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Welcome to PvME!

PvM Encyclopedia is a collection of resources for RS3 combat. This channel introduces you to how our guide and text channels are organised and presented.

Getting Involved in PvME

It's important to note that PvME is open source and everyone who wants to contribute is welcome. Regardless of your combat skill level, the editing team would love to have you! Check out and select Entry Editor

Text channels - Interact with other PvME users in these channels.

Social Channels
Community interactions, discuss the latest content, ask for help, post your achievements, and more!

The rest of the server consists of information channels and guides.

⬥ Use the /guides ‎command to find specific guide channels. Take note to use it in #bot-commands and NOT social channels. Other methods of searching the server include:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The Ctrl + K Discord function.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• #directory which lists all channels currently maintained in PvME.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If you've exhausted all the other options, ask in #pvm-help for help.

PVM Help

Link: #pvm-help / #pvm-help-forums

Ask all questions related to PVM or combat in these channels frequented by @Helpers. They will likely know the answers to your questions or direct you to the relevant guide.

Some tips on channel usage:

⬥ Ask quick questions #pvm-help. When there's an ongoing conversation which may bury your question, try using a thread or post it in #pvm-help-forums.

⬥ Make a forum post in #pvm-help-forums for complex questions requiring large amounts of information, e.g. preset help, understanding fundamentals of a style or boss.

To help with commonly asked questions, we introduced commands. These should be used in the #bot-commands channel to provide some quick information on a variety of topics. A list of commands can be found in #command-info.

VOD Review

Link: #vod-reviews

#vod-reviews allows you to submit recordings of your PVM encounters for others to review and give constructive, personalised, and judgement-free feedback. It is a great way to improve your PVM.

To make a forum post in #vod-reviews:

⬥ Name it appropriately, e.g. " (