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Duo Solak Hybrid Rotations

This rotation was developed by the Good Solak Discord


⬥ This guide assumes you have a strong understanding of Solak.

Presets and Relics


⬥ Poor usage of ripperscroll and veng will be detrimental to exit times

⬥ Help manage rubyaurora stacks by having it as your auto attack spell



⬥ Core After gstaff eofspec

⬥ P3 After gbarge


⬥ P2 Just before gsunshine

⬥ P4 After elf death


Spells within ( ) indicate swapping autocast

Phase 1

gsunshinerubyaurora gconcfsoa specstormshards (exsanguinate) → rubyaurora tsunamigconcwmrubyaurora asphyx (3t) → gconcgstaff eofspec / dbreath (incitefear) → rubyaurora omni (exsanguinate) → Charge deto (3t) → Release rubyaurora deto gconcgstaff eofspecrubyaurora smoketendrils (7t) → (incitefear) wm (exsanguinate) → gconcstormshards


1st : vulnbomb cleavegfury → Stall meteorstrike → Release meteorstrike sever

2nd : vulnbomb dbreathrubyaurora gconccorruptblast

3rd : vulnbomb natrubyaurora gconcimpactrubyaurora dbreath

Target solak

Upkeep exsanguinate stacks and build to 5 incitefear stacks, finish off roots if needed

Arms/Legs (All sunshine ) @ 58.8s

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Aim to keep your HP as low as possible and don't soulsplit until Core

gsunshine (incitefear) → rubyaurora gconcfsoa spec (exsanguinate) → stormshards (incitefear) → gsonicwave → Stall gchain + vulnbomb → Tc + Release gchain + asphyx(3t/5t/7t) → (exsanguinate) wm

Tc + Charge deto(4t) → Btc + Release rubyaurora detotsunamidbreath (if needed)

Note: If adren is low replace gsonicwave with magmatempesttarget and asphyx with gconc


BTC + gstaff eofspecsmokecloud / icebarrage omni (incitefear) → smoketendrilswrackandruin

Phase 2

gricolengmh speczerkbargegfurycane Go to north assaultgrico


Target solakpiercinggfury → Stall meteorstrike → Release meteorstrike + chaosroarzekkil eofspecdismembergricogfuryoverpowerslaughterdivert + smokecloudcomb → (can grico again if needed)


Target solakpiercinggfury → Stall meteorstrike → Release meteorstrike overpowerchaosroardragonclaw eofspecdecigfurycanegrico

gsunshinerubyaurora gconcfsoa specgchain (exsanguinate) → rubyaurora gconcwmrubyaurora asphyx (3t) → gconcomni → charge (incitefear) deto(3t) → Release rubyaurora deto (exsanguinate) gconcdbreath / gstaff eofspec (incitefear) → rubyaurora smoketendrils(7t) → gconctsunamiwmrubyaurora asphyx → improvise

Phase 3


divertantizerkbargedestroy / gflurrycanegricooverpowerassaultmeteorstrike + adrenrenewalchaosroarzekkil eofspecslaughterdismember → 2 hit gflurrycanegricogchain (skip if 100%)

gsunshinegconcfsoa speclimitless smoketendrils (exsanguinate) → omniantirubyaurora gconcwmrubyaurora (incitefear) asphyx(3t) → (exsanguinate) gconctsunami


divertantizerkbargedestroy / gflurrycanegricooverpowerassaultmeteorstrike + adrenrenewalchaosroardragonclaw eofspecshatterpunish → 2 hit gflurrycanefsoa specgricogconcgchain + enter elf

metasmokecloud gconclimitless wmrubyaurora smoketendrilsomnigconcasphyxtsunami

Phase 4

natfreedomlengmh specgricozerkdivertbarge → s assault → r assault + overpowerdragonclawcanedragonclawdragonclaw

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