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Solo Solak Ranged Camp


With bik arrows bikarrow and the bolg ranged has the potential for extremely high damage output at Solak, as it allows for heavy poisonicon utilisation. However, due to the nature of crits, no two kills will ever be the same. As such, this channel will discuss rotations in broad strokes.

This is an advanced range guide to Grandmaster role (sub 5:15) solo Solak, assuming strong underlying knowledge of all Solak mechanics.

⬥ Excess adrenaline can be used for more ecb eofspec, dbow eofspec , or bolg spec

General Notes

⬥ All abilities on roots/arms/legs/core/eruptions/Erethdor are done with fularrow unless stated otherwise. All abilities on Solak under 400 bik stacks evolvingtoxin are done with bikarrow unless stated otherwise.

⬥ At 400 stacks, use fularrow and swap for bikarrow every 20 seconds and before going to kill elf to upkeep evolvingtoxin. All sgb eofspec are done using fularrow

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ It is assumed that the Spirit Weed SpiritSticks, Kwuarm KwuarmSticks, and Lantadyme incense sticks LantaSticks are used a bank.

bloodreaver with reaverscroll are presummoned, autofire set to 3-6.

⬥ The two dummy are for prebuild and for building at the start of Phase 4.

⬥ Ensure you have bikarrow, fularrow, deathsporearrows in quivers.

⬥ Runes for smokecloud, prismofrestoration, veng, disrupt, SBSLunars to use as needed.

The Fight

Pre Build on Dummy:

Use grico and other basics for 5 stacks of deathsporearrows and 2-6 bolg stacks perfectequilibrium but keep grico almost off cd before starting.

Phase 1:

incendgdeathsswift + adrenrenewal + start fight + swap to bikarrow → (tc) + ingen + smokecloud + gricosgb eofspececb eofspecbolg speclimitless (if necessary) + rapidsnapdbow eofspecgricodbow eofspecrapidsgb eofspec → go rootlings


Improvise with basics, snap and bolg spec, always doing a piercing on Solak after to keep/build up bikarrow stacks.

On last two rootlings build up deathsporearrows (grico/piercing) and incend either last root or arm.


( incend →) gdeathsswift then improvise thresholds with ecb eofspec on, always doing one grico with bikarrow before going to legs.


Same as arms, grico bikarrow before killing last leg and doing a bolg spec with 3 stacks in between.


Equip fularrow + (tc) + sgb eofspec + vulnbombecb eofspecrapiddbow eofspec/snap/bolg spec → filler

Phase 2:

Do three defensives while waiting for Solak to be attackable, then use a damaging ability with bikarrow (preferable grico).


Always use the bolg perfectequilibrium to get an extra snap, bolg spec or snipe hit. Use vulnbomb on all eruptions. Use piercing with bikarrow on Solak after two south eruptions.


(tc) + vulnbomb + ingen + smokecloud + frag while walking to north spot → corruptshotrapiddeathsporearrows gricopiercing if no 5 deathsporearrows stacks → incendgdeathsswift + adrenrenewalsgb eofspecbolg speclimitless (if necessary) + rapidgricodbow eofspecsnapdbow eofspec → filler → gricorapidsgb eofspec → filler till phased

Phase 3:

frag + while walking to north of either the west or east northern pad (do not let Solak on the pad) → corruptshotrapiddeathsporearrows gricopiercing if no 5 deathsporearrows stacks → incendgdeathsswiftpiercingbolg spec → filler, move Solak onto the pad at 600k-700k hp and freedombindingshot when necessary dive back to gdeathsswift) → rapidsnap/dbow/grico depending on bolg perfectequilibrium (dbow eofspec if 2 or 3, grico/snap if 0 or 1) → filler till phasing (goal is to go to elf with Solak <300k hp).


ecb eofspec + go into elf → divert + surge → auto + gricorapid → filler till dead.

Phase 4:

Instant-deploy dummy + (tc) + equip deathsporearrows + gricopiercingmdsdive to Solak + (tc) + equip bikarrow + bindingshot → equip deathsporearrows + grico if not at 5 deathsporearrows stacks → incendgdeathsswift + adrenrenewalecb eofspecsgb eofspec → (limitless if necessary +) rapiddbow eofspec/snap/grico → filler till dead

Video Example

Solo Solak GM ranged example