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Twin Furies


The Twin Furies are located in the Heart of Gielinor, the duo consists of Nymora (left) and Avaryss (right). Entering the encounter requires 40 (or 20, with enough reputation) kill count, and 80 (boostable) Ranged range. This encounter is unique in that both NPC’s share the same health pool of 200k. This means that an AoE attack will essentially do double damage if it hits both twins.

⬥ The setups and rotations in this guide feature best in slot gear. Learners may find it more helpful to refer to video guides on Youtube after learning the mechanics which can be found below.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Learning Twin Furies with Melee melee


⬥ Avaryss jumps towards the northern wall and charges down to the southern wall. She will repeat this attack a total of 4 times and will always travel in the cardinal directions (north to south, west to east, etc.).     • You may simply move out of the way after Avaryss jumps to a new wall. Example
Ceiling Collapse
⬥ Nymora will jump to a random square and cause a ceiling collapse.     • Stand in the 3x3 area around her to negate this. Example
Channeled Bomb
⬥ The twins move to the center of the arena and channel an attack. Example ⬥ If the channel finishes, it will deal 4,500 damage. Example ⬥ During this phase, the twins take 2x damage     • They stand close enough that Cleave cleave, Hurricane cane, and Quake quake will hit both of them.     • You will take typeless damage during this (negated by Soul Split soulsplit).     • Can be avoided by surging to the edges of the arena, (or blocking it with defensives).

The Fight

⬥ You must continually move out of Avaryss' path (≥2 steps perpendicular).

⬥ It is possible to wrongly Target Cycle onto Avaryss. Manually click on Nymora if this happens.

⬥ While poisonicon hits show, they don't deal damage. Therefore, poisonicon is not used.

melee Melee Strategy

Presets and Relics

melee Rotation

This rotation aims to consistently hit 9-13s killtimes:

dba → crystal to 100% adren → enter instance → zerk + adrenrenewal

vulnbomb + (tc) gbargegfuryoverpower → (move out of charge) assaultchaosroareof dragonclawhavocdestroydecilengmh spec

Necromancy NM Twins necromancy


⬥ To save a few ticks, you may summon your conjures on the move, do so any time after getting 100% adrenaline at Wars Retreat.

⬥ You may equip excal to dismiss and renew your conjures.

⬥ Darkness darkness is optional to reduce damage taken.

⬥ You must continually move out of Avaryss' path. This rotation aims to finish the fight before both are attackable again.

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ Can use mahj or invigaura

⬥ Gear can be upgraded as available

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• grim would be better, but isn't required.


⬥ This rotation requires igneouskalmor. If you don't have one, remove deathskulls from the rotation and use touchofdeath and fingerofdeath where possible.

⬥ This rotation consistently hits 20-30 second kills. It requires teleporting to Wars Retreat between kills for adrenaline.

⬥ If using T95 gear you should be consistently hitting 15-second kills - you may wish to incorporate omniguard spec after the T90 special.

Outside instance

conjureskeletonconjurezombieconjureghostkalgscrollcommandghostcommandskeleton + right-click 'rejoin'

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Alternatively, you may skip commandskeleton

Inside instance

splitsoul + right-click 'quick enter' → bd+surge to north wall and walk a few tiles to the middle → threadsoffate

Main fight

(tc) + vulnbomb + deathskullstouchofdeathdeathguard70 spec (move out of Avaryss' path) → soulsapnecroautofingerofdeathsoulsapvolleyofsouls → improvise until dead → loot → warsretreatteleport

Example Kills

melee Melee example (5 mins)

necromancy Necromancy Example

AFK Strategy

A full guide on how to AFK Twin Furies is available here: #AFK Twin Furies