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Solo Nex


When Nex spawns for the first time in a custom instance it will be praying Deflect Magic DeflectMage for the majority of the kill, this is why Ranged only kills are the meta for fast consistent kills. After every kill you will teleport out of the instance and re-enter in order to force Nex to always be praying Deflect Mage DeflectMage

Note: It is strongly advised to complete the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest in order to get access to the Jas boost which gives a 5% damage boost in GWD1 (including Nex). This can be done via Fairy ring code D.K.Q.

Presets and Relics

Banking Preset

⬥ The most important thing is to have a Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial set for use with your boss portal.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You can speak to Ashuelot Reis in the Nex bank and pay a one time cost of the Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial along with 10M GP to be able to access Nex bank without these items.

⬥ An Enhanced Luck Potion luckpotion works and can be used here.

⬥ A T70+ Defender is required for Ancient Emblem ancientemblem drops

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is used to make the T80 Defenders (ancientdefender / ancientlantern / ancientrepriser)

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Rotation with ECB EoF (~34-35 KPH)

Useful tips

⬥ Make sure to use Jas boost jasboost

⬥ Keep last listed arrow equiped until a new arrow is specified

⬥ Stay in combat between kills to stall crackling, allowing it to proc in p1 for a more consistent phasing

⬥ Wait 1t after using grico on a minion before tagging Nex to allow ecb to hit


anticlearheaded + vulnbomb right as Nex says "Fill my soul with smoke!" (~9s) → ecb eofspec

Smoke Phase

Note: try to cancel rapid on 2/3 perfectequilibrium stacks to line up a proc with dbow spec in Shadow Phase.

blackstonearrow Auto + bolg specfularrow rapid


wenarrow gricocaroming

Shadow Phase

Tag with fragfreedomadrenrenewal + ecb eofspec → Auto + dbow spec



Blood Phase

Note: Phasing into blood before she does "Embrace darkness" makes the first spec Sacrifice rather than Blood siphon saves time.

Blood siphon first:

Tag with piercingdivertsmokecloud + ecb eofspecsniperapid

Sacrifice first:

Tag with piercingdivertecb eofspec → Auto + rapid


If Blood siphon first:


If Sacrifice first:


Ice Phase

Note: The surge is to preplace mines and stall Nex's autos to prevent an ice prison from slowing down the kill.

Tag with fragantiecb eofspec → Auto + snap + surgebolg spec + dommine Glacies


gricocaroming (+ pre-placed dommine)

If using swift gloves

Tag with corruptshotpiercing (0 perfectequilibrium stacks) / mds (1 perfectequilibrium stacks)

Zaros Phase

Tag with deadshotrapidgrico

If using swift gloves

Tag with deadshotgricoswiftrapidpiercing


⬥ Movement for most of the phases can be seen in the below linked example video, the only transition where different positioning yields better results is blood → ice transition. ​
Blood → Ice
Alternate Blood → Ice
Perfect Blood → Ice

Advanced Video Example

This is a sample hour using the Bow of the Last Guardian bolg, an Eldritch Crossbow ecb eofpink and Elite Dracolich Armour edracobody. Kills following this rotation should average out at around ~1:10 (~35 KPH). You can also use this as a visual guide for movement during the kill.