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Kerapac, the Bound Solo (Non-BIS)


This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basic mechanics of Kerapac which can be seen here #kerapac-hm-basic but lack fsoa if using Magic or ecb and bolg if using range

It is highly recommended to have a Nodon dragonkin slayer task slayer as the helmet boost does work. You may also use the Premier Artefact premierartefact to have a 10% chance to not decrease the slayer task count with each kill.

Magic - no FSOA

Zamorak Staff zamorakstaff can be used instead of Guthix Staff as you will not be having any hitchance issues during the fight and it lowers Kerapac's magic level and applies a 1-minute accuracy debuff making it less likely for him to hit you. It also does the same damage and has the same adrenaline cost along with a cheap cost to purchase.

Note: Assumes all magmatempest are targeted (magmatempesttarget) and clicked on ground. If not owned, replace with dbreath or corruptblast as you see fit.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Phase 1

⬥ Look at text that appears above the spot where kerapac is going to jump, gsunshine when it disappears

gsunshine + adrenrenewal → (incitefear) (tc) smokecloud gconcdbreath (or wrackandruin if its up from previous kill) → bloodbarrage tsunamiincite → (swap to exsanguinate) gconcwm → (walk under) bloodbarrage asphyx (4-hit) → gconcomnimagmatempesttargetbloodbarrage gconczamorakstaff eofspecbloodbarrage wrackandruingconczamorakstaff eofspecbloodbarrage wm (dodge jump with escape / surge / bd) → gconczamorakstaff eofspecdbreathbloodbarrage gconcasphyx if high hp OR zamorakstaff eofspec / basics if kerapac is low enough to phase (save wrackandruin for p2 if available)

Phase 1 to Phase 2 Transition

magmatempesttargetdeto (release when attackable / kerapac lifts empty arm) (corruptblast instead of deto if below 80% adren) →

Phase 2

bloodbarrage deto gconcwrackandruinbloodbarrage comb walk → corruptblast → (wait 2t) timewarp → (wait 1t) gsunshinebloodbarrage gconclimitless wmbloodbarrage asphyx (3-hit) → gconcwmbloodbarrage gconcomnimagmatempesttarget → (3t) bloodbarrage gconc → (swap to incitefear) asphyx (4-hit) → wrackandruin → (dodge jump with surge / escape / bd) (swap to exsanguinate) → bloodbarrage gconc dbreath → (dodge jump with surge / escape / bd) bloodbarrage tsunamiincitegconcwm if high hp OR zamorakstaff eofspec / basics if kerapac is low enough to phase → improv to phase end

Phase 2 to Phase 3 Transition

magmatempesttarget → (3t) (DW) smokecloud + timewarp → (wait 1t) gsunshine + OH bloodbarrage (can swap autocast to incitefear for 1 ability here for extra crit chance from proccing it, then swap back to exsanguinate autocast after) →

Phase 3

(3t) bloodbarrage gconcdbreath / wrackandruin → improv basics / thresholds / omni depending on crit rng (should aim to get omni most of the time, can get omni, asphyx, and wm in time warp if lucky) (do not 4TAA during timewarp to fit in more abils) → (walk under kerapac) best non-channeled basic → gconcomniwmbloodbarrage gconcasphyx (4-hit) → gconc → improv (aim to be 80%+ adren end of p3)

Phase 3 to Phase 4 Transition

(pre) magmatempesttarget + (pre) vulnbomb Echo 1 →

Phase 4

Echo 1:

Enter Echo (with DW as entering it makes you bloodbarrage and you want to smokecloud after) → smokecloud corruptblast / good basic + keep running to middle spot between 2 clones → gsunshinebloodbarrage gconclimitless wmbloodbarrage asphyx (3-hit) → gconcdbreath

Note: If kerapac is ≤10k HP after dbreath you can safely get on Echo 2 as Ripper should finish Echo 1 if using default familiar targeting

Note: Switch to your rod if worried about death.

Echo 2

smokecloud gconcwmbloodbarrage asphyx (4-hit) → (incitefear) gconcwrackandruin (dbreath if low enough to finish) → dbreath

Note: Make sure to FULLY heal during this Echo, else you will struggle to survive 3rd Echo

Echo 3

surge diagonally from your 1st gsunshine to between kerapac and 3rd Echo → smokecloud corruptblastgsunshine + adrenrenewalbloodbarrage gconcwrackandruin / dbreath / Sacrifice / Tuskasbloodbarrage tsunamiincite (swap to exsanguinate) → devobloodbarrage gconc → (wait 2t) timewarp → (wait 1t) wm → finish with basic if needed

kerapac last 200k

bloodbarrage omnigconcasphyxgconcomniwm → improv to finish

Example Kills 3:33, 3:33 and 3:39

Ranged - no ECB no BOLG


This strategy involves building Bik arrow bikarrow stacks quickly and maximising the amount of hitsplats dealt to Kerapac; 3:4X kills are possible on task while SGB camping.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


The following items are required for this strategy to work:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Seren Godbow sgb > Noxious Longbow noxbow - can use Bik arrows with both.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Cinderbanes cinderbanes - increases poison damage output.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Scripture of Wen scriptureofwen - extra hits from activation can proc poison damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Vampyrism vampaura - synergises with Blood Reaver.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Limitless limitless - required for rotations given below.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Weapon Poison weppoison - the fundamental part of the poison build.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Black crystal (reduced healing) blackcrystal - to delay reaching max hp for more healing opportunities (obtained from Morvran's Slayer challenge).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Blood Reaver reaverpouch with reaverscroll and autofire set to 0

The following items are recommended but not required:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Hexhunter bow hexhunterbow for P4 clones only - optional, if you own it.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Wyvern crossbow wyverncrossbow for P4 Kerapac - use with Emerald Bakriminel Bolts (e) emeraldbakri since Bik arrow stacks will be capped at that point.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Greater Death's Swiftness gdeathsswift - use a Planted Feet pf switch if not owned.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Dreadnips nip - they don't proc poison but the poison special attack is boosted by Bik arrows.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Runes for Veng and smokecloud - some free additional damage.

