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Solo Solak Necro Camp


Necromancy necromancy has the benefit of conjures, good aoe abilities, and high hitcaps to make quick work of Solak. The rotation as written has an element of RNG from critical strikes, Impatient perk procs and general boss mechanics.

This is an advanced necromancy guide to Grandmaster role (sub 5:15) solo Solak, assuming strong underlying knowledge of all Solak mechanics.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ It is assumed that the Spirit Weed SpiritSticks, Kwuarm KwuarmSticks, and Lantadyme incense sticks lantasticks are used at bank.

bloodreaver with reaverscroll are presummoned, autofire set to 3-6.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Optionally: bring an extra reaverpouch

⬥ The dummy is for building at the start of Phase 4.

⬥ Runes for smokecloud, prismofrestoration, veng, disrupt, SBSLunars to use as needed.

The Fight


conjurearmylifetransfercommandghostinvokedeathcommandskeletonsplitsoul + start fight

Phase 1:

(tc) + vulnbombdeathskullsbloatsoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsap (+run pad if close) → commandskeletonnecroautosoulsaplivingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeath (run east to rootlings spawn) → deathskulls (last two hits should hit rootlings) → necroauto fingerofdeath and deathskulls off cooldown and touchofdeath when off cd after deathskulls (3x deathskulls in livingdeath) as you run solak to rootlings. One deathskulls bounce + basic should kill rootling.

After livingdeath ends, clear remaining rootlings with soulsap and necroauto, you can do a 4th deathskulls if solak still high hp or any rootlings alive.

Notes phase 1:

⬥ If relentless5 proc, either ignore it or omniguard spec. Do not livingdeath early because we rely on deathskulls bounces to clear rootlings.

deathskulls crits will always clear a rootling in one bounce, very rarely will a non crit clear it in one hit.

⬥ Use lifetransfer once as you're clearing rootlings.

⬥ Keep 4+ necrosis deathguard90 eofspec and 5 residualsoul for arms.


Target Solak's main body (targeted vulnbomb helps, or tc multiple times) → threadsoffatevolleyofsoulsdeathguard90 eofspecsoulsap + move under solak +vulnbomb (targeted, see vid).


(tc) left leg splitsoulspectralscythespectralscythe2spectralscythe3lifetransfer → filler (soulsap/touchofdeath ) → invokedeath


(tc) core → bloat (or soulsapbloat) → commandskeletonvolleyofsoulssoulsaptouchofdeathnecroauto → filler to kill core → dismiss conjures + conjurearmy → filler ability → commandghost

Phase 2:


southwest: soulsapsoulstrikeflankcommandskeleton + surge southeast → touchofdeathsoulsapsoulstrikeflank + surge northeast → (have 8 necrosis) deathguard90 eofspec + dive northwest → commandskeletonsoulsapsoulstrikeflank


(tc) + vulnbombbloatcommandzombiedeathskullsconjurearmylifetransfercommandghostcommandskeletonpraeswand (4tick) ingen + smokecloud + omniguardsoulsap → build to 100% → livingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskullssoulsapsplitsouldivertsoulsapbloat → 5residualsoul volleyofsoulslivingdeath rotation, use deathskulls and keep bloat active.

post-livingdeath: use deathskulls / volleyofsouls / deathguard90 eofspec / omniguard spec till phased.

Phase 3:

Charge pad #1 + omniguard spec (if available) → build to 3 residualsoul and bloatcommandzombie at 4s timer → ‎ ‎conjurearmy

Solak down → splitsoulsoulstrikeflanksoulstrikeflanksoulstrikeflank

Charge pad #2 (preferably <500k lp Solak) → anti → build 3 residualsouldeathguard90 eofspec to stunicon (voiceline: give me the life...) → omniguard spec (if available) → bloat/commandskeleton → Solak down → soulstrikeflank repeats depending on lp → bloat


deflectrange + invokedeath + vulnbombsoulsapbloatcommandskeleton → build 5 residualsoul +100% adren.

Notes Phase 3:

⬥ Can fit in 4 abilities as Solak goes down before you go elf.

⬥ after omniguard spec ‎ ‎use a rot such as ‎ ‎touchofdeathnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautodeathskullsnecroauto to utilise deathspark

⬥ If high lp: fingerofdeath if 4+ necrosis to finish.

lifetransfer if conjurearmy < 35s upon exit.

Phase 4:

dummy (optional: build 100% adren + 12necrosis).

livingdeath + adrenrenewal target Solak + vulnbomb → build residualsoul / necrosis and adren

If 100% adren early:

bloatsplitsoulcommandskeleton → (damageable) deathskullsvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathfingerofdeathdeathguard90 eofspec

If <100% adren:

splitsoul → (damageable) deathskullsbloatcommandskeletonvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathfingerofdeathdeathguard90 eofspec → build for omniguard spec if not dead.

If ≤3 residualsoul:

bloatsplitsoulcommandskeleton → (damageable) deathskullsfingerofdeathfingerofdeathsoulstrikeflank → repeat soulstrikeflank till < 60k lp → deathguard90 eofspec

Video Example

Solo Solak GM Necromancy example