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AFK/Low Effort Overview

This channel is intended to be used in addition to the AFK and Low Effort guides. It will provide some assumed unlocks, and setup decisions that are omitted from specific guides to increase readability.



‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• It is more than likely user error or cutting corners, use #pvm-help, and check this channel if you cannot get it to work


Within these guides there are two levels of AFK you will see mentioned.

AFK: These guides will allow you to pay no attention to the game. Times you will need to interact with your character include: to prevent lobbying, drinking potions, collecting loot and placing Prism of Restoration prismofrestoration to heal familiars if needed.

These do not require you looking at the RuneScape window and can be done using alt1 alerts only.

Low Effort: These don’t require you actively killing the boss, however may require more effort. This includes: repositioning every kill, banking between kills, moving out of the way of mechanics.

These require you to be able to see the RuneScape window and can not be done with alt1 alerts only.

Guide Layouts

In general, guides in this category will have the same layout. Some sections may be omitted if the information is unknown or irrelevant.

⬥ Positioning

⬥ Overview

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Mandatory requirements

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Weapon choice

⬥ Preset and Relics

⬥ Action Bar

⬥ Recommendations (these will make kills more consistent and / or AFK)

⬥ KPH expectations

⬥ Video examples

Aura Choices

Aura Choices
There are a variety of auras used for AFKing for several reasons. Ensure to follow the guides recommendations however here is some reasoning: ⬥ Vampyrism vampaura is used for builds revolving around poison, Blood reaver reaverpouch , and for methods which require this extra healing to survive. ⬥ Dark Magic darkmagic is the general dps aura for afking. It provides extra hitsplats which synergise with Soul Split soulsplit, and is usually the go to choice. ⬥ Mahjarrat mahj is usually a secondary dps aura choice. It doesnt synergise as well with Soul Split soulsplit however is still a decent dps option. ⬥ Zerk auras mani reckless berserker are generally to be avoided unless stated otherwise due to increased damage taken. ⬥ Penance penanceaura If a method can survive with penance, it will reduce supply usage by 2 Penance powder powderofpenance, with slightly lower kph. This can often result in higher profit.     • Use at your own discretion. ⬥ Equilibrium eqaura boosts ability damage by 12% but prevents you dealing critical strikes.     • Used in situations where consistency is key over RNG-based crits.     • Also used due to its long duration (2 hours) and inexpensive cost to extend/reset as a Tier 2 aura.

Relic Choices

⬥ It will be assumed that all AFK set-tups use Persistent Rage persistentrage unless stated otherwise. THIS IS OFTEN ESSENTIAL!

⬥ Other relics will usually be Conservation of energy conservationofenergy and either Fury of the Small furyofthesmall or Death Ward deathward

⬥ These will be stated on the preset breakdown website. Follow preset links in the relevent guide to confirm if unsure.

Universal Setup

Assumed Setup
Several parts of afk setups are assumed. These will be listed here and unless stated otherwise should always be used for the method to work. ⬥ Soul Split soulsplit should be camped as your overhead prayer. ⬥ DPS Prayers turmoil anguish torment sorrow / malevolence desolation affliction ruination should be used for your style. ⬥ Basic dps perks on weapons and armour (see #perks) ⬥ Penance powder powderofpenance should be used to upkeep prayer points. ⬥ Elder Overload Salves elderovlsalve should always be used. ⬥ Ring of vigour rov as a permanent passive effect should be unlocked. ⬥ Auto Retaliate autoretaliate should be on. ⬥ Darkness darkness should not be active by default.

Useful Extra Items
Some other potentially useful items for afking can also be used. ⬥ Spring Cleaner springcleaner - automatically alchs / disassembles some items. ⬥ Holy Wrench holywrench - more prayer restored by prayer potions. ⬥ Potion Reservoir potionreservoir - can reduce inputs needed by renewing potions automatically. ⬥ Enhanced luck potion luckpotion - increases droprates at some bosses, and is useful to get alt1 to flag uniques. ⬥ Enhanced Excalibur enhancedexcalibur - provides free healing. ⬥ Ancient Elven Ritual Shard ancientshard - provides free prayer point restoration. ⬥ Lantadyme Incense Sticks lantasticks - extend potion timers, usually not economical but reduce the amount of potions needed.

AFK Warden

To set up alt1 AFK Warden you can include several useful warnings.

⬥ HP Alert

⬥ Prayer Alert

⬥ Loot Beam

⬥ Inventory Full

⬥ Animate Dead

⬥ Overload

⬥ Weapon Poison

⬥ Summoning Familiar HP Alert

⬥ Kerapac Kill

⬥ Lobby timer

Depending on the boss you are doing, you can activate different ones of these, and set the HP threshold to a suitable level for the risk of your setup. Doing this will allow you to eat / excal to stop a death.

You can add all of these by clicking the save icon on alt1, and then importing the following text: