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Kerapac, the Bound - Solo Magic


This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basic mechanics of Kerapac which can be seen here #kerapac-hm-basic and own BIS gear in Magic.

It is highly recommended to have a Nodon dragonkin slayer task slayer as the helmet boost does work. You may also use the Premier Artefact premierartefact to have a 10% chance to not decrease the slayer task count with each kill.


These rotations cater to a max mage setup. Due to the randomness of critical strikes affecting your rotation when under soa spec and the mechanic of timewarp, it is difficult to have a definitive rotation which means that improvisation will be necessary.

zamorakstaff can be used instead of gstaff as you will not be having any hitchance issues during the fight and it lowers Kerapac's magic level and applies a 1-minute accuracy debuff making it less likely for him to hit you. It also does the same damage and has the same adrenaline cost along with a cheap cost to purchase.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Additional Considerations/Info

⬥ An zealots can be used alongside an eofpurple for phases 1 through 3, switching to eofpurple only for special attacks and for phase 4. This should be around a 1% damage increase in exchange for extra effort.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Ensure you use the Leech Magic and Leech Magic Strength curses when using zealots until P4, where you switch to Affliction

nip may also be used in exchange for an inventory slot and time gathering them although be wary when using them on echoes as they can sometimes run too far thus making them disappear, they will also continue attacking echoes even after death disallowing you to use another until you move far enough away.

⬥ Headhunter's thrill bracelets may be used as a switch to prolong slayer tasks. The Trophy-Taker's perk also does the same.

Phase 1

IMPORTANT: The following rotations have not been updated to account for fsoa changes on 5 June 2023.


⬥ Use magmatempesttarget on floor the tick after kerapac's voiceline appears in chat box. If playing with audio, this is the tick after he says "No..."

⬥ It's assumed that soa is equipped as much as possible while its spec is active. For more information, type !fsoa ‎in #bot-commands


(Autocast exsanguinate) magmatempesttargetgsunshine + adrenrenewalsmokecloud gconcdbreath / wrackandruinbloodburst soa specgconcTuskas / dbreath → Stand under + smoketendrilswm (move out from underneath) → gconc → (2H) asphyxgconcomnizamorakstaff eofspecgconcdbreath → basic / zamorakstaff eofspec (move from the jump) → gconcwm / zamorakstaff eofspec → basic / zamorakstaff eofspec (surge from the second jump) → gconc → Improvise with basics or asphyx depending on hp.

Sunshine Cooldown Issues on P1 → P2 Transition

If pushing faster times, gsunshine cooldown will be an issue as it delays your ability to use timewarp early in P2. If this scenario is encountered, using gsunshine early is the solution.

Option A - more time in P1 sun, slower warp

Use the above rotation, and simply swap magmatempesttarget and gsunshine

Option B - less time in P1 sun, faster warp

gsunshine adrenrenewal the tick after kerapac spawns on the balcony → antimagmatempesttarget floor → (tc) smokecloud gconc → continue as per above

Phase 2

Depending on where Kerapac phased during P1 you’ll have to somewhat loosely use one of these rotations:

Before/After jump 1:

smokecloud corruptblastwm (as he raises staff) → magmatempestbloodburst gconcwrackandruincombbloodburst gconcdbreath → Walk under + timewarp → 4 hit asphyxgconccorruptblastgsunshine (timewarp end) → bloodburst 4 hit asphyx (switch to incitefear) → gconcomniwmbloodburst tsunamiincitesurgebloodburst gconcdbreath → (Move from the jump) → Filler ability → asphyxgconc → Improvise

After jump 2:

smokecloud corruptblastmagmatempestbloodburst gconcwrackandruincombbloodburst dbreath + timewarp → 2 hit asphyxgconccorruptblast → Walk under + gsunshinebloodburst wm (timewarp end) → gconcwmbloodburst omni → (switch to incitefear) → gconc → 3 hit asphyxtsunamiincitegconcwrackandruinsurgebloodburst dbreathmagmatempest + move from jump → bloodburst gconcwmbloodburst Filler ability → gconc → Improvise

After jump 3:

smokecloud corruptblastmagmatempestbloodburst gconcwrackandruincombbloodburst dbreath + timewarpgsunshinebloodburst gconc → Walk under + wm → (go back to timewarp spot + switch to incitefear) bloodburst asphyxgconcwmbloodburst omnigconc → 2 hit asphyxtsunamiincitegconcwrackandruinsurgebloodburst zamorakstaff eofspecmagmatempest + move from jump → bloodburst gconcwm → Improvise

Phase 3

timewarp → 1t after warp gsunshinebloodburst praeswandbloodburst impercoregconcwrackandruin / filler basic (if not phased into p3) → soa specgconclimitless smoketendrils → Improvise

(Try to use wm and asphyx before the 2nd hit after shatter to avoid cooldown issues during p4, refer to the video below if you're struggling)

Phase 4

Echo 1

smokecloud corruptblasttimewarpgsunshine between two echoes → bloodburst gconclimitless wmmagmatempestbloodburst (DW) asphyxdbreath (if needed, use on 2nd echo if unneeded)

Echo 2

smokecloud wmmagmatempestbloodburst tsunamiincite (if tsunami is on cooldown then use it once off cooldown/skip) → gconcasphyxdbreath

Echo 3

surge to third echo → smokecloud corruptblastgsunshine + adrenrenewal between echo and Kerapac → bloodburst gconcwrackandruinbloodburst dbreathdevobloodburst gconctimewarp wmbloodburst soa spec (if needed, the echo dies by the wm quite often so use on kerapac if so)


gconcdbreath (skip till here if 60%+ adren) → omnismoketendrils → (timewarp end) omni → Improvise

(Try to save wrackandruin for the next kill)

Example Kills 15 KPH (Magic)