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Croesus: Duo

General Information

This guide assumes you are already familiar with the mechanics and the general concept of Croesus. If not, please read #Croesus Overview.

Duoing is faster than standard quad 2 mids due to only doing around 15% of the first energy fungus and not waiting for the second energy fungus. Kills doing this method should be sub-5:20.

Presets and Relics

Preset Notes

⬥ When Fishing/Mining, use 1 Gargoyle scroll per resource as it guarantees a resource per swing.


The Hunter & Woodcutter will always start the fight and starts at Hunt. Miner & Fisher starts at Mining. The Hunter should always have Extreme Hunter potion active whilst gathering.

Your optimal goal is to deplete both your nodes before going to the energy fungus; however, this won't always be possible due to luck. This is per player decision making. Go to the energy fungus when you feel like you should. It's not necessary to do the whole energy fungus - around 15% of it is sufficient.

⬥ Gather at Mining / Hunter until depleted and you have 15 materials, rot any excess and keep it with you

⬥ Go 1 quadrant anticlockwise and deposit the 15 materials into the statue

⬥ Start on that quadrant (Fishing / Woodcutting)

⬥ Gather until you have 20 rot and 15 materials with the node depleted. Use the dead guards if you must for the rot / materials

⬥ Poison the node

⬥ Go 1 quadrant clockwise back to your starting point and poison the node

⬥ Go 1 quadrant clockwise again and deposit the materials into the statue

⬥ Repair the statue

⬥ Pray on the statue but make sure you are both fully repaired and ready to before praying

⬥ Drink the relevant soup and attack the core. If it's Hunter drink an Extreme Hunter dose too, you can also 2-tick it

⬥ Be sure to click all the particles that are not red, even on Hunter if 2-ticking you just have to spam click it (the damage may not show up but it actually does do damage)

Example Kills

Video Examples
The example kills below consist of back to back duo kills.
Hunter & Woodcutting
Mining & Fishing