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Temple of Aminishi (Ranged Advanced)


The Temple of Aminishi, is the first Elite Dungeon, a 1-3 player combat/narrative experience that rewards unique loot, such as Ancient Scales ancientscale to make the Elite Sirenic elitesirenicbody armour, aswell as Dungeoneering experience and tokens dungtoken.

The Temple of Aminishi is located on the island of Aminishi and requires completion of Impressing the Locals to access, additionally, the grouping system is required in order to form a team of 2-3 players.

Each solo run of ED1 is worth coins 16,680,989 in Ancient Scales.

General Notes

⬥ The rotations listed for the bosses are for an advanced setup, lower tiered set-ups will require improvisation.

⬥ It's recommended to set your anti-spam delay for your Double Surge surge to 1 via the Lectern at Anachronia.

⬥ You can Surge surge or Bladed Dive bd a tick before each gate unlocks to save a tick on every entry.

LotD Luck of the Dwarves will not improve the number of scales dropped.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


⬥ You may be required to re-load your preset before Masuta during the dungeon, this is due to Masuta's extremely hard hitting attacks and the intention of camping Soul Split soulsplit for your Eldritch Crossbow ecb spec

mob Mobile perk ‎is required.

⬥ Use Heightened senses heightenedsenses, Berserkers fury berserkersfury and Font of life fontoflife

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The rotations written down in the guide assume that you're able to use both Heightened senses heightenedsenses and Berserkers fury berserkersfury

eofgreen with Dark Bow dbow

eofpink with Eldritch Crossbow ecb

eofblue with Seren Godbow sgb

Note: Bring more food if you don't have an Essence of Finality eofpink with the Eldritch Crossbow stored ecb

Section 1

Room 1

⬥ Surge surge Bladed Dive bd as shown in the picture:

⬥ After Bladed Dive bd stay in place until Sotapanna #2 moves 1 tile west, then walk 2 tiles east from the Bladed Dive bd spot.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If done just in time then Sotapanna #1 will be middle target for Chinning mechchin, #2 if late.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If lured correctly, they should stand as shown in the picture:

‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• While waiting, use Corruption Shot corruptshot on any Sotapanna (ideally with Target Cycle to avoid moving in case of misclick) then snipesnap on middle sotapanna and (tc) mds to check if any of them survived.

Room 2

⬥ After opening the gate, get a target on any of the 3 Sotapannas behind it and get to 100% adren.

accelbd surge to wall with 9 sotapannas and use Incendiary Shot incend and click under yourself to stall it, then equip mechchin → release incend on any mob roughly in the middle of the pack, followed by corruptshotneedle.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This should kill all of the 9 sotapannas.

Room 3

⬥ Bladed Dive bd and walk to middle of the next gate and target the middle of the 3 sakadagami, wait to release your non-combat spell with 2H then Greater Ricochet grico and run west for 1 tick

⬥ Run back east (this should lure them together) → equip mechchinbindingshot surgeshadowtendsnap. Finish with basics if needed and continue to next section.

Note: If you're not using a 2H switch, then you must run 3 tiles west from where you used Greater Ricochet grico to lure them.

Section 2

Room 1

⬥ In the next room use Anticipation anti immediately and start running around corner, then Surge surge during GCD and Greater Ricochet grico the Sakadagami targeted in picture with a long-range weapon:

⬥ After you release Greater Ricochet grico, run 3 tiles north and use corruptshot → equip mechchindbow eofspecsurge → (tc) needle → (tc) eastern Sakadagami + rapid. Finish off the remaining mobs with good basics.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Make sure to end on high adrenaline.

Room 2

⬥ Stand in the corner as shown here:

⬥ Target one of the Sakadagamis, equip mechchinbindingshotdbow eofspec surge → (tc) piercing.

⬥ Continue to the last gate before Sanctum while building on Anagamis and Arhats.

⬥ As you walk onto the last path with Sakadagamis, surge → equip mechchin → stall snap on middle Sakadagami. Wait to run into distance and once your character releases Snap Shot snap, use corruptshotneedlebindingshotpiercing.

⬥ Finish with good basics if needed.

Room 3

⬥ Build to 100% on Anagamis and Arhats, use Bladed Dive bd Surge surge to the south wall of Sanctum's arena, then run to spot shown in picture below (or mirrored if you chose other side):

⬥ This should block all Arhats and Anagamis behind Sanctum.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You should wait here until they have all stopped moving before dodging Sanctum's attacks.

Sanctum Guardian

The first boss of the Temple of Aminishi follows a straightforward attack pattern containing highly damaging attacks which are capable of KOing someone unprepared.

