiefingerofdeath + 2t surge to jump spot → soulsapnecroauto (phased) → divert

*P3 notes:

⬥ Replace first soulsap by debil if prioritising safety.

divert should catch a smite or nuke if not phased*

Phase 4

Note: For information on how to use sticky bombs in p4 for minions effectively please see #Melee Telos

Drop Down

bloattouchofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecsoulsap + dive font 1

Font 1

divertreflectprepfreedomsoulsap + stickybomb golems → touchofdeath + move away → telos + volleyofsoulsomniguard specconjurearmy + dive surge font 2

Font 2

necroautocommandghostanticlearheadedres/divert + stickybomb golems → threadsoffatesoulsap + move away → commandskeleton → (target + vulnbomb telos → volleyofsoulsdeathguard70 eofspecdive + surge font 3

Font 3

preptouchofdeathdevodivertfreedom (equip rod) → invokelordofbonesbloodsiphon → (wait for instakill message) fingerofdeath → (tc) golem necroauto + (sbslunars)disrupt

*P4 Notes:

⬥ Font 2: commandskeleton only if soulsap is 1t before or on-tick for You dare to defy me? voiceline.

⬥ Font 3: if no invokelordofbones can invokedeath here instead of during prebuild.*

Phase 5

Note: for more information on timing & moving efficiently throughout P5, read: #P5 Movement & Timing

Side Beam

invokedeath → (wait 2t) → surgesplitsouldive into green beam + nat + vitality → (anticlearheaded if redgolem →) deathskullslivingdeathdeathskullscadefingerofdeathfingerofdeathdeathguard70 eofspecomniguard'spec

Back Beam

invokedeath → (wait 2t) → surgesplitsoul → diagonal dive + commandzombie + stickybomb corner → touchofdeath → ‎ ‎nat + vitalitydeathskullslivingdeathdeathskullscadefingerofdeathdeathguard70 eofspecomniguard'spec

*P5 Notes:

⬥ For safety reflect can be used in p5 between invokedeath and splitsoul

⬥ For backbeam you can stickybomb the corner (see video @24:00).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• if redgolem this also works, or replace touchofdeath by anticlearheaded instead.

⬥ For speeds: can equip reaverring after cade, and can surge+dive to red beam after fingerofdeath for a slightly faster p5.*

Example kills

Necro Telos example kills

Necro Telos P5 backbeam + red golem example