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4-Man Advanced


All rotations are calculated for consistency and speed. With proper execution you should achieve times of 3:45 and below.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Team Preparation

Dummies dummy

⬥ Base

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P3 after gbarge

⬥ Outside DPS

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P1 between legs, no earlier than 22s on timer

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P3 after gbarge

⬥ Elf

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P2 during zerk before Solak is walked all the way North

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P4 after Erethdor dies

⬥ Elf

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Backup P2 dummy / P4 after Erethdor dies

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P3 after gbarge


⬥ Base should always asphyx the close arm while everyone else does far

Important Notes

⬥ It is assumed that you use venggroup and ripperscroll off cooldown from Core onwards. Poor familiar usage will be detrimental to exit times

⬥ Everyone should help manage RubyAurora stacks to get to 3 as soon as possible

icebarrage autocast is used to make fsoa spec autos land faster. You can bloodbarrage instead if you need HP

Phase 1

Solak (5m to 3.75m)

Base will use divert to signal ready. The rotation starts when their GCD comes up

gsunshine + adrenrenewal → close TC + bloodbarrage + gconcfsoa specstormshardstsunamigconcdbreathwmasphyx (2/3 hit) → vitality + debilsmoketendrilsomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcdbreath

*Note 1: switch to RubyAurora after tsunami and switch back to incitefear after asphyx

Note 2: start building exsanguinate after your second incitefear proc

Note 3: make sure to hold the wrackandruin until core*


Mined root

gconcwm → finish with basics

Full root

chaosroarcane → finish with basics

nat at 48s (50s if you nat at 120 adren)

Arms/Legs (All gsunshine West)

gsunshinefreedom icebarragefsoa specstormshardsmagmatempesttarget close arm → s gchaincaroming → far TC + r gchaincaroming + tsunami → DW asphyx (2 hit)

Target dummy + deto (4t) → icebarrage deto dbreath on dummy

*Note 1: auto attack with RubyAurora while waiting for gsunshine cooldown if already 100%

Note 2: aim to keep your HP as low as possible and don't soulsplit until core

Note 3: make sure to renew incitefear after gsunshine, then switch to icebarrage before stalling*


Far TC + omniwmsmoketendrils (3/4 hit) → wrackandruin

*Note 1: switch to incitefear for the proc and then back to icebarrage before the end of core

Note 2: switch back to incitefear some time before your P2 gsunshine*

Phase 2


antizerk + vulnbomb → close TC + gbargelimitless + gflurrygricodecisever + surge bd to solak

*Note 1: base replaces deci with cane to compensate for no ripperscroll

Note 2: make sure to 2x ripperscroll your erupt else it has a high chance of not dying to sever*



deci → s gfury → r 2H gfury + meteorstrikechaosroarzekkil eofspecgricoabyssalscourge + overpowerdismemberslaughterbloodtendrilscomb

Note: you may need to skip slaughter / bloodtendrils depending on crits


2H gfury → s meteorstrike → r meteorstrike + overpowerdeciassaultcanedeci / destroy (2/3/4 hit) → gricomagmatempesttarget

Note: step under solak before assault to make sure it doesn't get walked

gsunshinebloodbarrage + gconcfsoa specgchaingconcwmasphyx (2 hit) → gconcomnitsunamismoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcdbreath

*Note 1: Switch to RubyAurora after gchain and switch back to incitefear on omni

Note 2: You will need to work around asphyx cooldown if you used destroy*

Phase 3


antires / divertzerkgbargecanegricogflurryassaultadrenrenewal + overpowermeteorstrikechaosroarzekkil eofspecslaughterdismemberabyssalscourge + canegricogchaincaroming


antires / divertzerkgbargecanegricogflurryassault → 2H gfurymeteorstrikeoverpowerdecidestroycanegricogchaincaroming (elfs enter)

*Note 1: outside DPS should replace gfury with Shatter and adrenrenewal with meteorstrike

Note 2: skip gchaincaroming if adren and meta cooldown allows*

metagconcfsoa speclimitless + smoketendrilsomniasphyx (2 hit) → wm

*Note 1: elfs should adrenrenewal with gconc since they don't have gchaincaroming targets

Note 2: switch to icebarrage after incitefear proc*

Phase 4

Dummy Build

gchaintsunaminatgconclengmh specgricozerkdivertgbarge

Note: make sure you're wearing vestmentsofhavochood for the grico


(<530k) s assault → r assault + overpowerdragonclaw eofspeccane + spam gmaul eofspec

(<600k) s assault → r assault + overpowerdragonclaw eofspecdragonclaw eofspeccane + spam gmaul eofspec

(<700k) deciseverdestroyassaultgfuryoverpowercanedragonclaw eofspec

Example Kills

Example Kills
BaseOutside DPSElf

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