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Advanced Raksha range


This is an advanced range guide to Grandmaster role (sub 1:15) solo Raksha, which assumes a strong underlying knowledge of all Raksha mechanics.

General Notes

⬥ As this rotation uses tsunami and incend, adrenaline can be unreliable, and may require improvisation throughout.

⬥ With proper execution, you can expect basically every kill to be <1:20, numerous <1:15 kills every hour, and consistent poolskips.

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ Rotation requires wenarrow, deathsporearrows, and fularrow ammo swapping.

⬥ wand+orb for gconc and tsunami

eofred is for zamorak bow zammybow p3.

zekkil (melee 2h) and 2-piece vestmentsofhavoctop vestmentsofhavocbottom if meteorstrike p4.

⬥ Runes to smokecloud and veng when off cd.


Stall tsunami at wars + veng

Enter instance → drop dummy → r tsunami + natwenarrow gricodeathsporearrows bolg specgconcsgb piercingdeathsswiftwenarrow autoattack ‎ ‎→ 5t bolg grico + start → ecb eofspecsurge + ssgb eofspec + dive

Phase 1

vulnbomb + (tc) + rsgb eofspec + (limitless)rapid (8 hit) → dbow eofspec

Phase 2

dbow eofspec → ‎ ‎deathsporearrows grico → ‎ ‎fularrow shadowtenddeathsporearrows enhreplen + incendecb eofspecsmokecloud + wenarrow bolg specdbow eofspec

Phase 3

gricofularrow rapidwenarrow dbow eofspeczammybow eofspec → 4t sgb eofspecgrico

Phase 4

Equip zekkil + 2-piece vestmentsofhavoctop vestmentsofhavocbottom +ingen + smeteorstrikedive +rmeteorstrikedeathsporearrows gricopiercing

(If not 100% adren or 5 deathsporearrows or deathsswifton cd):

Equip sgb + piercingmdspiercingcorruptshot/tuskaspiercing

cease bolg deathsswiftfularrow ecb + auto → bolg spec → (fleetingboots)rapidwenarrow dbow eofspecsgb eofspecdbow eofspecfularrow gricowenarrow dbow eofspec

Phase 4 notes

⬥ EZK zekkil (any melee 2h) and 2-piece vestments vestmentsofhavoctop+vestmentsofhavocbottom are only needed if using meteorstrike at P4 start.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Alternative: gconcgchaintsunami

⬥ ‎ ‎With a perfect p1-3 and 5 deathsporearrows stacks from grico, the deathsporearrows buff can expire before deathsswift is off-cd. Consider a filler ability before early P4 grico in that case.

⬥ ‎ ‎Instead of fularrow grico you can fularrow zammybow eofspec if almost dead.

⬥ equip fleetingboots if you cannot finish rapid before tail swipe mechanic.

Video Example

Solo Raksha GM ranged example