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Rise of the Six 4 Man


This guide assumes you understand the basics of combat, equipment, and the RotS fight, including mechanics. If you’d like to know more about mechanics it is recommend to read #rise-of-the-six-basic or watch: (Important note: Use this video SOLELY for explanation of mechanics. The methods are very outdated.).

RotS is generally done in a team size of 4 and the fight takes place in a split arena where the team is split into pairs. Each side will have 3 brothers, the order of which changes everyday. However you will spend more time running through tunnels than you will actually fighting the brothers, which is why it is important to be proficient at both dps rotations and movement.

persistentrage is a very crucial part of RotS, this relic allows you to start every kill at full adrenaline without adrenrenewal and dummy

At RotS the meta is to AoE the brothers down as fast as possible. Most of the meta and strategy revolve around stacking and luring the brothers so that they can be killed at the same time.

With the rotations provided the kills that are lurable should all be either 6.6 seconds or lower.

Useful Unlocks

⬥ Double surge and bd / dive unlocked is crucial for high kph. They are important in exiting tunnels efficiently.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Equipment with the mob should also be used for this purpose.

⬥ Equipment with undeadslayerperk and undeadslayer for a flat 7% and 15% (for 10 seconds) respectively.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Both the perk and sigil work against the brothers.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Take note that salveamulet and ghosthunterhelm do now work against the brothers.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You can now get an Undead slayer task and slayerhelm will work against the brothers.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Preset Notes

⬥ Trips are generally a full hour, it is rare to eat during kills. However you may want to bring some food for the tunnels or emergencies especially if learning.

The Fight/Strategy

Both players stand on the same square (DD or death dot) and don’t move unless necessary. Activate your Desolation / Malevolence / ruination and soullink prayers. Both the Incite and DPS prays soulsplit. The soullink curse splits both the damage taken and health healed between the two players which allows the Incite to stay healthy while not moving, maintaining the stack and effectiveness of AoEs.


The brothers starting positions change everyday, hence your starting position will also change. On each side, three brothers spawn on three separate squares, spawning alphabetically going from North to South (A North, Z South). They will then aggro onto players, and the melee brothers will run to the players. Because the goal is to stack all brothers in AoE radius, the strategy is generally to stand next to Ahrim or Karil and let the melee brothers run to you and stack on top of or next to Ahrim or Karil.

Because AoE and stacking brothers is the most important part of getting efficient and fast kills, the Incite should move as little as possible or else risk messing up the stack. When you need to move is determined by the daily rotation because each brother does different special attacks. Internalize the special attacks below then you can formulate your own plan of when to move based on the daily rotation. For instance, if it’s ADG, you would only move from the starting spot if:

(1) Karil drops a bomb that could damage you or your partner.

(2) Dharok or Guthan do a melee spin on your side.

(3) Ahrim specs and becomes unattackable, at which point you should run the brothers to stop taking damage.



⬥ Make sure your AoEs are hitting every brother. Sometimes, brothers will spread around you and you will need to target the center brother instead of any brother that may be on the side, this is only relevant when using Ranged / Melee.

⬥ The rotation you do depends on what side you are on.

lengmh spec is crucial to chaosroar rotations.

⬥ The meleers will zerk early on the pad and then lengmh spec inside the little room then surge to the middle.

⬥ If using chaosroar you need to rotate ingen.

⬥ The Advanced Ranger rotation relies on Persistent Rage persistentrage restoring 10% adrenaline (it works for all sides).

⬥ It's better to stall dragonhalberd eofspec instead of chaosroar and release it with the second.

⬥ If you opt for chaosroar make sure you are on task and have salveamulet on so you are guaranteed to hit.

⬥ Specific to Necromancers:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• West will splitsoul + surge + enter barrier → invokedeaththreadsoffate + surge 1 north of middle brother spawn.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• East will splitsoul + surgesurgeinvokedeath + enter barrier → threadsoffate + bd 1 south of middle brother spawn.

⬥ When using Necromancy you will bring physical omniguard + deathguard90.

⬥ After the kill is over bd / dive to the chest / portal.

Necromancy Rotation

⬥ If both sides are using Necromancy, the Karil side needs to wait 1 tick before using deathguard90 spec

(tc) + undeadslayer + deathguard90 specomniguard spec

West Rotations

Any Non Triple Melee / Karil Middle

Note: If Ahrim on side, bring a ranged weapon incase you mess this up

(tc) + chaosroar the middle brother → undeadslayer + run behind Karil / Ahrim → vulnbomb + dragonhalberd eofspec

Triple Melee / Karil Middle + 2 Melee West

(tc) + undeadslayer + vulnbomb + dragonhalberd eofspecdragonhalberd eofspec

Ahrim + 2 Melee West

(tc) + decimation eofspec + undeadslayervulnbomb + snipedbow eofspec

AK West (Surge)

(tc) + decimation eofspec + undeadslayer + surgevulnbomb + snipedbow eofspec

Ranged Advanced Rotation

undeadslayermechchin excal → (tc) + stall dbow eofspec → wait 5 ticks + mechchin bbcoh → (tc) + vulnbomb + wait 1 tick → Vuln + dbow eofspec

East Rotations

Any Non Triple Melee Rotation

(tc) + decimation eofspec + undeadslayer + walk in → (tc) vulnbomb + snipedbow eofspec

Triple Melee East

(tc) + decimation eofspec + undeadslayervulnbomb + snipedbow eofspec

Ranged Advanced Rotation

undeadslayermechchin excal → (tc) + stall dbow eofspec → wait 5 ticks + mechchin bbcoh → (tc) + vulnbomb + wait 1 tick → Vuln + dbow eofspec

Example Kills

Trio 50 kph (solo west)

4 man 50 kph (east)

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