⬥ Bik arrow bikarrow stacks will clear after 30s if not re-applied - remember this for phase 4.


⬥ For kerapac slams use escape during GCD or run away if channeling rapid

⬥ Optional - use stalled Incendiary Shot incend on War's dummy to make P1 smoother

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If not pre-incend ing, expect fewer P1 lightning skips

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• After releasing incend, rush inside instance and ensure to not drop combat

⬥ Do not timewarp and gdeathsswift on the same tick

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Only gdeathsswift after seeing the timewarp icon on buff bar.

⬥ P1-P3 camp soulsplit, P4 depends on point of phase:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P4 clones: either camp DeflectMage or soulsplit flick

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P4 Kerapac: soulsplit flick

Phase 1

vulnbomb + ingen when text above where kerapac is going to jump disappears

⬥ Use smokecloud + gdeathsswift as kerapac starts raising his head

⬥ If using noxbow, replace the two sgb spec with a basic and dbow eofspec if adrenaline permits

⬥ If unlucky with crits, replace shadowtend with a basic if no adrenaline

vulnbomb + ingensmokecloud + gdeathsswift + adrenrenewalgricocaromingsgb specmdsrapidgricocaromingsnapdeadshotigneousmdsfrag walk → corruptshotgricocaromingshadowtendmdsrapidgricocaromingsnapsgb specmdsfragcorruptshotgricocaromingmds (→ dbow eofspec if kerapac has > 75k hp) → basics until phased

⬥ While phasing use: basic → mds / basic → snipe / basic based on cooldowns

Phase 2

⬥ During Phase 2 and Phase 3 some improv will be needed based on DPM and cooldowns

⬥ During timewarp the goal is to use gdeathsswift + gricocaroming + snap + rapid whilst corruptshot / frag are used only if adrenaline is needed

⬥ After timewarp the goal is to fit in as many strong basics (gricocaroming / frag / corruptshot) while using deadshotigneous + rapid + snap + shadowtend + sgb spec

If P1 lightning was skipped:

gricocaromingfrag walk → mds → basics until gdeathsswift comes off cooldown → timewarp → (wait 1t) gdeathsswiftcorruptshotlimitless + snapgricocaromingrapid (timewarp ends during rapid) → deadshotigneouscorruptshotgricocaromingrapidfragsnapgricocaromingshadowtendcorruptshotsgb spec → basics until phased

If P1 lightning wasn't skipped:

timewarp → (wait 1t) gdeathsswiftgricocarominglimitless + snap (→ corruptshot if not enough adren for rapid) → rapid (timewarp ends during rapid) → deadshotigneousfrag walk → corruptshotrapidgricocaromingsnapshadowtendsgb specfrag walk → corruptshotgricocaroming → basics until phased

⬥ While phasing use: basic → timewarp → (wait 1t) gdeathsswiftfrag / corruptshot

Phase 3

⬥ During timewarp the goal is to use gdeathsswift + gricocaroming + snap + rapid whilst corruptshot / frag are used only if adrenaline is needed

⬥ After timewarp the goal is to fit in as many strong basics (gricocaroming / frag / corruptshot) while using deadshotigneous + rapid + snap + sgb spec

wenarrow gricocaroming to have 7 stacks going into P4

⬥ If kerapac is 60-70k HP when starting a slam, tank it and phase him

limitless + snapgricocaromingrapid (timewarp ends during rapid) → deadshotigneousgricocaromingfrag walk → corruptshotrapidwenarrow gricocaromingbikarrow snapsgb specmdsfrag walk → corruptshotgricocaroming → basics until phased

⬥ While phasing: surge East towards kerapacbikarrow basic to ensure you won't lose stacks. After tagging Kerapac swap to DeflectMage and equip wenarrow (+ hexhunterbow if brought)

Phase 4

⬥ Eat up to high HP during North clone by spamming food and reaverpouch spec

⬥ Equip wyverncrossbow after killing all clones (if brought)

⬥ For South clone: timewarp in between the clone and kerapac but then run closer to kerapac to ensure you get bleed damage from gdeathsswift

⬥ For safety can use devo instead of snap during timewarp on the last clone

Enter West clone + vulnbomb + mdsfragtimewarp → (wait 1t) gdeathsswift + adrenrenewal → Enter South clone + vulnbomb + gricocaroming + vitalitycorruptshotdeadshotigneous → Enter West clone + limitless + snaprapid (timewarp ends during rapid) → deadshotigneous → Target North clone + vulnbomb + gricocaromingmdsbikarrow surge towards Kerapac + basic → Target North clone + wenarrow corruptshot + surge back inside gdeathsswiftsnapshadowtendgricocaromingrapid → finish off North clone with basics if needed → finish off West clone with basics if needed → bd between kerapac and South clone

Target South clone and use basics until 91%+ adrenaline and timewarp is off cooldown → Target kerapacbikarrow basic → timewarp → (Wait 1t) gdeathsswift → Target South clone + wenarrow gricocaromingmdssnaprapid (timewarp ends during rapid) → deadshotigneousgricocaromingsnaprapid → basics / dbow eofspec until dead

Example Kills 3:37 and 3:41

⬥ 1st kill features P1 lightning skip whilst 2nd one does not.