Once learned, this boss will essentially become a DPS dummy in where your killtime is reflective of your capability to deal raw damage. Stand south of the boss, otherwise Arhats/Anagami will aggro you and AoEs will not work (cleave, gflurry, vulnbomb).

Attack Rotation
⬥ Sanctum's attack pattern is:     • Start of fight: 4x Ranged autoattack to start the fight.     • Rest of fight: Water Burst → Ranged auto → Water Jet → Ranged auto → Purple Smoke → Melee auto → repeat     • After the 4th water jet attack, 2 Crassian Reinforcements are summoned.     • The melee auto does nothing if you are out of melee range. ​
Ranged Autoattacks
⬥ A projectile that targets the spot the player is standing on and hits in a 3x3 area. Example     • Targeted to a tile rather than the player and has travel time before it hits     • It is possible to dodge every Ranged autoattack simply by moving before the attack lands (not necessary). ​
Water Burst
⬥ Sanctum ducks down and rises back up quickly, splashing water and dealing heavy melee damage. Example ⬥ Use DeflectMelee as soon as you see this mechanic as it is very fast. You can also res this if needed.     • Staying or moving out of range in time will cause the attack to miss. Doing this is usually unnecessary. Example
Water Jet
⬥ Sanctum spews water, rotating from North anti-clockwise, dealing ~6000 soft typeless damage if the player is caught in it. Example     • This mechanic can be avoided by moving to dodge it or via res or disrupt.     • You can also debil or reflect to reduce the damage if need be, although these are less efficient. ​
Purple Smoke
⬥ A blue bar appears above your character. When it drains, a cloud of smoke will cover a 5x5 area centered around your location. Example     • The smoke deals rapid typeless damage every tick which increases very fast, hitting ~4000 a tick eventually. Move out of it as soon as possible.     • Move to the place you want to drop it walk out after it drops. Don't panic and walk around unnecessarily, causing you to drop it in an undesirable position. ​


Crossbows ascmh

vulnbomb on south edge of Sanctum's "pool" deathsswift adrenrenewal → auto griconeedleeofspec sgbeofspec ecbrapidgricosnapcorruptshotbindingshotneedleeofspec ecbgriconeedleshadowtendrapidgricoeofspec sgbeofspec ecbcorruptshot → improvise until dead

Bows bolg

vulnbomb on south edge of Sanctum's "pool" deathsswift adrenrenewalgricobolg specmdspiercingeofspec ecbrapidgricosnapeofspec sgbcorruptshotbindingshotmdseofspec ecbgricopiercingfragrapideofspec sgbcorruptshot → improvise until dead

⬥ Skip the first snap if unlucky on adrenaline.

disrupt the first water special and tank / res second. Use Veng whenever off cooldown.

⬥ Camp HydrixBakri/fularrow.

⬥ Make sure to equip Ruby bolts RubyBakri or fularrow for your eofspec sgb.

Section 3

Room 1

⬥ Run South → East, then South again and Surge surge after you go around corner.

⬥ Keep running south and Surge surge Bladed Dive bd around corner as soon as you can Surge surge again.

⬥ Run towards the bridge with 2 Zealots, throw a Sticky Bomb stickybomb under them, equip mechchincorruptshotsnappiercing → finish off with basics.

Room 2

⬥ After killing the 2 zealots, continue South over the bridge, then East and Surge surge as soon as you go around corner, keep running and Bladed Dive bd Surge surge south after going around next corner.

⬥ Equip Mechanised Chinchompas mechchin and use → rapidneedle to kill the 3 Zealots.

Room 3

⬥ Acceleration Powerburst accel to get around the lake area (take North route).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Face north → surge bdbd surgesurgesurgebd surge

⬥ Use auto + gricosnap to kill the Zealot guarding the gate.

Room 4

⬥ Surge surge east and run towards the next gate with 3 zealots.

⬥ Bladed Dive bd diagonally across the bridge:

⬥ Using Mechanised Chinchompas mechchin kill the 3 Zealots with corruptshotrapid while targeting the middle one

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Try to stand South, next to Northern most Zealot to be able to Surge surge instantly onto stairs after killing them.

Note: If you attack one of them before the others can see you, they will walk away from each other and you won't be able to mechchin them.

Room 5

⬥ Use a defensive ability, then bladed Dive bd on the spot shown in the picture and target the underlined Zealot:

⬥ Equip mechchin, tag Zealot 1 and use demoralisesurge.

⬥ Tag Zealot 2 and use routcorruptshoteofspec dbow


Section 4

Room 1

⬥ Use Greater Ricochet grico with a long-range weapon (2H) on one of the 2 Sakadagamis, then step 2 tiles south, 1 tile west and manually run 2 tiles back towards them.

‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Don't get pulled in by using an ability, otherwise the 2 Sotapannas to west will start attacking you.

⬥ Equip Mechanised Chinchompas mechchin and kill them with needlebindingshotsnappiercing surge

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Using stuns on them will delay their stuns.

Note: You can choose to eofspec dbow instead (if you have enough adrenaline).

Room 2

⬥ Sticky Bomb stickybomb the 2 Eastern Mercenaries, equip Mechanised Chinchompas mechchin, then fragcorruptshotneedlepiercing → finish with basics. Surge surge Bladed Dive bd north and stand on any of the tiles shown on picture:

⬥ If standing in white outline(1), target Menaphite Soldier #3.

⬥ If in green outline(2), target Menaphite Soldier #2 or #3.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Make sure to not walk into them because this can mess up the lure. You can always walk East, as long as none of them are bound or stunned.

⬥ Use corruptshotrapidsnap → finish with basics if needed.

Room 3

⬥ Surge surge Bladed Dive bd towards the west gate as shown in the picture:

⬥ Stand on the spot shown in the picture, run 2 tiles west, wait 1 tick and go back:

⬥ Target the zealot shown in this picture:

⬥ Equip mechchincorruptshotbindingshotsnipepiercing → finish with basics

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Build to 100% if not already, Surge surge towards the chest and bank.

⬥ After banking step east so you are looking into Masuta's arena, use any defensive and surge bd onto stairs to Masuta.

Masuta, the Ascended

Masuta, the second boss of the dungeon, keeps true to the dungeon's theme of heavy damage dealt and high KO potential. Using a variety of hard-hitting mechanics and boasting attacks from all three combat styles, Masuta is a noticeable difficulty spike up from the first boss.

Phase 1

Attack Rotation

Autoattacks → Hurricane → Autoattacks → Tsunami → repeat

P1 Rotation
⬥ Masuta attacks at the fight using the following rotation:     • 2-4 autos → Hurricane → 3-5 autos → Tsunami → 3-5 autos → Repeats from Hurricane. ​
Autoattack information
⬥ Masuta mostly uses melee during p1, occasionally using range Example     • Occasionally, he summons a clone while using melee which deals an additional hit. Example         ⬩ It is important to block these doubled autos with DeflectMelee
⬥ Masuta starts spinning for about 12 seconds, hitting nearby players for increasing Melee damage once per tick, chasing after you at walking speed during this attack.     • The best way to deal with this is DeflectMelee + devo 1 GCD after the attack starts, allowing you to deal damage in MD and nullifies most of the damage you take.     • If using ranged, you may kite Masuta and use deathsswiftpf once he finishes spinning.     • It's possible to flankicon Masuta from the north side during this attack. ​
⬥ After Hurricane, Masuta returns to autoing, usually around the 4th, 5th or 6th autoattack, purple waters appear around the arena. The purples water thrash about while Masuta uses 3 more autos. Right after the 3rd auto, Masuta uses a Tsunami on his target. Example     • These hit you with two extremely high (7k+) Magic hits.         ⬩ This can be dealt with by using both disrupt and res after Masuta's 3rd autoattack. Example         ⬩ You can also move far enough to avoid getting hit. This can be done by either running or using surge as the auto before the tsunami hits. Example
⬥ After Tsunami, for the rest of Phase 1 Masuta may use Pulverise instead of an auto, dealing moderate melee damage. Example     • You can use DeflectMelee or run 2 tiles away to avoid this.         ⬩ You only have 1 tick to move far enough when the text 'I'll pulverise you!' appears. ​
⬥ Once his HP reaches 275k, Masuta will stop attacking, start levitating, reducing all damage to 1. Example     • Thrashing waters will start spawning randomly periodically. They have 8000 HP and a very long-ranged Magic autoattack.     • Up to 15 Thrashing Waters will be spawned over 90s.     • Pray Deflect Magic DeflectMage     • When a water is killed, players within a 2 tiles receive a 5% Calm Waters buff. Example         ⬩ This reduces the damage from Tsunamis in next phase relative to the percentage of the buff.     • Use excal to sustain HP during this phase and devo whenever it comes up to reduce damage taken. ​
Last phase
⬥ Masuta yells 'These waters will choke you where you stand!' and returns to the floor from his levitation. Example     • After he resumes attacking, he always does 2 range autos followed by a Tsunami.     • For the rest of the phase, Masuta will cycle between using 3-6 range autos and then a powerful Magic Tsunami attack.     • Standing far away can help with prayer flicking as both autos and Tsunami will hit later.     • The magic attack has a travel time based on distance. While in MD the attack hits you instantly, while Ranged autoattacks take 1 tick to hit you.     • As Masuta has an attack speed of 4 ticks, by rotating your overhead prayers soulsplitDeflectMagesoulsplitDeflectRange → repeat, you will always be praying correctly. ​



Notes: This rotation requires the heightenedsenses Heightened senses relic.

