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Zemouregal & Vorkath


Zemouregal & Vorkath is a boss encounter consisting of two bosses; Zemouregal and Vorkath. To access this encounter, the players must progress through the Battle of Forinthry. Completion of the quest unlocks the normal mode and hardmode encounters.

Applicable Damage boosts for Vorkath

undeadslayer and undeadslayerperk work (dragonslayer and dragonslayerperk do not at time of writing)

slayerhelmSlayer helm boost and genocidal work while on a dragons cluster, blue dragons or undead cluster slayer task.

salveamulet Salve amulet works

jasdragonbanearrow Jas dragonbane arrows work

Lifepoint scaling

⬥ Vorkath: 750k constitution per player (1500k in Hardmode)

⬥ Zemouregal: 250k constitution per player (500k in Hardmode)

Normal Mode specifics

⬥ Every place of power is protected by an undead giant, kill it to disrupt the beam.

⬥ Disrupting the places of power disables some of Zemouregal's abilities during the encounter, or starts the encounter.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Northern location: minion spawns.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Northwestern location: Zemouregal's Spikes.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Western location: Starts the encounter.

Mechanics (Hardmode)

Power meter
⬥ Displays the connection between Zemouregal and Vorkath, affecting damage absorption and damage dealt by Vorkath.     • Each next phase increases it by net 25%.     • Empowered zombies can increase it by 50%.     • Power meter disappears when vorkath leaves at zero lifepoints. ​
Dragonfire Breath
⬥ Vorkath charges up and deals a big magic hit.     • Damage is reduced by superantifire or elderovlsalve
Zonal Ice Breath
⬥ Vorkath takes to the air and spews ice on his location that spreads outward, after which he comes back down.     • Can deal three magic hits and one MD melee slam.         • Can be avoided by moving away from Vorkath, also protecting summoning familiars.     • The magic hits damage Zemouregal and all minions caught within it. ​
Poison pools
⬥ Vorkath will stand on his hind legs and spew into the air, causing pools that hit hard typeless damage to appear.     • Phase 2: Green poison pools, hitting up to 3k.     • Phase 3: Purple poison pools, hitting up to 5k.         • Every hit taken increases Zemouregal's Empowerment debuff by 5%, increasing damage taken.     • Can be accompanied by the voiceline: Spew your venom, my malformed pet!
⬥ Vorkath flies up high to freeze the whole arena by air strike. If not stopped, all in the arena will be hit ~15k magic damage, killing summoning familiars.     • Using the balista (extra action button) while Vorkath is up will shoot Vorkath down, preventing the attack and dealing a 10k hit to Vorkath.         • Can fail if done right before Vorkath returns!     • cade devo reflect can be used alternatively.     • Can be accompanied by the voiceline: Cast my glorious vengeance down upon them! or Cut them down without mercy!
Power Meter and Damage Reduction
⬥ The power meter increases Vorkath's damage dealt by auto attacks as well as mechanics. ⬥ While Vorkath is around, Zemouregal takes no or reduced damage.     • Every phase transition Zemouregal gets hit 10k by Vorkath, reducing his damage reduction by 10% (100%→90%→80%). ⬥ If Zemouregal gets hit while shielded, a green orb is sent to Vorkath, giving him damage absorption based on the damage dealt on Zemouregal.     • Vorkath's damage absorption is multiplied by the power meter % and vuln. ​
⬥ Zemouregal summons two minions, one of each type.     • This is a time-based mechanic which resets on phasing.     • Combat minions (36k constitution per player)         • Skeleton ranger         • Zombie warrior         • Skeleton knight         • Phantom Spellcaster     • Support minions (6k constitution per player)         • Ghost Healer, heals Vorkath 1000 lifepoints.         • Zombie Shielder, gives Vorkath a shield, reducing incoming damage.         • Empowering Zombie, adds +50% to the power meter temporarily. ​
Bone Spikes
⬥ Zemouregal makes a dust cloud appear on every player's location, where 4.2s later spikes shoot out of the ground.     • This is a time-based mechanic which resets on phasing.     • Can deal up to 8k soft typeless damage to every player in the 7x7 area.     • Can be avoided by moving away from your location. ​
Soul sap
⬥ Zemouregal uses soul sap soulsap, gaining one residualsoul. ​
Soul Strike
⬥ Zemouregal uses soul strike soulstrike, using up one residualsoul and stunning stunicon his target for 3 seconds. ​
Finger of Death
⬥ Zemouregal uses fingerofdeath, hitting up to 10k through protectfromnecro.     • Can be accompanied by the voiceline: Die!
Death Skulls
⬥ Zemouregal uses deathskulls, hitting up to 7k through protectfromnecro     • Can bounce between players, and also be cancelled by moving more than 6 tiles away. ​
Blood Siphon
⬥ Zemouregal uses bloodsiphon     • Any of his combat minions will run to his side, healing him and increasing the damage dealt on Zemouregal's target.     • Can be accompanied by the voiceline: I'll make a feast of your blood, and be strengthened
Volley of Souls
⬥ Zemouregal uses Volley of souls volleyofsouls hitting up to 3k three times.     • Is only used in Phase 3.     • Can only be used when Zemouregal is at 3 residualsoul stacks.     • Can be accompanied by the voiceline: Your life is payment for this folley!

