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The Wilderness (or Wildy), is a dangerous wasteland in north-east Gielinor. It is home to various slayer monsters and a few bosses. This channel will be focused towards guides and strategies concerning the content in the wilderness, namely after the Wilderness Reborn update.

Disclaimer: this channel will NOT cover PvP-related content. All guides assume the player has opted out of PvP, in order to bring better gear without risking losing it permanently.

Wilderness Map and Mechanics

Following the Wilderness Reborn update, various slayer monster spawns have been added and changed. Monsters situated within the wilderness will not lose their aggression over time.

Shown below is the Wilderness Map with the new monsters' locations, following the update:

Mandrith (Wilderness Slayer + Chests)

Mandrith is a Slayer Master in deep Wilderness, requiring level 95 Slayer slayer and a Combat Level of 120 combat to use. All his tasks are for monsters that are in the Wilderness, and can only be completed in the Wilderness. Unlike other Slayer Masters, Mandrith assigns tasks irrespective of whether the player has blocked or preferred them.

A task from Mandrith awards 22 Slayer points. Completing Mandrith's Slayer tasks will award a Wilderness Slayer Chest. If the task is completed without dying or skipping it, 1 Reaper Point Reaperpoints is also awarded.