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Corporeal Beast


The Corporeal Beast is a boss unlocked from completing the Summer's End quest. Summoning familiars cannot be used at this boss, however a legendary pet can be used here.


Auto Attacks
⬥ Only uses magic attacks if you are outside of melee distance. ⬥ Uses magic and melee attacks if you are in melee distance.     • Protection prayers only partially reduce damage rather than halve it     • Magic attacks will do an AOE splash on their target in a 3x3 square. ​
⬥ Occasionally, a dark core will spawn and jump towards its target. ⬥ The core will do constant typeless damage while nearby.     • Damage will stop when you step more than 1 square away.     • Will heal the boss unless it is killed or you step away from it. ​

Presets and Relics


Any weapon that isn't a spear will deal half damage, so melee is the only style that should be used at this boss. If you don't have a T92 spear then a reaper necklace is greatly preferred over the amulet of souls, as you do not have 100% hit chance. The Masuta's Warspear does work at Corporeal Beast and may be used in a solo situation as you will not have to prayer flick for melee swipes, however this is less optimal.

Preset Suggestions

AFK Method

AFK methods can be found in #AFK Corporeal Beast

Old Rotations

Old AFK loadout:

Old active method:

Video Example (2 kill example) (84 kph pace)