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Low Effort Raksha


This guide assumes you are already familiar with Raksha's mechanics, phasing, and attack rotations. If not, please read #Raksha Basic Guide.


This method has high requirements regarding equipment and unlocked abilities + passive effects.

⬥ The gear setups used represent the minimum requirements (or close) to reliably attain the advertised KPH while being consistently safe.


‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Double check your preset, prayers, perks, passive effects and revo bar against that mentioned in the guide.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The setup in the guide has been tested extensively, it is impossible for it to not work if everything is done properly.

Essential Items

Note: All items are essential to completing a successful kill.

igneouskalket Igneous Kal-Ket - 60% adren cost overpowerigneous

noxscythe | masutaspear | lanispear Halberd Type Weapon - p6 as1 + er4 - For clearing pools

Laceration Laceration Boots - Allows bd with a 2h weapon

mwspear Masterwork Spear of Annihilation - Optionally equip when casting bleeds to extend their duration

berserker Berserker Aura

VampScrim Scrimshaw of Vampyrism

hellhoundpouch Binding Contract (hellhound) - 20% damage reduction

graspingpouchblack Bloodrune Astralrune Bodyrune Soulrune

graspingpouchpink Deathrune Earthrune Lawrune Cosmicrune

graspingpouchblue Chaosrune Airrune Waterrune Firerune

(Runes for prismofrestoration, SBSLunars, disrupt, Veng)

Presets and Relics

Revo++ Ability Bar

Strategy and Tips

⬥ This strategy relies heavily on having soulsplit active and keeping your hellhoundpouch alive by using prismofrestoration or hellhoundscroll.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Note: These have to be used manually and cannot be auto-cast.

⬥ You will still need to deal with the mechanics correctly, as due to the nature of the guide, you will not be skipping many, if any.

⬥ You are free to use chaosroar before cane or dragonclaw eofspec.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Be sure that your barged ability DoT has ended before doing so, as it will consume the chaosroar buff.

⬥ Abyssal Scourge is extremely important due to it's passive effect (Abyssal Parasite) that stacks up to 50 times, dealing increasing bleed damage with each stack. This will contribute heavily to your soulsplit and VampScrim healing.

⬥ Using tmwbody (10-11kph) armour will allow you to easily out-heal Raksha's attacks due to it's passive effect; resulting in potentially no-food kills as shown in the example kill below.

⬥ Using vestmentsofhavoctop (13-18kph) armour will allow you to kill Raksha faster due to the increased adrenaline gain and of course the tier 112 damage. The downsides to this is taking a lot more damage which will need to be offset by eating food or occasionally pray flicking.

Example Kill

Alt1 Raksha Helper

Voice guidance throughout the kill

This tool reads your screen, and based on certain lines of dialogue in your chatbox, will trigger and play voice lines during the kill to let you know about upcoming mechanics and what to do for them.

Disclaimer: Alt1 is a third party tool, and while generally safe to use, is still recommended to be installed and used at your own risk.

Alt1 Raksha Helper
Check out Igor's Presets and follow the download instructions there for Alt1 presets for this boss and more!