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3.6s Legios


This guide will cover the basic strategy to get a tick perfect kill at legios (3.6s). This 1 tick kill is fairly consistent, and a fairly easy 1t to make progress towards minimum tick feats roles.

⬥ For general 1t kill information, and some useful tips and tricks make sure to read #General Tips

⬥ This kill requires being on a Co-op slayer assignment

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• To do this it is recommended to both get the task individually and then join a social slayer group by using an enchanted gem on the other person.

⬥ After getting the task, both go to the legio you wish to kill, and have one person enter. The other will get a popup asking if they want to join.

⬥ Quickly kill the spawned legio, and then you can setup for the 1t kill, bring multiple keys and dummies to do multiple attempts in the instance.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This can be done at any legio.

⬥ For this 1t, one person will be the damage dealer and one person will start the fight.

Presets and Relics

See the recommended preset here

⬥ Add supreme ranging potion (coming soon to preset maker)

⬥ Many items can be downgraded and still get 1t kills, however the more downgrades that are made the more attempts will be needed on average.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• For info on how to use Berserker blood essence berserkerbloodess see #General Tips

⬥ The person starting the fight will need keys, food, and some prayer restoration to protect from magic if the 1t is not done successfully.


This is the basic rotation for this speed kills, while many other rotations can be done instead.

deathsswift → build to 100% adren → s magicshortbow eofspecadrenrenewalvulnbomb + dive to melee distance of legio spawn tile → ( tc → smokecloud + r magicshortbow eofspecmagicshortbow eofspec )

Inputs within ( ) should be done in the right order, in the same tick

Within a short time of tc, use your blood essence as described in #General Tips

The person starting the fight should do so by pre clicking the door, and then pressing start 3 ticks after the damage dealer uses dive.


Make sure to be stood under thee legio spawn when target cycling and releasing your abilities, as legiones have damage reduction based on distance from them, and you deal 110% damage while stood under. It is useful to check the spawn position when you first enter the instance.

Example Kill

See an example kill here, the positioning will vary depending on the legio being killed but the rotation is the same.

Content Provided by: @piegood

Formatting Maintained by: @chrash.