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Raksha is a dinosaur dubbed the "Shadow Colossus" located on Anachronia. Raksha can be fought either solo or duo, with linear hp scaling for duo mode. The drop rates for duo are also the same as solo.

Each Raksha kill is worth coins 3,401,473, with coins 492,292 of that coming from commons.

This guide assumes you are already familiar with Raksha's mechanics, phasing, and attack rotations. If not, please read #raksha-basic.

Melee Strategy

This is an advanced rotation assuming best-in-slot melee gear.

Presets and Relics


⬥ All bleeds are applied using mwspear unless stated otherwise.

⬥ Stalling and releasing (denoted by "s" and "r", respectively) melee abilities below is done by clicking the ability and letting your character run in naturally to release it.

Veng is used opportunistically in rotations although not explicitly stated.

escape are mostly used to dodge swipes.

KPH rotation (No Poolskip)

Use this consistent rotation for standard farming of the boss. If done properly, expect kills around 2:10.


DBA speclengmh spec at War's Retreat crystal and get 120% adren.

Phase 1

Enter instance → surgesurgeprepzerk + adrenrenewal + equip jawsoftheabyss + vulnbomb → (tc) + gbarge → 4T ingen + smokecloudlengmh cane → step away slengmh destroy → rabyssalscourge destroyabyssalscourge dismemberhavocgopassaultchaosroarzekkil eofspec + escape → sdeci → walk in rdeci → 3-hit gflurryhavocgop

Rockfall + Phase 2 + Rockfall

lengmh cane (last tick of zerk) + walk behind rakshadismemberbackhandflank → walked slaughterbloodtendrilshavocgopdeciseverdestroy → 3-hit gflurryabyssalscourge dismemberhavocgopoverpowerigneous + vulnbombdeci

Note: Rocks should be falling during the second cane of the kill which should be cast on the last tick of zerk. raksha should then by walkable the tick slaughter is cast.

Note: If P2 is fast, only do a 2-hit destroy to allow for 3-hit gflurry for zerk cooldown reduction.

Phase 3

equip noxscythe Laceration clear pools → equip vestmentsofhavocboots + zerkdivertgbarge → bleed assaultlimitless + lengmh destroydeci + deal with Mind Poison → build

Note: If you managed to maintain abyssalscourge stacks during P3, it is advised to abyssalscourge dismember during Mind Poison to carry stacks over to P4.

Phase 4

antigbarge + vulnbomb → bleed gflurry + callfollowerhavocgopcanechaosroarzekkil eofspec + escape → sabyssalscourge dismember → rabyssalscourge dismember + decihavocgopbloodtendrilsseverlengmh spec + escape → sgfury → rgfury + overpowerigneoushavocgopdismemberdeci + vestmentsofhavochoodgfury + off

zerk + quickly collect Anima → divertbd to area with most Anima → equip jawsoftheabyss + antiinnerpower + gbarge → bleed assault + adrenrenewallengmh cane + disruptdragonclaw eofspec + escape

Note: Use adrenrenewal as soon as it's off cooldown, usually during assault. If boss is not dead after escape, follow up with sgfury → rgfury + dragonclaw eofspec

Speeds rotation (Poolskip)

Use this rotation only if going for speeds. You may need to improvise and fill GCDs with good basics if unlucky on adrenaline (gfury is best under critbuff). Replace gflurry with lengmh destroy when if willing to swap to lengmh when using cane and destroy

War's Dummy (closest to portal, max hit mode)

abyssalscourge dismembercorruptshot for Reaper stacks → deathsporearrows gricoDBA specfreedomanti → sdeathsporearrows incend and go through portal

Instance Dummy

Enter instance and drop dummy, then run between raksha and dummy

(tc) + rincend with ecb using smokecloud + natHydrixBakri snipegricoescapelengmh spec + adrenrenewal if below 118% adren → zerk + vulnbomb

Note: escape should put you in aggro range and start the fight.

Phase 1

(tc) + gbargeingen → 4T smokecloud + limitless + caneassaultoverpowerigneous → spam dragonclaw eofspec (gfury in between if not enough adrenaline)

Rockfall + Phase 2

chaosroar upon Rockfall → zekkil eofspechavocgopbackhandflankgfury or gflurry or dragonclaw eofspeccane to end zerk

abyssalscourge dismember → walked slaughterbloodtendrilshavocgopzgs spec + 2H auto + adrenrenewal → build to overpowerigneousassaultcanedragonclaw eofspec and/or basics and try to phase with abyssalscourge equipped on the last ability

Phase 4

Spam click run right and gbarge for a chance to keep abyssalscourge stacks post phase transition.

gbarge + callfollowerdismember → bleed gflurry if high adrenaline → build to meteorstrikeHydrixBakri gricochaosroarzekkil eofspecdismemberhavocgop → more bleeds if enough time/adrenaline → lengmh specHydrixBakri grico → Break shield → escape

zerk + accel + bd to collect anima → divert + bdinnerpower + gbarge → bleed assaultoverpowerigneouslimitless + caneescapedragonclaw eofspec

Old Melee rotation (Pre-Zamorak, no ranged pre-build) - Preset, phases 1 and 2 - Phases 3 and 4

Video Examples - 2:07 + 2:09 + 2:10 Standard Kills - 1:43 Speed Kill - 2:38 + 2:41 Standard Kills pre-Zamorak