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Telos: Magic


This guide assumes very strong understanding of everything found in #telos-basic and #Stuns & Mechanics Overview. The rotations listed below are ideally used at 1000%+ enrage. However, they will generally work at lower enrage as well, and it is encouraged to learn these rotations as early as possible to build good habits and muscle memory.

An average kill at 2449% enrage is worth coins 9,964,225 in uniques alone. This assumes an estimated orb price of coins 68,183,547. Advanced players can get up to 17.1 kph, earning coins 170,388,246/hr.

Notable Enrage Checkpoints and Changes (999+)

1000% P4 one rock will fall, P5 multiple rocks will fall, immortality no longer works P5, and Telos will freedom stuns and binds with a 16 tick cooldown

2000% "So you think you can guard?" Achievement, aka Silver Warden

2700% Tendrils damage required caps at 30,000

3300% The first prayer drain on P3 will smite you from full unless Telos touches the beam.

4000% Hard enrage cap; "True Warden" achievement, aka Gold Warden

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Pre-building is recommended as it allows you to preserve your adrenrenewal for P3. However, it is not strictly necessary. If skipping pre-build, you must still devo and surge properly to ensure proper target cycle timing. For more details, read "Target Cycling" in #Stuns & Mechanics Overview.

(AC incitefear) dummy nat + click dummy → vokeantichain + dummy diss → dbreath + devo → (wait 2 ticks) → surge

Note 1: requires dual wield equipped and Invigorating 4 invig4 - alternatively, use one extra ability.

Note 2: if ability queueing is enabled, replace dbreath with eofspec

Phase 1

Notes on Execution
Demo w/ ability tracker: link All P1 rotations have a variation of combsmokecloud freedomicebarrage ability, done as follows: ⬥ (Tick 0) - comb with staff + walk forward, in that order, same tick ⬥ (Tick 1-2) - equip DW ⬥ (Tick 3) - smokecloud + freedom in that order, on next GCD (offhand freedom auto) ⬥ (Tick 4-5) - equip staff ⬥ (Tick 6) - icebarrage + ability, in that order, same tick on next GCD (not a 4TAA)

You must be north of Telos for omni to hit on-tick. Do this either by walking to NE corner of your sunshine some time after comb, or by clicking Telos just after walking comb

Standard Speed - Magma Tempest

sunshinebloodbarrage gconcingen swh eofspec → 2H combsmokecloud freedomicebarrage wrackmagmatempesttargetbloodbarrage gconcasphyx (3 hit) → wrackbloodbarrage gconcomnitsunamidbreath + dive

Standard Speed - no Magma Tempest

sunshinebloodbarrage gconcingen swh eofspec → 2H combsmokecloud freedomicebarrage wrackgconcasphyx (3 hit) → wrackbloodbarrage gconcdbreathomnitsunamisonicwave + dive

Fast Speed

Example clip:

sunshinebloodbarrage gconcingen swh eofspec → 2H combsmokecloud freedomicebarrage gconcdbreathicebarrage wmwrackbloodbarrage gconcomnitsunamidbreath + dive

Note: to increase consistency of reaching phase HP, it is recommended to use enchanted inquisitorstaff for every 2H abil post-hammer, and/or enter the fight with wrackandruin available.

Phase 2

After your asphyxiate asphyx at the beginning of the phase, you should take a step forward and escape escape or run back to the corner. Taking a step forward ensures that the black beam spawns mid arena and prevents Telos from pre-walking your escape escape which will help keep Telos out of the beam when it changes. As Telos' autos at this enrage start to deal more damage, it becomes heavily encouraged to stay out of melee distance of Telos, as his mage autos do less damage than melee. Using escape escape prior to detonate will allow you to force mage autos, while keeping you within familiar range and maximum weapon range.

(DW) iceblitz corruptblastbloodbarrage asphyx (3 hit) → deepicebarrage wrackandruinvitality combicebarrage wmdbreathicebarrage gstaff eofspecdeto (3t) → icebarrage deto corruptblast escape (forces mage autos for the rest of the phase) → wrack

⬥ Depending on HP, you can:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Fastest (~310k hp): bloodbarrage dbreath → excal stall comb (or wrack if not stalling)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Fast: bloodbarrage (2H) asphyx (2-hit) → wrackdbreath → excal stall comb (or wrack if not stalling)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Slow: bloodbarrage (2H) asphyx (2-hit) → wrack → (DW) dbreath → (DW for accuracy) impactdeepwrackchain.

