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Rex Matriarchs


The Rex Matriarchs are a group of 4 dinosaur bosses found on Anachronia, representing one for each combat style. Their rare drops include:

⬥ Components for best-in-slot rings reaverring stalkerring championring channellerring occulistring

⬥ Spear parts to craft Laniakea's Spear lanispear

Jail cell key used to unlock one of three baby dinosaur pets


orikalka Orikalka
Orikalka attacks with melee and is weak to magic (specifically fire spells)
Frost Storm / Frostbite (Buff)
Video example ⬥ Orikalka spins and hits up to 4500 Magic damage ⬥ Induces the Frostbite debuff, which doubles the global cooldown for 30 seconds
Pyroclastic Shock / Adrenaline Rush (Buff)
⬥ Orikalka slams its tail, creating 3 fissures which rapidly deal up to 3000 melee when stood on ⬥ The final hit from standing on a fissure deals up to 6000 melee damage ⬥ If Frostbite is active, all hits after the first deal 1 damage if DeflectMelee is used, removing frostbite and providing an Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush grants +10% adrenaline every tick for 10 ticks
Attack Rotations
Orikalka has 2 possible attack rotations:

rathis Rathis
Rathis attacks with range / poisonicon and is weak to melee (specifically stab)
Poison Bombardment
⬥ Rathis launches 2 poison orbs (one targeted onto the player), each dealing up to 3500 range damage. ⬥ Each orb leaves behind a Poison Pit
Poison Pits
⬥ 5x5 blobs on the ground which persist until Poison Absorption ⬥ Standing on them deals 300-500 poisonicon damage per tick (reduced to 50-100 with Venomblood venomblood or Super Antipoison superantipoison) ⬥ Corrosion debuff applied periodically, causing players to take +20% more damage per stack, up to 100%. This lasts 10 seconds form the last poison absorbed ⬥ Poison pits shrink when stood on, turning from 5x5 > 3x3 > 2x2 > 1x1
Poison Absorption
⬥ Rathis absorbs leftover pools, healing based on their size ⬥ Each poison pit heals up to 35000 health at maximum size
Attack Rotations
Rathis has a single attack rotation:

pthentraken Pthentraken
Pthentraken attacks with magic and is weak to range (specifically arrows)
Converging Lightning
⬥ Pthentraken summons 3-5 lightning beams which converge on the boss and will deal 5000-5500 Magic damage every 2 ticks whilst stood in the beam. ⬥ This damage is reduced by -90% when wearing insulatedboots
⬥ An overhead bar appears. Upon depletion a 3x3 torrent will appear at the player's tile ⬥ The torrent applies the Overcharged buff ⬥ When stood in the torrent you will be hit with rapid, increasing typeless damage (capping at 3600 every 2 ticks)
Overcharged (buff)
Overcharged lasts 30 seconds ⬥ Each hit the player lands on Pthentraken will also deal an additional magic hit with 5% of the original damage ⬥ Surge surge cooldown is reduced to 1 tick ⬥ Getting hit by the torrent refreshes Overcharged
Attack Rotations
Pthentraken has a single attack rotation:

necromancy Osseous
Osseous both attacks and is weak to necromancy Note: In order to access Osseous, you must first complete the quest Osseous Rex
Minion Summon / Minion Launch
Video example (Minion Summon)Video example (Minion Launch) ⬥ Osseous slams its tail which does up to 7000 melee damage ⬥ Osseous summons 6 mini dinos that heal her for 5-10% of their current lifepoints when they reach her ⬥ Osseous spins around, sending the mini dinos back to the edge of the arena and causes them to attack you with melee which can stun you stunicon
Osseous' Roar
Video example ⬥ Osseous causes any remaining mini dinos to explode, each dealing 50% of their current lifepoints
Video example ⬥ Osseous drags you close to her, rooting you on the spot ⬥ You must deal 5000 damage to break the root or take ~6000 typeless damage
Attack Rotations
Osseous has a single attack rotation:

Active Strategies

There are two ways to take down the Matriarchs:

