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Queen Black Dragon


The Queen Black Dragon resides in the lowest level of the Grotworm Lair which can be found just west of Port Sarim. 60 Summoning is required to be able to enter the arena via the Summoning portal. Before attempting the fight it is highly recommended to have at least level 80 in your preferred combat style (generally range or Magic) and access to super antifire potions.

Note: Completion of the Song from the Depths quest is recommended as well to reduce the amount of damage received.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ The Slayer Helmet slayerhelm bonus for being on a Dragon/Black Dragon task does work on Queen Black Dragon.


Phase 1
⬥ QBD uses range or melee auto attacks ⬥ QBD send a fire wall.     • melee attacks only occur if the player is standing 2 tiles north from the platform artefact. ⬥ Phase ends when her HP is depleted and the middle artefact is activated.     • QBD will spit out grotworms until you activate the artefact. ​
Fire Wall
⬥ The chatbox will say The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath. ⬥ Fire wall deals 750 typeless damage for each tick it hits you.     • You can walk through it to only take 1 tick of damage. ⬥ Each firewall has a gap where you can stand to avoid damage.     • This gap will either be the 5th, 9th (one left of the center artefact) or the 15th square. ​
Phase 2
⬥ All mechanics persist however with each Phase her fire wall gets stronger.     • In Phase 1, the firewall will have 1 wall you have to pass through.     • In Phase 2, it will have 2 walls.     • In Phase 3, there will be 3 walls, and so on. ​
Tortured Souls
⬥ There will be an onscreen message saying The Queen Black Dragon summons one of her Captured Souls. ⬥ A Tortured Soul appears and releases a cloud that deals 900 damage.     • The cloud can be made to hit a Tortured Soul or grotworm first.     • This can be done by walking through the soul at the right time. ⬥ She summons 2 and 4 should in phase 3 and 4 respectively. ​
Phase 3
⬥ Any Souls in the arena can now be used to heal QBD.     • The chatbox will say The Queen Black Dragon starts to siphon the energy of her mages. and will heal her 200 each tick from each Tortured Soul. ​
Crystal Form/Hardened Carapace
⬥ P3 onwards QBD can change her form. ⬥ If QBD takes on the consistency of crystal.     • Takes 25% less Magic damage and 25% more melee and range damage. ⬥ If QBD hardens her carapace.     • Takes 25% less melee and range damage but 25% more Magic damage. ​
Time Stop
⬥ P4 onwards a Soul can appear in one of the corners of the arena saying 3 of the following:     • Time is short!     • She is pouring her energy into me...hurry!     • The spell is nearly complete!. ⬥ Kill the Tortured Soul or QBD before the Tortured Soul says all three. ⬥ If all dialogues are said, you screen will freeze for a few seconds, unable to move, eat, or do anything until the special is over. ​
Extreme Dragon Breath
⬥ A high hitting attack prompted by the chat box saying, The Queen Black Dragon gathers her strength to breathe extremely hot flames.     • Can be mitigated by moving to the sides of the arena.     • Standing in the middle will cause high damage.     • This also is the special attack needed to brand the Royal Crossbow.


⬥ Rotation assumes camping jasdragonbanearrow

⬥ Use adrenrenewal as needed, and start kills at least ~50 adrenaline.

⬥ The Dragon Slayer ability dragonslayer could be used every other kill if owned.

Phase 1

At 1.2s ecb eofspec → (tc) gricosnap → tag pillar

Phase 2

rapid (5-hit) → mds + surge to pillar off GCD → tag pillar

Phase 3

sbolg spec → rbolg spec + gricosurge east off GCD → tag pillar

Phase 4

ssgb eofspec → rsgb eofspec + corruptshotdive to pillar

Example Kill

b2b 24.0 QBD

Alt1 QBD Helper

Voice guidance throughout the kill

This tool reads your screen, and based on certain lines of dialogue in your chatbox, will trigger and play voice lines during the kill to let you know about upcoming mechanics and what to do for them.

Disclaimer: Alt1 is a third party tool, and while generally safe to use, is still recommended to be installed and used at your own risk.

Alt 1 QBD Helper
Check out Igor's Presets and follow the download instructions there for Alt1 presets for this boss and more!