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Note: Use the Table of Contents present at the bottom of the channel, or in the pinned comments, to quickly navigate through this channel and find the information you are looking for.

Some general notes:

⬥ The game runs on an internal tick system: 1t (tick) = 0.6s (seconds).

⬥ The minimum time between abilities is called the global cooldown: 1 gcd = 3t = 1.8s.

⬥ Auto attacks will only give adrenaline if they hit (splash = no adrenaline gain).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Debuff spells like Vuln Vuln or Enfeeble Enfeeble or Smoke Cloud smokecloud do not given adrenaline.

⬥ Some useful sheets and resources are given below.

Ability Damage Maths
To calculate your ability hit damage in detail, click here. This is affected by factors such as your gear and other boosts.
Ability Hit Timings
To see detailed breakdowns on ability hit timings, click here. This refers to when hitsplats appear on your target.
Auto-attack Adren Gain
To see adrenaline gained with different auto attacks, click here.

Note: If you have any difficulties in using the tools or understanding what the information means, you can always ask in #pvm-help.

Defence defence

This section covers auto attacks, basics, thresholds, ultimate abilities and special attacks for Defence.


Default Defence Auto defence
⬥ Cooldown: Based on Weapon Speed     • Fastest: 4t (2.4s)     • Fast: 5t (3.0s)     • Average: 6t (3.6s) ⬥ Takes on style of mainhand weapon


Anticipate anti
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Duration: 17t (10.2s) ⬥ Reduces all incoming damage by 10% ⬥ Provides stun immunity

Bash bash
⬥ Cooldown: 25t (15s) ⬥ Basic offensive ability

Cease cease
⬥ Cooldown: 0t (0s) ⬥ Stops the following:     • Channelled abilities     • Familiar attacks for 10t (6s)     • Auto-retaliate for 10t (6s)     • Queued abilities ⬥ Cancelled by attacking target ⬥ Generates no adrenaline

Divert divert
⬥ Cooldown: 34t (20.4s) ⬥ Duration: 10t (6s) ⬥ Shares cooldown with res ⬥ Generates 0.8 to 50 adrenaline (1.6 to 100 under the effects of nat)     • Divert calculator

Freedom freedom
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Duration: 10t (6s) ⬥ Removes and grants immunity to stuns and binds ⬥ Clears any existing damage over time effects

Preparation prep
⬥ Cooldown: 34t (20.4s) ⬥ Duration: 16t (9.6s) ⬥ Reduces any remaining cooldown of res / divert by 5t (3s) per attack received

Provoke voke
⬥ Cooldown: 17t (10.2s) ⬥ Forces enemy to target you     • Some enemies have other methods of aggression rendering voke useless ⬥ Castable off gcd     • Will trigger gcd if used on gcd

Resonance res
⬥ Cooldown: 25t (15s) ⬥ Duration: 10t (6s) ⬥ Shares cooldown with divert ⬥ Heal for (50 + 0.5 x shield tier)% of incoming hit


Debilitate debil
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Duration: 13t (7.8s) to 23t (13.8s)     • Extended if cast with a shield/defender     • If shield/defender removed the effects are removed     • A full table is available on the wiki here ⬥ Reduces damage from the effected target

Devotion devo
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ Duration: 15t (9.6s) to 30t (19.2s)     • Killing an enemy adds 8t (4.8s) to base duration ⬥ While active protection prayers are 100% effective

Reflect reflect
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Duration: 316t (9.6s) ⬥ Incoming damage reduced by 50% ⬥ Reduced damage returned to sender

Revenge revenge
⬥ Cooldown: 75t (45s) ⬥ Duration: 32t (19.2s) ⬥ Increases outgoing damage done while wielding shield/defender     • Up to 10 stacks can be built     • Each stack adds 10% (5% with defender) damage to your attacks


Barricade cade
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) to 140t (84s)     • Effected by turtling perk ⬥ Duration: 8t (4.8s) to 29t (17.4s)     • Effected by shield tier, malletops, and turtling perk ⬥ Full table of duration and cooldowns can be found here ⬥ Blocks all incoming damage except hard typeless

Immortality immort
⬥ Cooldown: 200t (120s) ⬥ Duration: 50t (30s)     • Or until returned to life ⬥ Reduces taken damage by 25% ⬥ Be revived to 40% HP if dead while active     • 3t (1.8s) immunity to all damage while being revived     • Instakills avoid this effect

Natural Instinct nat
⬥ Cooldown: 200t (120s) ⬥ Duration: 34t (20.4s) ⬥ Doubles ability adrenaline gain

Rejuvenate rejuvenate
⬥ Cooldown: 500t (300s) ⬥ Duration: 16t (9.6s) ⬥ Gain 2.5% of hp per tick while active (40% total) ⬥ Shares cooldown with excal

defence Defence Ability Index defence
⬥ Click the links to quickly navigate to that ability's information. ⬥ General notes can be found in the introduction here.
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