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Solid Food

Solid Food
⬥ All solid food drain 10% adrenaline when eaten while attacking ⬥ Use !food to see why solid foods are not great, and the alternatives
List of Notable Solids
Sailfish Sailfish - Heals 2.4K LP, can overheal up to 10% of max LP ⬥ Sailfish Soup sailfishsoup - Heals 2.6K LP, can overheal up to 15% of max LP ⬥ Great Gunkan greatgunkan - Heals 2.85K LP over 10.8s     • Cannot eat another greatgunkan during this time ⬥ Primal Feast primalfeast - Requires 115 cooking, unpacks 4 items each healing 2.5K LP     • Requires 3 open inventory slots to unpack     • primalfeast is untradeable, but ingredients are tradeable ⬥ Calorie Bomb caloriebomb - Heals equivalent of the 5 stored fish, user heals +20%     • Heals up to 4 other players within 2 squares of user

Other Foods

Other Foods
⬥ These do not drain adrenaline, and are commonly used
List of Notable Solids
Blue Blubber Jellyfish blueblubber - Heals 750 LP per bite, up to 3 bites ⬥ Green Blubber Jellyfish greenblubber - Heals 500 LP per bite, up to 3 bites


⬥ Can be combo'd with other food doing potion → food same tick ⬥ Use !food to see issues of Brew and food you should use
List of Notable Potions
Saradomin Brew Brew - Heals 1K LP per dose, up to 6 doses; overheals 1K     • Decreases Attack, Strength, Magic, range by 4% + 1 even if elderovl used ⬥ Super Sara. Brew supersara - Heals 1.3K LP per dose, up to 6 doses; 1.3K overheal     • Decreases Attack, Strength, Magic, range by 4% + 1 even if elderovl used ⬥ Guthix Rest grest - Heals 500 LP per dose, up to 6 doses     • Cures poison and gives 30s of poison immunity ⬥ Super Guthix Rest supergrest - Heals 650 LP per dose, up to 6 doses     • Cures poison and gives 30s of poison immunity

List of Notable LP-related Items
Ogre Flask (Thermal) thermalflask - Boosts LP by 3 per Constitution level, up to 297     • Stacks with bonfires, fortitude, pantheonaura, and LP-boosting equipment     • Last 60min per dose (90min with level 3 Anachronia Spa)     • Cures poison and protects from poison

Prayer Restoration

List of Notable Potions
Super Restore restore - Restores 327 prayer per dose, up to 6 doses     • Restores lowered stats by 25% + 8 levels per dose ⬥ Super Prayer Renewal ** superprayerrenewal - Restores 317 prayer per dose, up to 6 doses     • Restores 600 prayer over 6 minutes per dose ⬥ Spiritual Prayer** spiritualprayer - Restores 317 prayer per dose, up to 6 doses     • Restores 15 Summoning spec points per dose


pulsecore boosts 8 Herblore levels (wait at w84 Lumbridge market) ⬥ Overloads reapply / refresh their stat buff every 15 seconds
List of Notable Overloads
Elder elderovl, 106 Herblore - Buffs Attack, Strength, Magic, range, and Defence by 17% + 5 (120 at 99) ⬥ Elder Salve elderovlsalve, 107 Herblore     • elderovl stat buff     • Restores 70 + 35% of their max prayer points (416 at 99) instantly     • Restores 600 prayer over 6 minutes     • Protects from dragonfire, wyrmfire, and poison

Adrenaline Potions

Adrenaline Potions
⬥ Cannot boost to make adrenaline potions ⬥ All have a 2min cooldown on adren generation effect
List of Notable Adrenaline Potions
Adrenaline Potion adrenalinepotion, 84 Herblore - Generates 25% adrenaline ⬥ Adrenaline Renewal Potion adrenrenewal, 115 Herblore (cheaper at 119 Herblore)     • Can request assistance to make     • Generates 4% adrenaline per tick for 10 ticks (40% total)          - Excluding sip tick, you cannot use the 4% gained until the next tick     • Made using adrenalinepotion


