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All of our guides are hosted on GitHub, this is an online service which allows for anyone to make changes to our guides.

Before starting there are two important things to know:

⬥ Don't be scared, you wont break anything!

⬥ If you are unsure about anything feel free to ping a member of the editing staff in #unknown-channel

Note: Make sure that your GitHub account DOES NOT dox you. It is recommended to use a separate account to work etc, as username and email are visible.

Your First Edit
Ask questions if you get stumped Bolded and Indented text will change for future edits, but the procedure is the same! For a visual guide, check this video, feel free to follow along to make your first edit.
Setting up to Edit
⬥ Get your own copy of repository on github (fork the repository)     • Go here, make an account, then click fork at the top right. ⬥ Find the github-tutorial file (use the search bar at the top) and copy it     • You can also manually navigate the folders (editor-resources/github-tutorials) to find it.     • This may be needed just after you fork the repository. ⬥ Paste the guide into the Guide Editor
Making the Changes
Add your name to the bottom of the 'completed github tutorial' list     • To add your name, type <@id> replacing id with your discord id     • To get your id you need to enter developer mode (settings, advanced, turn on developer mode)     • Click my account, and then using the three dots next to your name, copy user id ⬥ Save the edited guide to a .txt document on your computer ⬥ Head to bot test, type pvme$txtpost, and attach your document ⬥ Check everything works
Submitting them to GitHub
⬥ Edit the guide in your Repository with your change     • The edit button is on the top right ⬥ Commit these changes     • The commit button is on the top right ⬥ Head to the homepage of your repository     • Click <>code on the top left ⬥ Click contribute ⬥ Click open pull request ⬥ Make sure the title explains the changes you are making ⬥ Click create pull request ⬥ Done!

From here one of our editing staff will review the pull request, check that everything works, and then merge it into PvME!

Note:* The first step in "Setting up to Edit*" only need to be done the first time!

Whats Next?

Head into #unknown-channel and have a look at the jobs! We recommend you find an easy one and just give it a go! Make sure to message or ping @Editing Staff in #unknown-channel if you need help.

Have a look at the tools and references that are available in #unknown-channel. Don't feel the need to read through all of them, just have a look what you think will be useful to you.