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How The Site Works

Full process on Github, and in short:

  1. Gather the .txt guides from the pvme-guides repository.
  2. Format .txt -> .md.
  3. Build the website from the .md files using MKDocs Material.


First and foremost, the guides on the website are always up-to-date with the PvME Discord Server.

This is because both are using the .txt guides from the pvme-guides repository.

With that being said, the .txt formatting is primarily aimed at Discord which can lead to some content showing incorrectly:

  • References to social Discord exclusive channels (#pvm-help)
  • Mentions of $linkmsg

I try to stay ahead of this by adding formatting rules that exclude or change Discord-only content.

If you find any formatting issues, please message me on Discord (Pleb#0025) or create an issue on Github.