Note: If the phase hp is reached after deep, replace wrackchain with (DW) freedom wait 2 ticks → (2H) bloodbarrage (stall) comb. Doing so leads to a faster P3.

Phase 3

bloodblitz corruptblastmeta adrenrenewalbloodbarrage gconcwrackandruincomb + surge + walk to beam → icebarrage wm

⬥ Depending on HP

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● asphyx (2 hit) → gconcdbreathdive to ledge

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● omnigconcdbreathdive to ledge

Note 1: using slow P3 with omni means it is not available for fastest P4.

Note 2: using enchanted inquisitorstaff for each 2H ability, and stalling comb in P2 will increase consistency of fastest rotation.

Phase 4



(AC incitefear) bloodblitz omnigstaff eofspecescape or walk to font


(AC incitefear) DW bloodblitz comb → 2H icebarrage gconcomniswh eofspecescape or walk to font


(AC incitefear) DW bloodblitz comb → 2H icebarrage gconcdbreath / asphyx (2 hit) → impactswh eofspecescape or walk to font

Font 1

divert / resreflectsmokecloud Telos antiprepvoke → Golems icebarrage dbreathTelos detoicebarrage deto gconcasphyx (2 hit) gstaff eofspec + surgegchain + surge into font 2

Font 2

(tc) dbreathdevofreedomresprepicebarrage tsunamiTelos swm → rwm + omnigstaff eofspecbd + surge to font 3

Font 3

(AC exsanguinate) (tc) gchainreflectantidbreathicebarrage corruptblastTelos magmatempesttargetdetoicebarrage deto gconcasphyx (2-3 hit) → wrack

Phase 5

Note: for more information on timing & moving efficiently throughout P5, read: #P5 Movement & Timing

Phase 5 is a phase where significant changes occur at 1k. Most importantly, immortality will no longer block the instakill, so you will need to either 0 font or font minions. Also due to the number of rocks that fall and how much damage the virus deals, it becomes almost a requirement to Barricade cade. An armour switch with Turtling 4 turt4 and Clear Headed 4 ch4 is heavily recommended to allow you to Barricade cade with your Kalphite Rebounder kalphiterebounder.

Starting Rotation Option 1

Start with smokecloud gstaff eofspeckalphiterebounder debil → ...

Starting Rotation Option 2

Start with smokecloud dbreathgstaff eofspec → ...

Sidebeam Green/Black

resreflectrevengesunshinedbreathdeto (3t) → bloodbarrage deto wmcadebloodbarrage tsunamiasphyx (4-hit) → omnidbreath surge clear virus

Sidebeam Reds

resreflectsunshineantirevengedeto (3t) → bloodbarrage deto wmcadelimitless bloodbarrage asphyx (4-hit) → tsunamifreedomomni surge clear virus

Clearing Virus

Green or Red Virus

get into red beam and (tc) golems icebarrage + (tc) Telos corruptblast (dbreath if red golems) → sgb ingen spec → if low adren limitless deep (impact if red golems) → sonicwavewmdbreath

Black Virus

get into black beam and begin running toward red beam → (DW) bloodbarrage gstaff eofspeccorruptblast → (tc) golem ent + (tc) Telos deep (impact if under 50 adren) → sgb ingen specdbreathlimitless if low adren wm


corruptblast (freedom if red golems and you're going to be stunned before being able to bd) → resent (golem) → impact (Telos) → bd sunshine (4 squares from Telos, run to the back edge of your sun to lure rocks) → bloodbarrage dbreathwm (run 2 square north then start running back south) surgebloodbarrage (2H) asphyx (4-hit) → (2H) tsunamiomnisgb ingen specdeto (3t) → bloodbarrage deto deepgstaff eofspecrevengecadegstaff eofspec (anti if reds) → limitless asphyx (2-hit) → gstaff eofspecwm


The latest additions to this guide are:

⬥ 2023-06-09

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Update preset

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Update formatting + adjust P4

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Assorted note cleanups

⬥ 2023-04-25

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Fix incomplete P3

⬥ 2023-04-11

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Update font 2 to stall wm rather than omni

⬥ 2023-04-06

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎● Add P1 variant with no magmatempest, add fast P1