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Shattered Worlds for Slayer XP


Shattered Worlds is a combat-based minigame where it's reward currency, Shattered Anima, is awarded for killing mobs and achieving objectives in the minigame. This currency can be used to purchase a variety of abilities, titles, pets, slayer masks and notably, Huge Slayer XP Lamps. At level 120 this gives 103,132 Slayer experience, at the cost of 6 million Anima. This guide will go over the most efficient method of farming Anima to purchase these lamps, to achieve high Slayer XP rates.

Note: This method also gives high combat XP, but is not recommended as the main way to train slayer once the player is at a higher level, due to offering nothing but slayer XP.


⬥ World Set: 101-105

⬥ Optimal Anima Rate: 170m/h

⬥ Optimal slayer XP Rate: ~1.9m/h

Location and How to Get There

The Shattered Worlds minigame is located in the south of the Lumbridge Swamp, easily accessible via the Lumbridge lodestone and running south west. Direct teleports can be bought from the reward shop, but are not recommended to be used.

Useful Items

Acceleration Powerburst accel - Reduces the cooldown of mobility abilities such as Bladed Dive bd, Surge surge and Escape escape to 0.6s, allowing for extremely quick travel over large distances.

Essence of Finality Amulet with Dark Bow spec eofor dbow - Required for optimal rates, allows for huge AoE damage to be dealt in conjunction with Mechanised Chinchompas mechchin.


⬥ The best worlds to farm are 101-105, due to them starting with the Feeling Pumped modifier, and having low HP mobs.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Feeling Pumped gives the player unlimited adrenaline for 10s upon activation, which allows the player to deal massive damage in a short time, and is required for this style of farming.

⬥ Shattered worlds has 3 main objectives, kill X amount of enemies, deal X amount of damage, or repair the portal. Completing an objective quickly rewards the player with skipping worlds in that bracket, up to 3 worlds skipped if the first world is completed in under 1 minute.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• To farm anima efficiently, skipping worlds is the priority. However, due to RNG in the objectives, skipping 2 worlds is often more achievable.

⬥ Ranged range offers the most efficient way to farm these worlds, via the usage of the Dark bow special attack dbow eofspec, stored in an Essence of Finality necklace eof to allow it to be used with Mechanical chinchompas mechchin, allowing the player to often one-hit large groups of enemies. If Feeling Pumped has not activated yet, simply use basic abilities or thresholds like Snapshot snap. An example video is shown below featuring various world skips.

Note: Melee can also be viable, having strong AoE potential with abilities such as (cleave, cane, quake, meteorstrike, bd), however will be significantly slower than ranged.

⬥ As speed is the most important factor here, Acceleration potions accel can be particularly helpful for clearing large distances, to get to more enemies or to rush to the portal after finishing an objective. If getting to the portal quicker will help with world skips, use it, otherwise save it for the next world where it may come in more useful, this is up to the player's discretion.

⬥ The usage of Target Cycling is heavily recommended. This is due to auto-attacks stalling repeated Essence of Finality special attacks eofspec, preventing you from continuously speccing whilst Feeling Pumped is active. Targets can still be clicked if the player is careful not to auto-attack.

⬥ Soulsplit soulsplit is used for all healing, as the massive damage dealt generates a lot of healing, but if more healing is required, the Vampyrism aura vamp can be used. Solid food is also recommended, as adrenaline is effectively infinite, alongside healing a large amount in one bite and therefore has no downside.

⬥ The best modifiers to take after Feeling pumped are variable, but generally consistent. Electric, Explosive (if not using melee) and Charged. However, with an objective like kill X mobs, a negative modifier like Hydra can be positive.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• In the case of no positive modifiers, options like Zombie Apocalypse, Zone of Suffering or Hungry are the least negative options and can be ignored.

Ranged Preset

eofgreen Essence of Finality Dark Bow dbow spec stored

Video Guide