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Magic-Hybrid Solo


Due to the nature of critbuff from meteorstrike and tsunami, no two rotations will be the same, and the player's intuition is required to achieve optimal kills.

Important Notes

bloodbarrage is a synonym for an Auto Attack

⬥ (TC), (FTC), (BTC) are abbreviations for Target Cycle, Forward Target Cycle and Backwards Target Cycle respectively

⬥ The Inquisitor Staff inquisitorstaff should be utilised after using the Enchantment of Affliction enchantmentofaffliction buff, this means the fsoa is only used for the special attack

⬥ A full set of Vestments of Havoc vestmentsofhavochood is required for the extra adrenaline influx & adrenaline pool

⬥ This guide contains rotations for root skips, phase timing is expected around 0:28 ~ 0:30

⬥ This guide has been tested under the following conditions:

⬥ All zekkil eofspec applied with mwspear

⬥ All tsunami cast with 5 stacks of incitefear

⬥ All grico cast with desolation

Guide Provided by Solak Discord

The contents of this guide are credited solely to the Solak server and are used with their permission.

Find teamforming opportunities for all skill levels, VOD review, helpful discussion and more at:

This guide will cover a solo magic-hybrid strategy, with the aim of approximately 5:30 kill times.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Auxiliary Effects

corbicula2 No Fear perk

spiritcape Spirit cape unlocked

⬥ Elite Seer's Village tasks complete with ranged skillcape effect active

⬥ Kwuarm KwuarmSticks active

⬥ Spirit Weed SpiritSticks active

elderovlsalve + weppoison sipped at bank

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Base should also apply summrenewal at bank

Phase 1


Pre-build dummy incendsnipegrico → basic to 100% incitefear (1) → divertsunshine → (wait 2t) → start encounter → TC +smokecloud + gconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa specgconcwmtsunami → improvise → wm → (wait 2t) → equip fsoagchain dummygstaff eofspecdbreath if rootlings aren't dead

*Note 1: save adrenrenewal for P2 zerk

Note 2: If Solak is >1550k after gstaff then chaosroarzekkil eofspecdismember ezkextend → (slaughter ezkextend if needed) → comb ezkextend

Note 3: use fsoa to kill rootlings, because inquisitorstaff can splash

Note 4: bloodbarrage + basic successfully kills a rootling

Note 5: ingen + meteorstrike 5th or 6th rootling*

Arms, Legs & Core


sunshine → stall dbreath → BTC r dbreath + gchaintsunamifsoa specgconc if not dead & finish arms


sunshine → FTC bloodbarrage gconc → BTC gchaintsunamifsoa specdbreathgconc if not dead & finish arms


pre vulnbomb → BTC detobloodbarrage deto gchainwm + click close leg to force bloodbarrage on it → dbreath


pre vulnbomb → BTC omniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecsmoketendrilsdbreath if not dead

*Note 1: pre vulnbomb close arm & vulnbomb far arm following gchain GCD

Note 2: can icebarrage between incitefear procs for faster auto hits on arms, legs and core*

Phase 2


Southwest & Northwest

zerk adrenrenewalanti → TC gbarge SW eruption → cleavedeci → far cast bleed assault on NW eruption & surge + bd to SE eruption


canesever → target solak + chaosroarzekkil eofspecdismember ezkextendsurge NE eruption


cleavedecisever → target solak


meteorstrikegrico → DW combdivert smokecloudsunshinebloodbarrage gconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa specgconcwm → improvise → wmzerkantigbargegricoassaultdestroy +/- canemeteorstrike → basics until 800k → chaosroaroverpower → basic → defensives until 100%

*Note 1: pre vulnbomb all eruptions, except the far cast bleed assault one

Note 2: drop dummy sometime before sunshine

Note 3: refresh critbuff during sunshine with tsunami as late as possible

Note 4: chaosroar overpower inside zerk depletes 35% of the blight bar, outside of zerk it's half - only if the boss is capped

Note 5: better to delay chaosroar overpower until Solak is capped, regardless of zerk - this results in more blight being drained*

Phase 3

Post hp cap & blight bar drained

sunshinesmokecloud gconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa specgconc → ( limitless ) wmsmoketendrils → improvise & refresh critbuff during sunshine with tsunamiwm + surge to pad 2 → antibloodbarrage gconcimpactzerkresgbargeassaultcane → basics until cap → enter elf & bd → pre vulnbomb overpowerdestroy → basics to finish Erethdor

*Note 1: safe no realm hp is <240k

Note 2: if HP <300k after sunshine, you can non-gbarge zerk outside and gbarge Erethdor instead*

Phase 4

Slow Phase 3

dummy adrenrenewal TC gconcdbreathfsoa spectsunamigrico & bd to Solak → sunshinedivertgconcmagmatempestdetobloodbarrage deto smoketendrils ( limitless ) → wmomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspec → improvise

Fast Phase 3

dummy adrenrenewal TC gconcdbreath & bd to Solak → sunshinedivertgconctsunamigricofsoa specgconcmagmatempestdetobloodbarrage deto smoketendrils ( limitless ) → wmomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspec → improvise

Note: backload your rotation if Solak is >240k

Example Kills

Rocket Cars' Rotation

Presets and Relics

Full preset breakdown available here:

Important Items

kalgpouch Kal'gerion Demon familiar

mahj Mahjarrat aura

eofyellow with Armadyl Battlestaff armadylbattlestaff

eofpurple with Guthix Staff gstaff

eofred with Dragon Claws dragonclaw dragonclawoh (optional)

eof with Ek-ZekKil zekkil


conservationofenergy Conservation of Energy

berserkersfury Berserker's Fury

fontoflife Font of Life

Phase 1

(Autocast incitefear) Pre magmatempesttargetgsunshine adrenrenewal → Start → (TC)smokecloudgconcdbreathbloodbarrage tsunamifsoa spec (Autocast bloodbarrage) → gconc → (limitless) wmsmoketendrils (> 6k HP to tank pad) → omniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcarmadylbattlestaff eofspecdisrupt (blight bomb) → armadylbattlestaff eofspec / asphyx → improv until phase (1530k HP)


(Autocast incitefear)

⬥ 1st: bloodbarrage gconc

⬥ 2nd: DW combcorruptblast

⬥ 3rd: icebarrage wrack

⬥ 4th: meteorstrike

⬥ Solak: (If not phased) gricooverpower

⬥ 5th: bloodbarrage dbreath

⬥ 6th: natbloodbarrage gconc

⬥ 7th: combcorruptblast

⬥ 8th: gconcsonicwave (Save dbreath for arms)


1:06 → Pre magmatempesttargetgsunshine → (TC) → bloodbarrage gconc → (click far arm) vulnbomb dbreathbloodbarrage fsoa specgchainwm → (click close arm to transfer crit autos)


vulnbomb (middle of legs) → (TC) → sdetobloodbarrage detor (BTC) tsunamidbreath → (click close leg to transfer crit autos)


vulnbomb (BTC) omnismoketendrilsasphyxgconc (skip if core is about to die) → dbreath


⬥ SW: zerkvulnbomb (TC) gbargegricodeci

⬥ NW: (Click) bleed assault

bd surge

⬥ SE: 2H AA cane

accel bd surge

⬥ NE: gfurymeteorstrike

Phase 2 - 1500k → 950k

adrenrenewal overpowerchaosroarzekkil eofspecgrico → DW combsmokecloud gconccorruptblast

(Can place dummy for more consistent adren gain)

gsunshinebloodbarrage gconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa spec → (Autocast incitefear) gconcwmasphyxarmadylbattlestaff eofspecomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspectsunami (Autocast bloodbarrage) → armadylbattlestaff eofspecsmoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcwm → (Build to 100% adren)

Phase 2 - 950k → 800k

zerkdivertbargegricoassault → (Build to 100%) meteorstrikecane / destroy (Phase to 800k) → chaosroaroverpower

Phase 3 - Pad 1

Stand south of torch to avoid stuns - see example kill as reference.

gsunshinebloodbarrage gconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa spec → (Autocast incitefear) gconcwmasphyxarmadylbattlestaff eofspecomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspectsunami (Autocast bloodbarrage) → armadylbattlestaff eofspecsmoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcwm → (Build to 100% adren)

Phase 3 - Pad 2

antibloodbarrage asphyx (Stun)

⬥ Rot 1: (Providing Solak is low enough HP for P4) zerkdivertgbargegricocane → Enter Elf

⬥ Rot 2: (Delay pad to lower Solak's HP for P4) gconcdbreathbloodbarrage sonicwavezerkdivertgbargegricoassaultcanedeci → Enter Elf

(Zerk once you have stunned with magic OR if delayed pad then a few abilities after charging.)

NOTE: You will lose barge bleeds if you bleed and then enter elf as you lose line of sight

Phase 3 - Elf

(Follow based on Pad 2 rotation)

⬥ Rot 1 (Optimal): (gbarge buff assumed) (Click elf) assault bdoverpowerdestroydeci → Improv finish (4:49 elf reference)

⬥ Rot 2 (Consistent): bddestroyoverpowerassaultgfurydeci (4:53 elf reference)

Phase 4

dummy meteorstrikegrico

Target Solak → gconcwrackgsunshinebloodbarrage gconcwrackbloodbarrage fsoa spec → (limitless) smoketendrilsomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecarmadylbattlestaff eofspecwm → Improv till dead

(Backload omni if Solak's HP is too high)

Example Kills

Example Kills

Content Provided by: @rocket_cars

Formatting Maintained by: @misskayz