Crossbows ascmh

(tc) eofspec ecbvulnbombgricorapidsnapfraggricocorruptshotneedle surgedeathsswift adrenrenewal → auto eofspec ecbneedlesnipegricofrag (walk under) → rapidsnapgricoeofspec dbow → dump until Masuta phases.

Bows bolg

(tc) eofspec ecbvulnbombgricorapidsnapfraggricocorruptshotmds surgedeathsswift adrenrenewal → auto eofspec ecbpiercingsnipegricofrag (walk under) → rapidsnapgricoeofspec dbow → dump until Masuta phases.

Start Notes

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• At the start camp RubyBakri and swap to HydrixBakri for 2 abilities after Ruby proc. If using arrows, camp fularrow.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• After deathsswift camp HydrixBakri and swap to RubyBakri once you have high adrenaline (around 70%+).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If Masuta does late spin, use Surge surge bd to get far enough away to not have to leave your deathsswift.

Thrashing Waters

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Note the time you phased on P1 and add 1min 08s to it, this will be when you use nat

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Stand on the bottom edge of the south platform.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Pray soulsplit and heal off of Masuta with OnyxBakri

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Kill any geysers that can hit you.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Push Masuta south using demoralise and rout

Final Phase

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• 68s after phasing P1, camp HydrixBakri / deathsporearrows (until used then switch to fularrow) and use natdeathsswiftincend → build to eofspec ecb → spam eofspec dbow while improvising.

Kill Example

Section 5

Room 1

⬥ Use Surge surge Bladed Dive bd on minimap onto west stairs, (tc) middle Pylon + corruptshotmds surge after releasing corruptshotneedle on either of the 2 south Pylons: grico

snipemds the last Pylon (basics if not 100% adren), get to 88%+ with defensives on the remaining Pylons without attacking them.

⬥ Use accel and surge bdsurge bd to get behind Seiryu's head.

Seiryu, the Azure Serpent

To finish the dungeon, you need to free Seiryu by destroying the three black crystals on his shackles. This fight will challenge a player's ability to utilise the space they have in the arena to avoid a series of area-based mechanics.

Face (7500k-7200k HP)
⬥ Seiryu first does 4 attacks then continues with the following attack rotation     • Huge Breath → 2 attacks → Shadow Energy → 2 attacks → repeat     • Seiryu's standard attack is either a slow Magic attack (easy to flick) or a tail blackhole.     • The 2nd Shadow Energy mechanic will be replaced by the Black Hands mechanic. ​
Tail Blackhole
⬥ Seiryu dips his tail into the floor to summon a black hole under the player. Example     • Summoned blackholes will cover a 2x2 area, dealing rapid and increasing damage (~2000 per tick) to players standing on them, lasting for about 10 seconds before disappearing.     • Move out (1 tile north/east or 2 tiles south/west) of it to avoid damage. ​
Huge Breath
⬥ The message 'Seiryu takes a huge breath!' appears and Seiryu will swing his head from east to west while doing a breath attack. Example     • This deals ~8000 Magic attack unprotected.     • You can dodge this attack by standing along the 2 southern rows of the arena. Alternatively, use disrupt, DeflectMage or res.     • The hit lands when Seiryu's head reaches west making it easy to react to. ​
Shadow Energy
⬥ The game message 'Shadow energy bursts forth from Seiryu.' appears, and Seiryu launches a shadow projectile towards a tile marked by an arrow. Shortly after, highly damaging black hands will move from the marked tile towards your current location. Example     • Move out of the way when the black hands spawn.     • The hands have moderate KO potential so be careful especially if the projectile lands near you. ​
Black Hands
⬥ Replaces Seiryu's 2nd Shadow Energy mechanic. Black hands spawn from a random point along the south wall and move north, expanding out in V-shape pattern. Example     • These hands are extremely damaging, avoiding them is vital.     • Take extremely caution especially if using melee and don't stand directly at the south wall when this mechanic is imminent.     • Once this mechanic has been cast, a new set of black hands will spawn when the current formation is complete. ​
⬥ At 7200k HP, Seiryu stops his attacks and lowers his head, all existing mechanics then disappear. Example     • You will be able to climb the shackle at these two points and start damaging the Black Crystals on the shackle. Example     • The crystals have 150K HP and can be damaged using dommine. The fight ends once all of them are destroyed.     • After some time, 6 shadow enigmas will spawn and slowly move towards Seiryu. Example         ⬩ Upon reaching his face, enigmas will heal crystals by 50k HP each. Example         ⬩ Ignore the first set of enigmas and DPS the crystals. ​
⬥ After the 6th heal is finished, you have 13.2 seconds before you get stunned and teleported back down from the shackle.     • During this time, a second set of enigmas will have spawned.         ⬩ Tag and kill them before attacking Seiryu.     • Seiryu heals back to 7500k HP. Get him down to below 7200k again to continue killing the black crystals.     • After dragging you down, Seiryu will always start with a Huge Breath attack before continuing his attacking rotation from the previous phase.         ⬩ freedom or anti before getting dragged down, and walk to the south wall while tagging and killing the enigmas to avoid the breath.         ⬩ Continue attacking Seiryu afterwards.     • If you kill all 3 crystals during the first shackle segment, the fight ends and this portion will not happen. ​


