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Helwyr Hard Mode


Helwyr, the Seren general residing in the Heart of Gielinor, requires 80 magic and 40 Seren killcount to fight. In challenge mode (herein called Hard Mode) he gains an additional mechanic after summoning minions.

Note: This guide has high requirements and is primarily aimed at those needing 100 killcount for the Insane Final Boss title.


⬥ Igneous Kal-Mor igneouskalmor or Igneous Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk for ‎ ‎deathskulls

⬥ Omni guard omniguard

⬥ Kal'gerion demon kalgpouch with scrolls kalgscroll

⬥ Erethdor's Grimoire grim for better consistency.

⬥ Vigour passive rov and Conservation of Energy conservationofenergy OR supreme invigorate aura invigaura are REQUIRED for this rotation to work.

⬥ DPS aura such as Mahjarrat mahj , Dark Magic darkmagic , or supreme invigorate invigaura are recommended.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Attack Rotations
Mushroom gas → 2 Autos → Cleave → 2 Autos → Frenzy → 2 Autos → Minion Spawn → 2 Autos → Mushroom barrage → 2 autos → Repeat ​
Mushroom Gas
⬥ Helwyr wills 6 mushrooms to release a gas cloud, dealing Area-of-Effect (AoE) damage. Avoided by just running out of it. Stand near the edges of mushrooms to decrease the distance needed to move out of the gas. Standing in the gas will give you a 400 typeless damage bleed every tick, and if standing in the gas for a prolonged time will bind you. Example
⬥ Hits in a frontal cone for up to 7k, disables protection prayers and apply a typeless bleed. Do not freedom this bleed. If you are standing a distance away from Helwyr, he will first lunge towards you before the attack. There are a few methods to handle this attack. Example     • Disruption shield disrupt     • Magic , Range or necromancy: move out of the damage cone.     • Resonance res (You will still acquire the bleed)     • Vengeance Veng
⬥ Helwyr leaps around doing rapid melee damage while applying a bleed stack with each attack. While using Ranged range , Magic magic or Necromancy necromancy , you can just run away, but with Melee melee it is better to stay put and continue doing damage. Example     • You can pray melee DeflectMelee and Devotion devo or Debilitate debil.     • You can Freedom freedom the bleed after the attack. ​
Minion Spawn
⬥ Helwyr’s minion spawn attack has him howl and summon two 5k HP Cywir Alphas. Easily taken out with AoEs, or ignored Example
Mushroom Barrage
⬥ Helwyr will start blowing up the mushrooms, hitting 5.5-6k hard typeless AoE per mushroom. One row of mushrooms at a time will not explode, with the safe row starting all the way north and moving one row south after each explosion. Explosions will continue until it reaches the most southern row.     • This mechanic has no text or animation cue, but starts at 00:50 kill time.     • Note that the mushroom gas clouds are still active, so find a safe path from north to south, or use dive and surge

What to Expect

This method can achieve average kill times of 0:25 - 0:30.

The Fight

⬥ Bank between kills to reset cooldowns.

Pre-build outside of instance: ‎ ‎conjurearmyanti + kalgscrollcommandghost → right-click rejoin instance → invokedeath → enter instance

splitsoul + dive + surge to opposite corner → ‎ ‎commandskeleton → (tc) vulnbomb + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsap + disruptlivingdeathtouchofdeathdeathskullsomniguard specnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautodeathguard70 spec → fillers → equip excal to dismiss conjures

Tips and Tricks

dive +surge upon entering ensure your conjures are in the arena.

⬥ Target cycle (tc) allows you to target Helwyr multiple ticks earlier than clicking would.

⬥ It is recommended to use disrupt or veng for the Cleave attack while continuing DPS.

⬥ Helwyr should die during the Frenzy mechanic. You can move away or switch to deflectmelee to mitigate damage.

Video Example

Necro HM

Normal mode Helwyr

A full guide on how to do normal mode Helwyr is available here: #Helwyr - Normal Mode