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Kerapac, the Bound - Solo Ranged


This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basic mechanics of Kerapac which can be seen here #kerapac-hm-basic and own BIS gear in Ranged.

It is highly recommended to have a Nodon dragonkin slayer task slayer as the helmet boost does work. You may also use the Premier Artefact premierartefact to have a 10% chance to not decrease the slayer task count with each kill.

This strategy aims to keep HP below max from P1 to P3 to continually heal with soulsplit and vampaura, thus maximising hitsplats with reaverpouch passive to maximise poisonicon damage which has excellent synergy with bikarrow

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


⬥ Use KwuarmSticks + reaverpouch with reaverscroll + autofire set to 0

⬥ Rotations assume slayer task and slayerhelm on anachronia stand.

⬥ P1 rotation assumes stalled incend on War's dummy.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• For more information see !preincend

⬥ Do not timewarp and gdeathsswift on the same tick.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Only gdeathsswift after seeing the timewarp icon on buff bar (at least 1t apart).

⬥ Manually spam reaverscroll whenever you need health.

⬥ Have darkness active for a smoother P4.

⬥ For fleetingboots rapid you can equip edracoboots back immediately after casting rapid.

⬥ Use zamorakbrew to lower your hp at the start and whenever you reach max HP P1-3.

⬥ Tank Kerapac slams if <70k HP left.

Phase 1

⬥ Use gdeathsswift 1 tick after yellow text appears above Kerapac.

⬥ If <50% for shadowtend improvise and try to end the phase at 2 perfectequilibrium stacks.

gdeathsswift + adrenrenewalecb eofspecgrico → (frag if <50% adren) → rapidbolg specsgb eofspecgrico + walk under → snapecb eofspecshadowtendfragcorruptshotgricorapidbolg specpiercinggricomdscorruptshotfrag

Phase 2

timewarp + dismemberecb eofspecdeadshotgricobolg speclimitless + fleetingboots rapid → walk under after timewarp ends → deadshotgricodismemberecb eofspecrapidsnapgricomdspiercing + dive to south clone spot → Tuskasmdscorruptshotfrag

Phase 3

timewarpgdeathsswiftdismemberecb eofspecgricolimitless + rapid → walk under after timewarp ends ‎ ‎→ bolg specgricodeadshotdismemberrapidgrico → finish with snap/basics if needed

Phase 4

⬥ Keep high hp by spamming food and reaverscroll throughout P4.

⬥ After killing south echo Kerapac is tagged with bikarrow basic to extend the bik arrow duration.

⬥ Camp soulsplit for the 1st clone. Afterwards swap to DeflectMage and only soulsplit flick if you're careful.

⬥ Equip rod if getting to dangerously low HP.

South echo

divertecb eofspec + enter clone → basics until 3 perfectequilibrium stacks → shadowtendwenarrow gricobikarrow bolg spec → basics until echo is dead → tag kerapac with a basic + surge towards NE between remaining echoes

North and west echoes

timewarpgdeathsswift + adrenrenewal + equip wenarrowgricopiercing / mdsdeadshotlimitless + snap → target north echo + rapidbolg specsnapgrico → finish off north and east echoes with bolg spec and basics → dive east and target kerapac


bikarrow basic → wenarrow deadshot → ‎ ‎rapidsgb eofspecbolg specgrico → finish with snap/bolg spec/basics

Example Kills 2:42

Content Provided by: @hightdetal

Formatting Maintained by: @hightdetal