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The Fight Kiln


The fight kiln is a fairly easy fight once you know what you are doing and seems harder than it is. Completing the fight rewards you with second BIS cape for all three styles kilnmage KilnRanged KilnMelee. All of the gear and inventories can get switched around based on what you have and how experienced you are. Less experienced players should keep the Obsidian Armour and bring more Brew and solids Sailfish sailfishsoup with the best tier of weapon they have. Keep in mind to follow the combat triangle and to use common sense during the waves. At the absolute maximum, you will need to complete the Kiln 12 times, for 4 sets of capes, so the strategies covered in this guide will be basic.

The Kiln capes kilnmage KilnRanged KilnMelee kilnnecro are used for:

⬥ Crafting the Zuk capes for usage igneouskalket igneouskalxil igneouskalmej igneouskalmor

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• These are combined into the igneouskalzuk

⬥ Submitted to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh for the Enhanced Fire Cape override

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is required for the Master Quest Cape, and destroys the Kiln capes in the process.

⬥ Crafting a set of igneouskalket igneouskalxil igneouskalmej igneouskalmor and igneouskalzuk separately for PoH storage

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is not important unless going for True Trim

General Breakdown

⬥ 1-9 are mostly weak to Attack

⬥ 11-19 are mostly weak to range

⬥ 21-29 are mostly weak to Magic

⬥ 31 is weak to Attack

⬥ 32 is weak to Magic

⬥ 33 is weak to range

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


⬥ As long as you have a pickaxe in your toolbelt, you will be able to kill Dills using your melee weapon.

reaverpouch does decent typeless damage if you camp soulsplit and reaverscroll can be manually used to help with sustain.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Their damage also works on Dills, who are still weak to familiars before their armour is broken.

⬥ Obsidian Armour reduces damage taken in the Fight Kiln and saves inventory space if not willing to bring armour switches.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Otherwise, tri-bridding is the best way to deal with the Fight Kiln. At the minimum, you want a 2H weapon of every style.

⬥ An appropriate amount of Prayer restoration is recommended as you will be in the Fight Kiln for ~20 minutes per kill.

jasgodbook scriptureofful will work well for Kiln.

⬥ The TokKul-Zo ring provides a 10% damage boost against the mobs but requires tokkul to upkeep.

⬥ Bring a rov if the passive version is not unlocked.

The First 10

Waves 1-9

There will be mostly rangers with an increasing number of magers and meleers so use melee and switch to kill the others.

Wave 2: Invulnerability Crystal spawn

Wave 3: Restoration Crystal spawn

Wave 5: Dill spawn

Wave 9: All rangers

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Use zerk on the last ranger to get zerk for jad

Wave 10

Jad spawns South West

⬥ 1 ranger also spawns SE

The Second 10

Wave 11-19

There will mostly be magers with an increasing number of meleers and rangers so use ranged and switch to kill the others.

Wave 14: Invulnerability Crystal spawn

Wave 16: Restoration Crystal spawn

Wave 19: Dill spawn [switch to melee for Dill]

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Go NE and kill dill quickly then go SW and ds kill all the magers and use last of ds to attack jad

Wave 20

Jad - Spawns South West

⬥ Also spawns 1 mager SE

The Third 10

Waves 21-29

There will mostly be meleers with an increasing number of mager and rangers so use mage and switch to kill the others.

Wave 26: Invulnerability Crystal spawn

Wave 28: Restoration Crystal spawn

Wave 28: 6 Dills spawn w/ a mager [kill mage then swap to melee]

Wave 29: Sun and DPS meleers and use end of sun on jad

Wave 30

Jad - Spawns South West

⬥ 3 rapid melee attackers spawn in other corners

The Final Gauntlet

The Jad-less Few

Wave 31: Use Melee

Wave 32: Use Magic

Wave 33: Use Ranged

Wave 34

Jad - Spawns South East

⬥ Rapid melee attacker spawns NW; ranger SW

Wave 35

Jad - Spawns North East

⬥ Rapid melee attacker spawns NW; ranger SW; mager SE

Wave 36

Double Jad - Spawn in both Southern corners

⬥ Use invulnerability crystals here

If playing on an Australian world:

ǝɹǝɥ slɐʇsʎɹɔ ʎʇᴉlᴉqɐɹǝulnʌuᴉ ǝs∩ •

sɹǝuɹoɔ uɹǝɥʇnoS ɥʇoq uᴉ uʍɐdS - p∀ſ Ǝ˥q∩Op :9Ɛ ƎΛ∀M

Wave 36+1


⬥ Spawns tentacles that deal ranged/mage hits. Build/Heal on these when he is not on the surface

⬥ He never spawns on northern side of platform

⬥ Spam Spiritual Prayers spiritualprayer

⬥ Can be Vulned Vuln / vulnbomb

⬥ Use Sunshine sunshinepf / Death's Swiftness deathsswiftpf / Berserk zerk as he surfaces

⬥ Spawns after ~72 seconds and is up for ~30 seconds

Tips/Tricks/Extra Thoughts


⬥ You can use Crystals of Regeneration in emergencies and to extend Onslaught onsl on Har-Aken if you wanted to (make sure you have sign up just in case because the hits start to add up very quickly).

⬥ Use Soul Split soulsplit for the whole fight and use deflects as you see needed as well as Devotion devo (on wave 19 there are a lot of magers so using Devotion devo can help).

⬥ Even though you should be Soul Splitting soulsplit the fight, always use Protection Prayers on Jads TzTokJad.

⬥ Invulnerability Crystal does not protect you from Dill special attack so you should use Restoration Crystal if getting low and Brew Brew is not enough.


⬥ Make sure to take advantage of the combat triangle whenever possible.

⬥ Feel free to use Tokkul-Zo if you have excess tokkul from cauldron as that would be the best in slot ring of you are able to sustain it otherwise use Ring of Death RoD or Asylum Surgeon's Ring asr.

⬥ It is helpful to use Lantadyme LantaSticks, Kwuarm KwuarmSticks, and Spirit Weed incense sticks SpiritSticks for increased potion duration, weapon poison damage, and scrolls used per hour.

Example Kill

34:46 Revo+ kill with basic gear -