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Rathis (48 kph, 54-57 kph with necklaceofsalamancy)


Aura Choice

Choices for aura which affects how afk kills can be. They are listed in order of effectiveness:

equilibriumaura Equilibrium Aura - Fastest kills.

penanceaura Penance Aura - More AFK.

vampaura Vampyrism Aura with powderofpenance - Use if having troubles with sustain.

Mandatory AFK Requirements

Mandatory AFK Requirements
This setup should reliably allow you to reliably afk Rathis. The following are required or this method will not work: ⬥ Necklace of Salamancy necklaceofsalamancy ⬥ Abyssal Scourge and Dark Sliver of Leng abyssalscourge lengoh OR mwspear ⬥ Full Vestments of Havoc vestmentsofhavochood vestmentsofhavoctop vestmentsofhavocbottom vestmentsofhavocboots ⬥ Adrenaline retention infernalpuzzlebox OR Persistent Rage persistentrage ⬥ Conservation of Energy conservationofenergy ⬥ Penance Powder powderofpenance to upkeep prayer ⬥ Igneous Kal-Ket igneouskalket / Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk ⬥ Ring of Vigour passive effect rov warpedgem ⬥ Elder Overload Salve elderovlsalve is active     • A Salve is required for the superantipoison effect.     • Normal Elder Overloads elderovl can be used with Super Prayer Renewals SuperPrayerRenewal if the Venomblood venomblood perk is owned.     • Irit incense sticks IritSticks DO NOT mitigate Rathis' poison damage. ⬥ Weapon poison +++ weppoison ⬥ Soulsplit soulsplit is active ⬥ Turmoil turmoil or Malevolence Malevolence is active ⬥ Auto-retaliate autoretaliate is active

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ Use Death Note deathnote instead of Death Ward deathward for more profit with enhanced bonecrusher

Preset Suggestions

Action Bar

Revo Bar for abyssalscourge lengoh 54-57 KPH

Revo Bar for mwspear 57+ KPH


⬥ Position yourself in melee distance to the east of where Rathis Spawns.

Video Example

⬥ Video showing how the DW method works and how to position.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎•

⬥ Video showing how the 2H method works and how to position.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎•