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Solo Nex - Melee


When Nex spawns for the first time in a custom instance, she will be praying Deflect Magic DeflectMage for the majority of the kill. This is why Ranged-only kills are the meta for fast consistent kills. After every kill you will teleport out of the instance and re-enter in order to force Nex to always be praying Deflect Mage DeflectMage

Note: It is strongly advised to complete the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest in order to get access to the Stone of Jas boost which gives a 5% damage boost in GWD1 (including Nex). This can be done via Fairy ring code D.K.Q. or Master Quest Cape option 5

Presets and Relics

Banking Preset

⬥ The most important thing is to have a Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial set for use with your boss portal.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You can speak to Ashuelot Reis in the Nex bank and pay a one time cost of the Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial along with 10M GP to be able to access Nex bank without these items.

⬥ An Enhanced Luck Potion luckpotion works and can be used here

⬥ A T70+ Defender is required for Ancient Emblem ancientemblem drops

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is used to make the T80 Defenders (ancientdefender / ancientlantern / ancientrepriser)

Advanced Preset

malevlegs Malevolent Greaves - Contain Mobile mob and the Clear Headed 4 ch4 perk, which lengthens Anticipation's anti stun immunity by 4.8s (8 ticks).

vulnbomb Vulnerability Bombs - Used at the start and during Blood phase

dommine Dominion Mines - Two mines are used on Glacies (the last minion)

ecb Eldritch Crossbow - Used to clear minions more effectively

HydrixBakri Hydrix Bakriminel Bolts(e) - Used to gain more adrenaline when killing minions

eofred with Dragon Claws dragonclaw

eofblack with Statius Warhammer swh

yellowpouch Rune Pouch Bloodrune Astralrune Bodyrune

(Runes for disrupt)

Note: If you do not own an Eldritch Crossbow ecb, you can substitute with a Wyvern Crossbow WyvernCrossbow for slightly slower kills


Nex overview

⬥ Nex is a 1x1 NPC and has very strict softcaps, which means that any damage over a certain amount is reduced by X% depending on the phase.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• During the first four phases, Nex has a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 5,000 by 50%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ For example, a 6,000 damage hit would be reduced to 5,500 damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• On the Zaros phase, the soft cap is changed to reduce excess damage above 2,000 by 75%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ This means a 6,000-damage hit would be reduced to 3,000.

Mages overview

⬥ Mages have a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 1,000 by a random amount between approximately 80% and 100%.

⬥ Each mage has 10,000 health and possesses a max hit of around 850. The mages are static and can only be attacked whenever Nex calls their name.

Nex has 5 phases; Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and Zaros. Each phase has 2 special attacks, with the exception of Zaros

Special Attacks

Special Attacks
Smoke Phase
⬥ Virus → 5 auto-attacks → No escape → Five auto-attacks → Repeat.     • Don't stand in middle crossways. Example     • Nex may drag you to MD of her at random times, nulling all damage. Example
Shadow Phase
⬥ Shadow traps (if phased before virus) → Darkness → Shadow traps → 4 auto-attacks → Repeats from second shadow traps. ⬥ Move from Shadows and don’t stand MD.     • A shadow trap is avoided. Example     • A player escapes the shadows engulfing them. Example
Blood Phase
⬥ Siphon summon → 3 auto-attacks → Blood sacrifice → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ Attacks during Siphon will heal Nex and sacrifice will heal Nex if not phased and in range.     • Nex summoning her Blood Reavers. Example     • Nex sacrifices a player. Example ⬥ Any bleeds used during this phase will heal Nex rather than damage her (frag corruptshot deadshot) ​
Ice Phase
⬥ First special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Second special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Sacrifice, Ice will start with Contain. Example ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Siphon, Ice will start with Prison. Example     • Run from Contain and Freedom freedom into eating up then vitality     • Glacies' attacks can freeze players if they aren't using Protect/Deflect Magic; keeping the prayer active will result in all of her attacks missing regardless of the player's armour rating. ​
Zaros Phase
⬥ Upon the start of this phase, Nex activates Turmoil turmoil and heals herself for 33,333 (1/6) of her health to boost it up to 73,333. Example ⬥ Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase and uses only her melee and magic autoattacks ​


Note: Make sure to use Jas Boost


After entering the boss room, do the following:

surgedummynatresprepvokehavoczgs zerk (release an auto attack with it) → freedom → stalled gfurygbarge

After barging, proceed North of Nex as shown in the image below

Note: you stall gfury for the adren gain but do not actually release the stall

Position When Nex Becomes Attackable

anti + vulnbomb as Nex says "Fill my soul with smoke!" (~9s)

Smoke Phase

Auto → assaultswh eofspeccleavebd to one of the marked tiles shown below

Bladed Dive Pathing


⬥ With Greater Ricochet

ecb gricorapid / mds if Armadyl book procs

⬥ Without Greater Ricochet

ecb corruptshotrapid / mds if Armadyl book procs

Shadow Phase

slaughter before the phase changes → prep → Auto → bloodtendrilscanedeci → (DW) severecb spec


⬥ With Greater Ricochet

Auto → grico → wait 1 tick before attacking Nex

⬥ Without Greater Ricochet

Auto → corruptshotrapid

Blood Phase

ingen mds / snap if you have sufficient adren → freedomvokevulnbombgbarge a Blood Reaver → wait 1 tick so as not to heal Nex during Siphon → assaultdragonclaw dragonclawoh eofspeccleaveseversurge bd along the path shown in the picture below

Surge + Bladed Dive Pathing


⬥ With Greater Ricochet

ecb gricorapid

⬥ Without Greater Ricochet

ecb corruptshotrapidmds if minion is still alive

Ice Phase

slaughter before the phase changes → surge to the tile marked in the image below → prepantimalevlegs gbarge → Place both dommine on Glacies → stalled gflurrycanecleavedeci

Surge Pathing


⬥ With Greater Ricochet

ecb gricorapid / mds if the minion is low

⬥ Without Greater Ricochet

ecb corruptshotrapidmds if minion is still alive

Zaros Phase

⬥ If Nex starts with Deflect Magic DeflectMage

zgs specdismemberbloodtendrilsdragonclaw dragonclawoh eofspecadrenrenewallimitless slaughtercaneassault

⬥ If Nex does not start with Deflect Magic DeflectMage

dismemberbloodtendrilsadrenrenewal + dragonclaw dragonclawoh eofspeccanedeciprepresgbargezgs specdismemberassaultgflurry

Phase Notes

Smoke Phase Notes

⬥ Throw your bomb vulnbomb right before the kill is about to start

⬥ Swap to your Dragon Claws EoF eofred after using the SWH Eof Spec, as you will not be using that EoF anymore throughout the fight

Shadow Phase Notes

⬥ Walk under Nex when using Slaughter slaughter for extra damage

Blood Phase Notes

⬥ While bleeds should not be used during Blood phase, the bleed effect from using a channeled ability ( assault destroy gflurry ) after Greater Barge gbarge will not heal Nex, as they are not true bleeds

⬥ The reason you need to wait one tick before using Assault assault on Nex is for the Siphon to end

⬥ Wait for Nex to use her Blood Sacrifice spec before phasing her so that you start the Ice phase with a Contain This

Ice Phase Notes

⬥ If you get caught in an Ice Prison, use Freedom freedom then vitality to survive the hit.

Zaros Phase Notes

⬥ Nex cycles her overhead curses every 3 auto attacks during Zaros Phase, following this rotation: soulsplitDeflectMelee → No overhead curse

⬥ Disruption shield disrupt may be used if you are low on food

⬥ If Nex ends her Ice Phase with DeflectMage , there is a chance it will carry over to Zaros Phase. She may also switch to DeflectMage during Zaros phase, improvise accordingly

⬥ When Nex uses DeflectMelee , there is a chance your attacks will be reflected back at you if you hit her. Hence, be careful not to release any defensive autos when using prep and res

Example Kills 1:37 2:09