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Vindicta and Gorvek Hard Mode


Vindicta, the Zarosian general residing in the Heart of Gielinor, requires 80 attack (boostable) and 40 Zaros killcount to fight. Challenge Mode (herein called Hard mode) is an optional solo-only encounter, providing a more difficult fight with improved drop rates.

Note: This guide has high requirements and is primarily aimed at those needing 100 killcount for the Insane Final Boss title.


⬥ Igneous Kal-Mor igneouskalmor or Igneous Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk for ‎ ‎deathskulls

⬥ Omni guard omniguard and Soulbound lantern soulboundlantern

⬥ Supreme Invigoration Aura invigaura , vigour passive rov , and Conservation of Energyconservationofenergy are REQUIRED for this rotation to work.

⬥ Kal'gerion demon kalgpouch with scrolls kalgscroll

⬥ Erethdor's Grimoire grim for better consistency.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Attack Rotation
After you defeat Vindicta and Gorvek, in Hard Mode, Gorvek gains a health bar and tries to defeat you alone. ⬥ Phase 1 (300k - 150k):     • 2 Autos → Hurricane → 3 Autos → Dragonfire → 3 Autos → Hurricane → Repeat ⬥ Phase 2 (150k - 0):     • Melee Auto → Ranged attack → Melee Auto → Fly + Dragonfire → Repeat ​ ⬥ Phase 3 (300k - 0):     • 10 (1.2 tick) Melee Autos → Fly + Dragonfire → Fly back to middle → Repeat
⬥ A 5x5 melee AoE attack. ⬥ Hurricane is replaced by a Ranged attack outside of melee distance. Example
⬥ Vindicta raises her arms to signal Gorvek. ⬥ Drops a dragonfire smoke line on top of the player. ⬥ Deals high continuous magic damage if stood in. ​ Example
Mounted Gorvek (Phase 2)
⬥ Mounts Gorvek at 150k HP. ⬥ Gains new attack pattern. ​
Ranged attack
⬥ Vindicta deals a moderate amount of ranged damage to a random target.
Dragonfire Wall Phase 2
⬥ Vindicta commands Gorvek to engulf a straight line in flames. ⬥ Exactly the same as the dragonfire from Phase 1. ⬥ This is identical to the lines placed during phase 1 and can be dealt with the same way. Example
Gorvek (Phase 3)
⬥ Gorvek continues the fight with 300k HP. ⬥ Gains new attack pattern. ​
Gorvek melee attack (Phase 3)
⬥ Gorvek will rapidly hit the player with melee autoattacks, dealing up to 4,500 damage per hit.
Dragonfire Wall (Phase 3)
⬥ Gorvek flies off to engulf a straight line in flames. ⬥ Exactly the same as the dragonfire from Phase 1. ⬥ In Challenge Mode phase 3, dragonfire smoke lines stay until three are active. The next time dragonfire is used, the oldest line will despawn. ​

What to Expect

This method can achieve average kill times of 0:55 - 1:00.

The Fight

⬥ Bank between kills to reset cooldowns.

Pre-build outside of instance

conjurezombieconjureghostconjureskeleton → rejoin instance → commandghost +kalgscroll → enter instance.

Phase 1-3

Pre-Living Death: lifetransfer + bd towards middle → invokedeathcommandskeleton + vulnbomb → (tc) + deathskulls + activate excalsoulsaptouchofdeathnecroauto(if not 100% adren) soulsap

Living Death: livingdeath + adrenrenewal (same tick)touchofdeathdeathskullssplitsoulbloatcommandskeletonfingerofdeathnecroautosoulsaptouchofdeathdeathskulls

Note: During transition to Phase 3 use invokedeath

omniguard specnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautosoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautodeathskullsnecroautosoulsap

Phase 3 finish: ‎ ‎volleyofsoulscommandskeletonfingerofdeathdeathguard90 specnecroauto → Filler

Tips and Tricks

⬥ Invoke death invokedeath used in Phase 1 will be used up at the end of Phase 2. Reapply invokedeath for Phase 3.

⬥ You cannot attack while phasing to phase 3. Active Death Skulls deathskulls can keep bouncing, but will not deal damage until Gorvek's HP bar appears.

⬥ Make sure you go far enough into the arena to get your conjures inside.

⬥ During Phase 3 Gorvek can hit rapid 3000-4000s with melee, and up to 1,500 with magic from the dragonfire.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Spam eat blubbers blueblubber or guthix rests grest when low.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Alternatively, switch to deflectmelee or deflectmage and use devo

Video Example

Normal mode Vindicta

A full guide on how to do normal mode Vindicta is available here: #Vindicta - Normal Mode