The Fight

Phase 1 (Vorkath):

4 autos → Dragonfire Breath → 4 autos → Zonal ice Breath (+ Bone Spikes and soulstrike) Repeat

Phase 1 (Zemouregal):

7 autos (+ minions) → soulsap → 1 auto (+ Bone Spikes) → soulstrike repeat

**Phase 2 (Vorkath):

4 autos → Dragonfire Breath → 4 autos → Zonal ice Breath (+ Bone Spikes and soulstrike) → 4 autos → green poison pools Repeat

Phase 2 (Zemouregal):

7 autos (+ minions) → soulsap → 1 auto (+ Bone Spikes) → soulstrike repeat

Phase 3 (Vorkath):

2 autos (not repeated) →

Fly → 1 auto (+ Bone Spikes) → Dragonfire Breath → 4 autos → Zonal Ice Breath (+ Bone Spikes) → 4 autos → purple poison pools → 4 autos → Dragonfire Breath (+ Bone Spikes) → 4 autos → Zonal Ice Breath → 4 autos → purple poison pools (+ Bone Spikes) → 4 autos Repeat

Phase 3 (Zemouregal):

8 autos (+ minions) → soulsap #1 (+ Bone Spikes) → 6 autos (+ minions) → fingerofdeath → 1 auto → soulsap #2 → 1 auto (+ Bone Spikes) → bloodsiphon (+ minions) → 4 autos → auto + deathskulls → 1 auto (+ Bone Spikes) → soulsap #3 → 2 autos (+minions) → volleyofsouls Repeat


⬥ If Zemouregal kept a soul from P2: soulsap #3 is skipped, going deathskulls → 3 autos → volleyofsouls instead.

⬥ Minions and Bone Spikes are time-based and will desync with repeats, hence the brackets!*

Preset and Relics


NM Solo (Vorkath Skip)

⬥ Pre-fight:

Enter gate conjurearmysplitsoulinvokedeath dive surgecommandghost → tc giant commandskeleton vulnbombbloatthreadsoffatesoulsapvolleyofsoulsnecroautolifetransfer as you dispel the power

⬥ Enter instance:

commandskeleton dive → (tc) Vorkath + deathskulls +vulnbombsoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsaplivingdeath+adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskulls → ‎ ‎commandskeleton undeadslayerfingerofdeathnecroauto + balistanecroautofingerofdeathnecroautodeathskullstouchofdeathnecroautosoulsap → Vorkath should be reaching 50% HP here.

⬥ When Vorkath hits 50% HP:

Target Zemouregal → necroauto vulnbombnecroautosoulsapsplitsoulbloatinvokedeathtouchofdeathsoulsapcommandskeletondeathskulls + balistavolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathomniguard specdeathguard70 eof

Note: the deathskulls on Zemouregal should line up with Vorkath's flight. Adjust as needed for your phase timing.

Hardmode Solo (Advanced) 2:45 Rotation


Start with 5 residualsoul stacks and 4 necrosis stacks


invokedeathconjurearmylifetransfercommandghostcommandskeleton (enter instance) → splitsoul+surge

Phase 1

(tc) + ingen + smokecloud + vulnbomb + undeadslayer + bloatdeathskullsvolleyofsoulsprismofrestoration + soulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsapnecroautonecroautolivingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeath + balistadeathskullsfingerofdeathfingerofdeath

Phase 2


⬥ Replace 2nd soulsap with anti if no Zonal ice skip

⬥ If Vorkath is below 800k hp, do not use balista*

soulsapnecroautonecroautosoulsapdeathskullstouchofdeathnecroautonecroautofingerofdeathfingerofdeathprismofrestoration + soulsapdeathskullsvolleyofsoulsbloat + balistasoulsaptouchofdeathcommandskeleton

Phase 3

vulnbomb + soulsapnecroautodeathskulls + undeadslayeromniguard specsoulsapnecroautotouchofdeathsoulsapnecroautocommandskeleton


(tc) + vulnbomb + bloatsplitsoul + balistasoulsapfingerofdeathtouchofdeathfingerofdeathnecroautothreadsoffatevolleyofsoulssoulsapdeathguard90 eofconjurearmy



⬥ The 1st volleyofsouls assumes that 3 residualsoul stacks were obtained from the threadsoffate against Zemo. If more or less were obtained then adjust accordingly*

(tc) + vulnbomb + soulsapbloatcommandghostsoulsaptouchofdeathvolleyofsoulssoulsapnecroautocommandskeletonlivingdeath + balistadiverttouchofdeathsoulsapdeathskullsnecroautonecroautoundeadslayer + fingerofdeathfingerofdeathprismofrestoration + soulsaptouchofdeathdeathskullssoulsapnecroautonecroautosoulsapomniguard specnecroauto


(tc) + vulnbomb + commandskeletondeathskullsbloatsplitsoulreflect + balistainvokedeathvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathtouchofdeathfingerofdeathdeathguard90 eof

Example Kills

Normal mode solo - Vorkath skip talkthrough

Hardmode solo - talkthrough

Hardmode solo Vorkath - advanced

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