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Melee Minion Tank

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


This rotation is viable till ~1:40 kills.


nat (when base gsunshine) → wrackgconctsunamiwrackantizerkgbargemobilegflurryHydrixBakri gricocarominglengmh spec → build

Phase 1

dummy gbargemobilechaosroar → s caneaod r cane + assaultdestroyoverpowerbackhandflank

Phase 2

HydrixBakri gricocaromingantiresgbarge → s gflurrynoxscythe r gflurry + meteorstrikequakecanebloodamalg HydrixBakri gricocaromingdecipunishaod stormshardsgfury + bd to lure spot → zerk + surge

Phase 3

divertgbargenoxscythe cleavegflurrybackhandflankassaultoverpowerdestroycane


1st Pillar 2h auto + cleavegfurybackhandflankHydrixBakri gricocaroming

2nd Pillar gflurrydecisever

3rd Pillar ingen rubybakri sgb eofspecHydrixBakri gricocaromingdecicleave

4th Pillar zerk + 2h auto → chaosroarcane

Note: Assumes order of UGCF


gfuryoverpowerigneous (→ assault 3t, if > 60% adrenaline) → dragonclaw eofspec (→ gfury) → punish → [improvise]

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