  1. Repeatedly killing a single Matriarch

  2. Killing 3 one-after-another with a hybrid gear setup (Orikalka, Rathis and Pthentraken)

Method 1: Killing a single matriarch

Killing 1 matriarch at a time is straight forward - bring your best gear of any style and perform an ultimate rotation gsunshine zerk gdeathsswift livingdeath
General tips
⬥ While waiting for death animation, build adrenaline by either:     • Targeting a nearby matriarch and using a defensive ability such as freedom     • Using the Persistent Rage persistentrage relic
Tips for killing Orikalka
⬥ Utilise binds and channeled abilities when possible to prevent Frostbite from slowing down your kills ent asphyx smoketendrils gconc ⬥ If you get Frostbite, use DeflectMelee and do not finish off Orikalka. Instead, wait until fissures spawn then stand near one to clear Frostbite
Tips for killing Rathis
⬥ Stand in melee distance of Rathis, else her melee attack turns to a charge that will stun you stunicon
Tips for killing Pthentraken
⬥ Walk along tiles closest to East wall while travelling to avoid Orikalka aggro ⬥ Avoid the lightning or wear insulatedboots to heavily reduce damage taken
Tips for killing Osseous
⬥ Stand in melee distance

Method 2: Killing multiple matriarchs (Hybrid)

Killing multiple matriarchs in parallel require much higher gear and effort over killing a single one, but gives a significantly higher KPH
General tips
⬥ Alternate between a pair of matriarchs with minimal banking, doing no food kills for the entire hour.     • If blessedflask is not owned, presets should be made for 30 minute combat instead of camping the entire instance.         ⬩ Use 4 restore for such a preset.     • Perked hybrid armour such as SliskeBody AnimalegsSliske can be taken instead, although this will reduce kph.     • You can target Rathis from far and use defensives to get 100% for zerk Example ⬥ Feel free to come up with your own rotations based on your gear if lacking BIS.     • You will likely still be able to get ~85 KPH or more even if not bridding optimally. ⬥ Use adrenrenewal on gdeathsswift so you can use the deathsporearrows proc on your desired ability when killing Pthentraken. ​

Presets and Relics

Single matriarch presets



⬥ Camp incitefear until tsunami then switch to exsanguinate

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Remember to swap back to autocasting incitefear before starting the next Orikalka kill.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Use basics to build when low adren

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Use wrackandruin whenever available

Without fsoa: smokecloud + combSBSStandards entgsunshinetsunamiincitewmomnipowerigneousasphyx

With fsoa: smokecloud + combSBSStandards enttsunamiincitesoa specwmsmoketendrilsomnipowerigneousasphyx


⬥ Use fularrow when deathsporearrows on cooldown.

⬥ Use deathsporearrows proc on any of these: gdeathsswift incend deadshotigneous

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Rotations will vary based on deathsporearrows stacks

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Swap to fularrow after consuming deathsporearrows stacks

⬥ Remember to incorporate sgb eofspec and snap rapid into your rotation

⬥ Remember to re-equip necklaceofsalamancy after sgb eofspec


⬥ Alternate kills between EZK zekkil and Berserk zerk rotations:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Kill 1 rotation: ‎ ‎gbargechaosroarzekkil eofspec → (limitless) bleed destroyassaultcane

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⁃ Use bleeds whenever possible with mwspear ( dismember bloodtendrils slaughter)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⁃ Remember to re-equip necklaceofsalamancy after zekkil eofspec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Kill 2: zerkgbarge → bleed destroyquake + walk to dodge bombardment → caneassault → 4-hit gflurry


⬥ Teleport to Wars Retreat warsretreatteleport after each kill to reset cooldowns

⬥ Stand in melee distance

⬥ Pre-cast conjurearmycommandghostinvokedeathsplitsoulcommandskeleton

⬥ Optionally start the fight with smokecloud

⬥ (tc) vulnbomb + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsaplivingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskulls + undeadslayeromniguard specnecroautofingerofdeath (+ disrupt Minion Summon) → necroautofingerofdeathnecroautodeathguard90 eof

AFK/Low Effort Strategies

Links to AFK/Low Effort guides can be found below.

#AFK Orikalka

#AFK Rathis

#AFK Osseous

#Low Effort Pthentraken

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Note: AFK Pthentraken no longer works after changes to surge

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