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Vindicta and Gorvek


Vindicta, the Zarosian general residing in the Heart of Gielinor, requires 80 attack (boostable) and 40 Zaros killcount to fight. Her drops include the t85 Dragon Rider Lance dragonriderlance which disassembles for Ilujankan components Ilujankancomp needed for the Aftershock as4 perk, and the Crest of Zaros crestzaros which is used to make the t80 Anima Core of Zaros set animahelmzaros


Attack Rotation
Phase 1 (200k - 100k hp):     • 2 Autos → Hurricane → 3 Autos → Dragonfire → 3 Autos → Hurricane → Repeat ⬥ Phase 2 (100k - 0 hp):     • Melee Auto → Ranged attack → Melee Auto → Fly + Dragonfire → Repeat Note: Hurricane is replaced by Ranged attack outside of md. ​
⬥ A 5x5 melee AoE attack. ⬥ Hurricane is replaced by Ranged attack outside of md.     • Can be resonanced res. Example
⬥ Vindicta raises her arms to signal Gorvek. ⬥ Drops a dragonfire smoke line in front of the player. Example ⬥ Deals high continuous magic damage if stood in.     • Move out of the way and pray DeflectMage if stood in. ​
Gorvek (Phase 2)
⬥ Mounts Gorvek at 100k HP. ⬥ Gains new attack pattern. ​
Ranged attack
⬥ Vindicta deals a moderate amount of ranged damage to a random target. Example
Dragonfire Wall
⬥ Vindicta commands Gorvek to engulf a straight line in flames. ⬥ Exactly the same as the dragonfire from Phase 1. ⬥ This is identical to the lines placed during phase 1 and can be dealt with the same way. Example

Tips and Tricks

⬥ Refer to the linked video to see how the BDs and Surges between kills look like -

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is a Helwyr sample, but the method of going between kills is the same

⬥ If your HP gets really low then utilise Disrupt disrupt

melee Melee Strategy

Presets and Relics

melee Rotation

This rotation aims to consistently hit 11-13s killtimes:

dba → crystal to 100% adren → enter instance → zerk + adrenrenewal

vulnbomb + (tc) gbargegfuryoverpowerassaultchaosroareof dragonclawhavocdestroydecilengmh spec

necromancy Necromancy Strategy


⬥ To save a few ticks, you may wish to summon your conjures on the move, any time after getting 100% adren at Wars Retreat.

⬥ You may wish to equip excal to dismiss and renew your conjures.

⬥ Darkness darkness is optional to reduce damage taken.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

necromancy Rotation

⬥ This rotation requires igneouskalmor. If you don't have one, remove deathskulls from the rotation and use touchofdeath and fingerofdeath where possible.

⬥ This rotation consistently hits sub-25-second kills and seeks to hit sub-15-seconds. It requires teleporting to Wars Retreat between kills for adren.

⬥ If using T95 gear, you will be consistently hitting sub-20-second kills and may wish to add in a omniguard spec before your t90 special.

Outside instance

conjureskeletonconjurezombieconjureghostkalgscrollcommandskeletoncommandghost + right-click 'rejoin'

Inside instance

splitsoul + right-click 'quick enter' → bd+surge to Vindicta spawn point (this will bring your conjures inside) → invokedeath

Main fight

(tc) + vulnbomb + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathdeathguard70 specsoulsapvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeath → improvise → as Vindicta dies equip excal

Example Kills

melee Melee example (5 minutes) -

necromancy Necromancy example - send us your video to feature here!

AFK Strategy

A full guide on how to AFK Vindicta is available here: #AFK Vindicta