Note: Camp Hydrix bolts HydrixBakri

Crossbows ascmh

(tc) deathsswift vulnbombgricoeofspec sgbbindingshotrapidsnapgricofreedomneedleshadowtendcorruptshoteofspec ecbgricobindingshotrapidsnapeofspec sgbgrico → improvise until phased → bd onto 1 of the yellow climb spots

Bows bolg

(tc) vulnbomb + eofspec ecbgricobolg speceofspec sgbmdsrapidsnapgricomdspiercingcorruptshoteofspec ecbgricobindingshotrapidsnapeofspec sgbgrico → improvise until phased → bd onto 1 of the yellow climb spots

Phase 1 Notes

⬥ If using deathsswift, place it further away from head (East / West) so you can dodge Seiryu's tendril attack without leaving Flank flank4 range.

⬥ Lower HP to ~5k before Shadow Tendrils, only heal up to ~3k before each mage hit after Shadow Tendrils shadowtend, camp mage prayer after ecb spec to lower your HP even more (~1.5k).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is so that you can benefit from the Berserker's Fury berserkersfury relic power.

⬥ Make sure to end on 90%+ adren so that you don't have to rely on HydrixBakri procs.

Crossbows ascmh

Crystal 1

Note: (Camp RubyBakri, swap to HydrixBakri if you get a ruby proc)

Spam Target Cycle and eofspec ecbcorruptshotsurge vulnbomb domminegricorapidstickybomb snappiercingHydrixBakri gricodeathsswift → auto piercing → improvise if not dead.

Crystal 2

Note: Camp Hydrix bolts HydrixBakri, use limitless for thresholds if needed

eofspec ecbvulnbomb corruptshotneedlegricorapidsnapneedlegrico → improvise

Note: Improvise using stickybombpiercing if you don't get HydrixBakri procs. Make sure to be 110% adren before third crystal.

Crystal 3

Camp RubyBakri, swap to OnyxBakri after you get a ruby proc. Make sure to have Vigour rov equipped for every dbow eofspec

vulnbomb → 2 ticks after 2nd heal needleeofspec ecb (Place dommine when cooldown ends) → snipegricorapid → (wait 6t) adrenrenewal snapOnyxBakri dbow eofspecgrico (HydrixBakri only if you drank your adrenrenewal late) → dbow eofspec

1 Cycle Notes

⬥ Never Soul Split unless under ecb spec to keep HP as low as possible.

⬥ Use limitless to get to thresholds if low adrenaline.

⬥ Vigour rov for all Dark Bow specs dbow eofspec.

⬥ If you are not using Heightened Senses heightenedsenses, it is important to time your adrenrenewal during rapid properly for the 3rd Crystal, if it's late then you won't get enough adrenaline in time and if it's too early you will overboost.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Ideally use it on the 6th tick of Rapid Fire rapid.

Bows bolg

Crystal 1

Note: Use deathsporearrows to incend, otherwise use fularrow. Use limitless for thresholds if needed.

Spam Target Cycle and vulnbomb gricosurgedommine x2 + gdeathsswift + adrenrenewalcorruptshoteofspec ecbpiercingfragmdspiercinggricoincend with deathsporearrows proc → bolg specdbow eofspecpiercing → improvise as required

Crystal 2

eofspec ecbvulnbomb corruptshotrapiddbow eofspecdbow eofspecgricosnapmds → improvise

Crystal 3

vulnbomb → 2 ticks after 2nd heal or immediately if early mdseofspec ecb (Place dommine when cooldown ends) → snipegricorapidsnapdbow eofspecgrico → Improvise

Example Runs - 9:41 example - 9:44 example - 10:41 no grico example