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Necromancy Hammer

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions




Note: This rotation starts on base's invokedeath

Phase 1

ingen + swh eofspecdeathskullssoulsapomniguard specnecroautosoulsap

Phase 2


Note: Time soulstrikeflank so that it hits aod 1 tick after she becomes damageable again, which means you use soulstrikeflank at the same time an ent would use deathguard90 eofspec

Phase 3

livingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathsoulsapdeathskullsvolleyofsoulscommandskeletonthreadsoffatesoulsapvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathtouchofdeath

Note: You may need to use adrenrenewal one or two ticks before livingdeath in order to have enough adrenaline


Pillar 1 deathskullssoulsapnecroauto

Pillar 2 fingerofdeathsoulsapnecroauto

Pillar 3 splitsouldeathguard90 eofspecsoulsap

Pillar 4 deathskullstouchofdeathsoulsap


invokedeath may be beneficial on slower pillars. See this link for more information on how to move between pillars with Necromancy._

When accel is on CD stall deathguard90 eofspec on Pillar 3 while moving towards it.


volleyofsoulsomniguard specfingerofdeath → ‎ ‎necroauto

Example Kills
21.06.2024 - Skrubbers - Hammer
AoD: 7-10 Man
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