⬥ Bombs apply their effects 3t (1.8s) after being thrown ⬥ Bombs have a cast range of 9 tiles and spread over a 3x3 area
Ways to Throw Bombs
1) Option 1: Default Action Bar Mode - Throws at target     • Does not show quantity on action bar 2) Option 2: Targeted Action Bar Mode - Throws at selected tile     • This allows for pre-bombing     • Shows quantity on action bar 3) Click from inventory - Throws at target
List of Notable Bombs
Vulnerability Bomb vulnbomb - applies Vuln (10% damage increase)     • Casts Vuln 3 times, once every 0.6s     • Hitchance is equal to current accuracy against target ⬥ Sticky Bomb stickybomb - binds monsters standing in it (lasts 6s)

Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks
⬥ Refer to specific boss guides to see stick usage ⬥ Each stick increases buff duration by 10min, capping at 60 minutes ⬥ Potency has 4 ranks, increasing by 1 every 10min (maxes out after 30min)     • Use 6 sticks to 'overload' and start at rank 4 potency (starts at 10min) ⬥ Any form of death results in losing your incense buffs     • An upgrade purchaseable from Sydekix's Shop of Balance prevents this ⬥ At 95 firemaking you can have 3 incense effects active at once
Notable Incense Sticks
Spirit Weed SpiritSticks - (10 * potency)% increased Summoning spec attack recovery rate ⬥ Kwuarm KwuarmSticks - Deal +(2.5 * potency)% poison damage ⬥ Irit IritSticks - (25 * potency)% poison damage reduction ⬥ Lantadyme LantaSticks - Increases timed potion durations by (0.5 * Potency)min ⬥ Fellstalk FellstalkSticks - Potency% increased chance for spawning elite slayer mobs

Prayer Powders

⬥ Each powder increases buff duration by 30 min, capping at 60 minutes ⬥ Any form of death results in losing your incense buffs
Notable Powders
Penance powderofpenance - Restores prayer points equal to 2.5% of damage received ⬥ Protection powderofitemprotection - 1 more item protected with Protect Item protectitem     • You can still only protect 5 items max


⬥ This will just categorise familiars, for more info refer to the Wiki ⬥ Use !familiar for a rough idea of where to use each familiar ⬥ Refer to specific boss guides to see explicit familiar usage
Notable Familiars
Nihil bloodnihil shadownihil smokenihil - Accuracy Buff ⬥ Ripper Demon ripperpouch - DPS ⬥ Kal'gerion Demon kalgpouch - Crit Buff ⬥ Blood Reaver reaverpouch - Poison DPS / Long Encounters ⬥ Hellhound hellhoundpouch - Tank ⬥ Pack Mammoth Mammoth - Beast of Burden / Tank


Notable Ammo
⬥ For more info on ammo effects, refer on the Wiki ⬥ Use !ammo to see what ammo to use where ⬥ Use !quiver to see Pernix Quiver setups ⬥ Both the Elite Seer's Diary and Ranged Skillcape increase bolt proc chance
Bakriminel Bolts (e)
Ruby RubyBakri - use !ruby for details ⬥ Hydrix HydrixBakriDragonstone DragonstoneBakriOnyx OnyxBakriEmerald emeraldbakri
Special Arrows
Black Stone blackstonearrowDeathspore deathsporearrowsSplintering splinteringarrowsBik bikarrowFul fularrowJas Dragonbane jasdragonbanearrowWen wenarrow

Pocket slot SaraBook

Notable Pocket Slots
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Use !pocketslot to see what pocket slots to use
Upkeep Costs of Various Notable Pocket Slots
Scripture of Jas jasgodbook - coins 1,177,796/hr ⬥ Scripture of Wen wengodbook - coins 275,262/hr ⬥ Scripture of Ful scriptureofful - coins 11,708/hr ⬥ Erethdor's Grimoire grim - coins 6,904,889/hr | Use !grim for more info


Misc. Consumables
⬥ Powerbursts share a 2min cooldown
Other Notable Consumables
Weapon Poison+++ weppoison - Strongest weapon poison ⬥ Vitality Powerburst vitality - Doubles LP for 6s, after which it is halved ⬥ Acceleration Powerburst accel     • Resets surge + bd cooldowns     • Reduces surge + bd cooldowns to 1.2s for 6s ⬥ Enhanced Luck Potion luckpotion - Provides T3 luck passively for 1 hour

Banking Preset

⬥ Use !banking ‎or check #armour-and-weapons