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Magic-Hybrid 4-5s guide


Due to the nature of critbuff from meteorstrike and tsunami, no two rotations will be the same, and the player's intuition is required to achieve optimal kills.

This guide will cover a magic-melee hybrid strategy for base and dps, with the aim of sub 3:45 storm tanking kills.

Presets and Relics

Preset Notes

⬥ Base can choose to bring a blessedflask if using darkform

Auxiliary Effects

corbicula2 No Fear perk

spiritcape Spirit cape unlocked

⬥ Elite Seer's Village tasks complete with ranged skillcape effect active

⬥ Kwuarm KwuarmSticks active

⬥ Spirit Weed SpiritSticks active

elderovlsalve + weppoison sipped at bank

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Base should also apply summrenewal at bank

Important Notes

bloodbarrage is a synonym for an Auto Attack

⬥ TC, FTC, BTC are abbreviations for Target Cycle, Forward Target Cycle and Backwards Target Cycle

⬥ The Inquisitor Staff inquisitorstaff should be utilised after using the Enchantment of Affliction buff, this means the fsoa is only used for the special attack

⬥ A full set of Vestments of Havoc vestmentsofhavochood is required for the extra adrenaline influx & adrenaline pool

⬥ This guide contains rotations for root skips, phase timing is expected around 0:28 ~ 0:30

⬥ This guide has been tested under the following conditions:

⬥ All zekkil eofspec applied with mwspear

⬥ All tsunami cast with 5 stacks of incitefear

⬥ All grico cast with desolation

Phase 1


It is assumed that base signals start with divert - if using something else, communicate beforehand. Base should use soulsplit to ensure enhdev4 does not block divert and larger venggroup

divert (base) → sunshine adrenrenewal → (wait 2t) → start encounter → TC + smokecloud + gconcfsoa specdbreathtsunamigconcwmasphyx → improvise → vitality + debil pads → stormshards before rootlings

*Note 1: 2 or 3 hit asphyx depending on adrenaline

Note 2: frontload as much as possible with early omni smoketendrils

Note 3: it's possible to RubyAurora between incitefear procs to boost group damage*



wm → finish it with basics


asphyx → finish with basics + nat by ~46-48s

Note: it's possible to RubyAurora while waiting for sunshine

Arms, Legs & Core


sunshine bloodbarragefreedom bloodbarragefsoa specgconcstormshards → stall gchain → pre vulnbomb close arm


sunshine bloodbarragefreedom bloodbarragefsoa specstormshards → stall gchain → pre vulnbomb close arm


BTC release gchain + tsunamiwm

*Note 1: can stall tsunami and release with gchain instead

Note 2: as east erupt, if you sunshine on base side, then you must stall gchain and switch to close arm for wm*


pre vulnbomb → BTC detobloodbarrage deto dbreath

Note: as east erupt, if you sunshine on base side, then bloodbarrage must be cast on close leg**


pre vulnbomb → BTC omniarmadylbattlestaffsmoketendrils

*Note 1: base should divert smokecloud instead of freedom bloodbarrage

Note 2: can icebarrage between incitefear procs for faster auto hits on arms, legs and core

Note 3: after sunshine move closer to base for kalgpouch buff, then move back to your side*

Phase 2


Do not leave your eruption prematurely!

zerkanti → pre vulnbomb erupt & TC + gbargegricoassaultcanedeci if not dead & continue zerkread below for split rotation at this point

*Note 1: manually cast a ripperscroll

Note 2: bleed assault after gbarge if adren allows and if grico will still benefit from critbuff

Note 3: 5-man NW eruption: skip cane*


continue zerk → stall overpower → release overpower + meteorstrike by 1:48 → chaosroarzekkilabyssalscourge dismember ezkextendgrico + bd to stairs → ( divert ) → sunshine at 1:58 → bloodbarrage + gchainsmokecloud + fsoa specgconc → improvise


continue zerk → stall overpower → release overpower + meteorstrike outside of soft cap → grico + bd to stairs → sunshine at 1:58 → bloodbarrage + gchainfsoa specgconc → improvise

*Note 1: soft cap ends ~3 abilities after last eruption dying

Note 2: meteorstrike no later than 1:54

Note 3: 2 hit gflurry if on a fast team to prevent zerk cooldown at P3 start

Note 4: Elfer dummy sometime before sunshine*

Phase 3


zerkdivertgbargegricooverpowergflurryassault + adrenrenewalmeteorstrikechaosroarzekkildismember ezkextendabyssalscourge Shatter ezkextendcanegricosunshinebloodbarrage + gchainfsoa specgconc → improvise & frontload


zerkdivertgbargegricooverpowergflurryassault + adrenrenewalmeteorstrike → improvise with cane destroygricosunshinebloodbarrage + gchainfsoa specgconc → improvise & frontload


zerkdivertgbargegricooverpowergflurryassault + adrenrenewalmeteorstrike → improvise with cane destroygchainfsoa specgconcdbreath & enter elf

*Note 1: if <70% after grico bleed gflurry before overpower

Note 2: base & outside roles dummy sometime during P3

Note 3: refresh critbuff during sunshine with tsunami

Note 4: can bloodbarrage between incitefear procs to regain health back*


Rotation B is only for 4-man teams.


meta → TC+smokecloud + gconc → ( limitless ) wmsmoketendrilsomniarmadylbattlestaffasphyx or tsunami if 1 pad


sunshine TC + smokecloudgconc or gricofsoa spec → ( limitless ) smoketendrilswmomniarmadylbattlestaffasphyx or tsunami if 1 pad

*Note 1: juice spiritualprayer ripperscroll

Note 2: follow rot B if fsoa spec has >10s cooldown after zerk & outside hp is <1050k

Note 3: cancel fsoa spec autos with bd switch if Erethdor will die prematurely, without Solak being <650k (4 man) or <800k (5 man)*

Phase 4

dummy natlengmh specgricozerk → build with defensives ( divert the storm hit ) → pre gbarge → stall assault → release assault with dragonclaw eofspecoverpowerdragonclaw eofspecdragonclaw eofspeccane

*Note 1: release assault with overpower if no critbuff active

Note 2: can gfury or chaosroar before stalling if early on set-up

Note 3: if you mess up the pre-build or have no critbuff prioritise destroy cane gflurry before dragonclaw eofspec

Note 4: Elfer drop dummy after mind exit*

Example Kills

Example Kills

Content Provided by: @rocket_cars

Formatting Maintained by: @misskayz