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Some general notes:

⬥ The game runs on an internal tick system: 1t (tick) = 0.6s (seconds).

⬥ The minimum time between abilities is called the global cooldown: 1 gcd = 3t = 1.8s.

⬥ Auto attacks will only give adrenaline if they hit (splash = no adrenaline gain).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Debuff spells like Vuln Vuln or Enfeeble Enfeeble or Smoke Cloud smokecloud do not given adrenaline.

⬥ Some useful sheets and resources are given below.

Ability Damage Maths
To calculate your ability hit damage in detail, click here. This is affected by factors such as your gear and other boosts.
Ability Hit Timings
To see detailed breakdowns on ability hit timings, click here. This refers to when hitsplats appear on your target.
Auto-attack Adren Gain
To see adrenaline gained with different auto attacks, click here.

Note: If you have any difficulties in using the tools or understanding what the information means, you can always ask in #pvm-help.

Constitution constitution

This section covers auto attacks, basics, thresholds, ultimate abilities and special attacks for Defence.


Default Auto constitution
⬥ Cooldown: Based on Weapon Speed     • Fastest: 4t (2.4s)     • Fast: 5t (3.0s)     • Average: 6t (3.6s) ⬥ Takes on style of mainhand weapon


Siphon siphon
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ Only works on targets with more adrenaline than you

Sacrifice sacrifice
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Heal for 25% of your damage dealt     • Increased to 100% if killing hit

Storm Shards stormshards
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Stacks delayed ability damage on target     • Up to 10 stacks     • Damage is triggered by using shatter ⬥ Damage when triggered is dependant on weapon which applied the stormshards

Regenerate regenerate
⬥ Cooldown: 0t (0s) ⬥ Must be out of combat to use ⬥ Trades 10% adrenaline for 2% of max health per tick until either     • Health is full; or     • Adrenaline is empty; or     • Combat is initiated

Eat Food eatfood
⬥ Cooldown: 0t (0s) ⬥ Eats food

Tuska's Wrath tuskas
⬥ Cooldown: 200t (120s)     • 25t (15s) if used on non slayer target ⬥ If enemy is your active slayer target, it will do 100*(Slayer level damage)     • All bosses except The Magister are immune to this effect


Reprisal reprisal
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ Duration: 10t (6s), or reprisal is cast again ⬥ Stores incoming damage while active (up to 10,000) ⬥ Stored damage dealt to target at end of duration

Shatter shatter
⬥ Cooldown: 200t (120s) ⬥ Unleashes all Storm Shards stormshards on target ⬥ Maximum hit of 30,000 ⬥ Damage is based on weapon which applied stormshards , but effected by damage boosts when shatter is used

Special Attacks

Essence of Finality eofspec
⬥ Cooldown: 0t (0s) ⬥ Adrenaline cost: Dependant on weapon stored in Essence of Finality eof ⬥ Mainhand weapon must be of the same style as weapon stored

Weapon Special Attack spec
⬥ Cooldown: 0t (0s)     • Some weapons have their own weapon specific cooldown ⬥ Duration: Dependant on weapon


Guthix's Blessing guthixsblessing
⬥ Cooldown: 500t (300s) ⬥ Duration: 16t (9.6s) ⬥ Every 4t (1.6s) heal for 8% of your max HP     • Enemies may target the butterfly and end effects early ⬥ Shares cooldown with excal

Ice Asylum iceasylum
⬥ Cooldown: 500t (300s) ⬥ Duration: 34t (22.2s) ⬥ Heals players nearby for 1 - 7% of their max HP (based on proximity) every 6t (3.6s) ⬥ Healing capacity of 300% of your max HP ⬥ Shares cooldown with excal

Onslaught onsl
⬥ Cooldown: 200t (120s) ⬥ Channeled ability ⬥ Up to 26 hits     • Drain adrenaline 25 at per hit to 0     • Subsequent hits damage you for 25% of the outgoing hit

Transfigure transfigure
⬥ Cooldown: 300t (180s) ⬥ Duration: 10t (6s) of incapacitation, then 25t (15s) of stun and bind immunity ⬥ Heal for 250% of damage taken during incapacitation, when it ends, up to a maximum 75% of max HP

constitution Constitution Ability Index constitution
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