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Ranged Minion Tank

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

eofpink ecb Eldritch crossbow

eofblue sgb Seren godbow

eofgreen dbow Dark bow

eof decimation Decimation

eofred zammybow Zamorak Bow

pernixsquiver fularrow & deathsporearrows Ful and Deathspore arrows

pernixsquiverpurple wenarrow & deathsporearrows Wen and Deathspore arrows


Arrow swaps note:

⬥ Arrows shown before an ability are used on cast, and arrows shown after an ability are equipped same tick as cast. ‎ ‎This allows in getting both arrow effects on the same ability


At War's Retreat:

Touch crystal → click dummy + s meteorstrikeenhreplen + touch crystal

After entering the instance:

tc dummy r meteorstrike + natwenarrow piercinggricocaromingpiercing


⬥ You will need to use the east crystal and stall meteor on the closest dummy

⬥ If you are not last inside the instance, wait until everyone is in to release your stall. Otherwise, drop your dummy and release your stall as soon as possible

⬥ It is possible to stall infinitely by using dive and invokelordofbones/darkness

⬥ If time allows after your 2nd piercing, you may try to get more wenarrow stacks

⬥ Start with 3 to 7 perfectequilibrium stacks_

Phase 1

(3.0) ecb eofspec → s bolg spec → r bolg spec + rapid (8t) → dbow eofspecdbow eofspeczammybow eofspec + equip nightmaregauntlets


⬥ Change dbow eofspec / zammybow eofspec order depending on adren_

Phase 2

wenarrow gricocaroming deathsporearrowsgdeathsswiftwenarrow stormshardsecb eofspec → wait 1 tick + fularrow snipebolg spec + equip edracogloveswenarrow piercinggconcdbreathtsunami


⬥ Adjust snipe accordingly to phase timing. ‎ ‎This rotation assumes aod P1 phased 2 ticks after zammybow eofspec_

Phase 3

ecb eofspecwenarrow gricocaroming deathsporearrowsdecimation eofspecwenarrow rapid (8t) → sgb eofspecdbow eofspec deathsporearrowsdbow eofspec / piercing if phased + surge to pillar


⬥ Aim to have 15 wenarrow stacks before rapid (possible by tick switching arrows)

⬥ Flick between wenarrow and deathsporearrows during rapid to lower deathsporearrows cooldown to <20s, then camp wenarrow

⬥ Minion lures:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Umbra minion tank should surge on ecb eofspec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Glacies minion tank should surge on decimation eofspec_


Pillar 1

deathsporearrows gricocaromingincendfularrow dbow eofspececb eofspec / snap

Pillar 2

bolg spec / ecb eofspecwenarrow piercinggricocaroming

Pillar 3

shadowtenddbow eofspec / zammybow eofspecpiercing

Pillar 4

ecb eofspecpiercinggricocaroming → improvise as needed


⬥ Assuming normal order you should use the following abilities to move between pillars:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• U → G surge

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• G → C dive + surge

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• C → F surge

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Save accel for bombs

⬥ These pillars assume you have a full necro team. ‎ ‎Use better abilities on Glacies and Fumus pillars if more rangers on team (such as zammybow eofspec instead of piercing)

⬥ Use enhreplen when needed, generally on Pillar 2_


rapid (until 1-2 perfectequilibrium stacks) → sgb eofspecdbow → improvise with zammybow eofspec / snap / gricocaroming / piercing based on adrenaline and cooldowns

Example Kills
29.03.2024 - x Neon - Umbra
AoD: 7-10 Man
This guide is made and upkept in collaboration with the AoD: 7-10 Man discord. For those interested in a non-toxic and friendly environment for ‘Small’ team AoD, with team sizes varying from 7 to 10. We accept all experience levels, from Learners to Experts and Teachers. We offer teams running throughout the day.

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