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Solo Nex: Necromancy


It is strongly advised to complete the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest in order to get access to the Stone of Jas boost which gives a 5% damage boost in GWD1 (including Nex). This can be done via Fairy ring code D.K.Q. or Master Quest Cape (option 5).

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Nex Overview

⬥ Nex has 5 phases; Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and Zaros. Each phase has 2 special attacks, with the exception of Zaros.

⬥ Nex is a 1x1 NPC and has very strict softcaps, which means that any damage over a certain amount is reduced by X% depending on the phase.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• During the first four phases, Nex has a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 5,000 by 50%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ For example, a 6,000 damage hit would be reduced to 5,500 damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• On the Zaros phase, the soft cap is changed to reduce excess damage above 2,000 by 75%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ This means a 6,000-damage hit would be reduced to 3,000.

Mages Overview

⬥ The mages have a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 1,000 by a random amount between approximately 80% and 100%.

⬥ Each mage has 10,000 health and possesses a max hit of around 850. The mages are static and can only be attacked whenever Nex calls their name.

Special Attacks

Smoke Phase
⬥ Virus → 5 auto-attacks → No escape → Five auto-attacks → Repeat.     • Don't stand in middle crossways. Example     • Nex may drag you to MD of her at random times, nulling all damage. Example
Shadow Phase
⬥ Shadow traps (if phased before virus) → Darkness → Shadow traps → 4 auto-attacks → Repeats from second shadow traps. ⬥ Move from Shadows and don’t stand MD.     • A shadow trap is avoided. Example     • A player escapes the shadows engulfing them. Example
Blood Phase
⬥ Siphon summon → 3 auto-attacks → Blood sacrifice → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ Attacks during Siphon will heal Nex and sacrifice will heal Nex if not phased and in range.     • Nex summoning her Blood Reavers. Example     • Nex sacrifices a player. Example ⬥ Any bleeds used during this phase will heal Nex rather than damage her (e.g., bloat bloodsiphon).
Ice Phase
⬥ First special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Second special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Sacrifice, Ice will start with Contain. Example ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Siphon, Ice will start with Prison. Example     • Run from Contain and Freedom freedom into eating up then vitality     • Glacies' attacks can freeze players if they aren't using Protect/Deflect Magic; keeping the prayer active will result in all of her attacks missing regardless of the player's armour rating.
Zaros Phase
⬥ Upon the start of this phase, Nex activates Turmoil turmoil and heals herself for 33,333 (1/6) of her health to boost it up to 73,333. Example ⬥ Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase and uses only her melee and magic autoattacks.

The Fight

bbc is perked with Caroming 4 caroming4 and is used for Greater Ricochet grico

Spiky vambraces are used once conjures are summoned, as they are the lowest accuracy loss item whilst also giving +1.5 Ranged damage.

Akrisae's robe top is perked with Clear Headed 4 ch4

⬥ It is recommended to unlock the full Talent Tree for conjureghost, conjurezombie, conjureskeleton, invokedeath and splitsoul

⬥ Use the Stone of Jas boost jasboost

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• After visiting the Glacor Cave you get a 5% damage bonus for 4 hours, it only works in certain areas.



surge + Banish Ward

surge + conjurezombie + walk to middle-south → conjureghostconjureskeletoncommandghostlifetransfer → equip Spiky Vambraces → (at ~6s on timer) invokedeathanticlearheaded ‎ ‎→ splitsoul + equip firstnecrorobetop

Phase 1 (Smoke & Fumus)

(tc) + vulnbomb + deathskulls + walk 1 tile north-east of Nex → soulsaptouchofdeathsurge to Fumus + (tc) bloatsoulsap

Note: you are aiming to have skulls bounce onto Fumus

Phase 2 (Shadow & Umbra)

(Prephase with) omniguard speccommandskeletondeathguard90 spec ‎ ‎(→ soulsap if needed) → surge + dive to Umbra + (tc) bloatgrico

Phase 3 (Blood & Cruor)

(Prephase with) soulsapvulnbomb → strong fillers → surge + dive to Cruor + (tc) bloatgrico

Note: After prephase (during wings transition) build stacks for deathspark & residualsoul on reavers or livingdeath whilst waiting for Blood Phase to start

Note: If you do not get a darkness skip, ensure you are attacked 3 times to start the Ice phase on Nex's 'Contain this!' special attack

Phase 4 (Ice & Glacies)

(Prephase with) volleyofsoulssoulsapbloatsurge + dive to Glacies + (tc) bloatgrico

Phase 5 (Zaros)

commandskeletonsoulsapvolleyofsoulsdeathguard90 spec

Example Kills

Necromancy Nex