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0.6s Rise of the Six


This guide will cover the basic strategy to get a tick perfect kill at Rise of the Six in a 4 man team.

⬥ For general 1 tick kill information, and some useful tips and tricks make sure to read #General Tips

⬥ This method requires everyone to use Necromancy, everyone on the team should be at least level 110 or higher, the higher the easier the 1 tick will be.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


⬥ Do the entire rotation on the dummy

⬥ Turning off revolution necroauto will help.

Build 12 Necrosis Stacks with the following rotation:

dummy + touchofdeathlivingdeathtouchofdeathnecroautonecroauto

The person starting the fight should signal they are ready with an ability such as freedom, the starter will also have to do it slightly differently. They also must have spec bound somewhere on their actionbar.

Starter Rotation is as follows:

Note: make sure you press 1 + click spec 4 ticks after threadsoffate

⬥ Signal with freedomthreadsoffate + undeadslayer → click Disrupt Shadow portal → space → 1 + click spec in the same tick.

Once the person who is starting has signalled they are about to use threadsoffate do the following rotation 3 ticks after their signal:

threadsoffate + undeadslayer → wait 4 ticks → deathguard90 spec


⬥ Place the dummy 1 West / East of the middle brother (blue squares in image below).

⬥ On each side, a player will stand 1 North and 1 South of the middle brother. This helps distinguish between players (green squares in image below).

Example Kill

Starter POV

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