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Solak Ranged Camp (DPS)


With the powerful ECB ecb and Dbow dbow eofspec special attacks, alongside Greater Ricochet grico, Ranged has the potential for extremely high damage output at Solak, as his weak attacks and plentiful opportunities for healing allow for easy sustain. However, due to the nature of the Ranged combat style, no two kills will ever be the same, and as such, this channel will go over guidelines for Ranged Duo DPS kills, with the aim of sub 6:00 non storm-tank and 5:45 storm-tank kills. Basing Solak with Ranged camp is not recommended, due to Solak's innate ability to not splash on the base tank, and the Split Soul ecb special attack disabling healing from soulsplit

⬥ Effectively using Ranged range as a combat style requires a large degree of improvisational skills. This is to make the best use of the excess adrenaline gained from Hydrix Bakriminel bolts HydrixBakri. As such, rotations are not set in stone and the player's intuition is required to achieve optimal kills, as no two kills will ever be the same. Excess adrenaline can be used through more ECB ecb specs, more EoF Dark Bow dbow eofspec specs, or better use of thresholds.

⬥ The use of an ECB EoF ecb eofpink is required for some of the rotations outlined below. A physical ECB ecb can execute similar rotations, however, making use of SGB EoF sgb eofblue special attacks and 4-tick auto attacks with the ecb spec is required, alongside good improvisation skills.

General Notes

⬥ The guide contains rotations for Root skips, the timings of which can be found in #Mechanics Overview.

⬥ In duo, it is advised that the DPS pre-places their dominion mines dommine on the SE roots roots, and the Base on the NW roots roots.

⬥ It is easier to apply the Smoke Cloud smokecloud debuff with Ranged, at the start of Death's Swiftness deathsswift with the use of Ingenuity of the Humans ingen. Solak, Core, and Erethdor should all be debuffed, and co-ordinate between team members as to who is applying it.

⬥ It is assumed Borrowed Power borrowedpower is set to Smoke Cloud smokecloud



⬥ It is assumed that the Spirit Weed SpiritSticks, Kwuarm KwuarmSticks, and Lantadyme incense sticks LantaSticks are used, and an Overload elderovlsalve and Weapon Poison +++ weppoison is drank at the bank, to save an inventory space.

⬥ These presets are completely filled, requiring the player to drop a Spiritual spiritualprayer at the start of the fight to pick up later when the spot is free, after the P1 dummy is dummy placed or another spiritualprayer is drank. If not comfortable with this, the player can opt to bring a weppoison with them, to free up a space.

Advanced Preset

⬥ The two dummies are for chinning the Legs in P1, and for building out of the realm at the start of P4.

eofblue with Seren Godbow sgb

eofgreen with Dark Bow dbow

eofpink with Eldritch Crossbow ecb

redpouch Rune Pouch Lawrune Cosmicrune Firerune

bluepouch Rune Pouch Bloodrune Astralrune Bodyrune

yellowpouch Rune Pouch Dustrune Soulrune Chaosrune

(Runes for smokecloud, disrupt, SBSLunars)

Phase 1

P1 Start

deathsswiftgriconeedlebindingshot flankicon (or ecb eofspec + limitless ) → rapidgriconeedlebd to pad → bd back → ecb eofspecneedlebindingshot flankicongricoshadowtendneedlerapidsgb eofspec (last tick of DS) → ecb eofspec → Improvise

Note 1: Depending on HydrixBakri procs from the first grico, you can replace the first bindingshot flankicon with an ECB spec ecb eofspec and use limitless to rapid

Note 2: Depending on HP at the end of deathsswift, you can use a mixture of good thresholds and basics to build up to 100% for the next deathsswift at ~57s, whilst placing the dummy dummy. Video examples of how to place the dummy can be found in #Mechanics Overview This deathsswift uses adrenrenewal. When clearing roots roots you can use those to build to 100%, kill at least 1 with mines and 1 (2 if you have time with a good P1) with abilities, before moving on to arms.

Solak's Arms

Pre-ECB ecb eofspec + vulnbombgricoHydrixBakri rapid → if needed, finish with needle / bindingshot flankicon

Note: The DPS uses Rubies RubyBakri for grico and rapid. If you get a Ruby proc early into rapid, immediately switch to HydrixBakri

Solak's Legs (with dummy dummy)

⬥ Option 1:

vulnbombmechchin snipedbow eofspec

⬥ Option 2:

vulnbombmechchin snipeshadowtendsnap


ECB ecb eofspec + vulnbombgricolimitless + rapidsgb eofspec (last tick of DS) → Improvise

Note: Depending on the player's adren after deathsswift ends, you can use dbow eofspec or good thresholds like tight flankicon

Phase 2


This phase is split into two sections, the first is dealing with Eruptions and the blight storm in the centre of the arena, and the second is lowering the secondary blight bar underneath Solak's HP bar.

⬥ Eruptions can be killed in a combination of 4 different ways, duo or solo, and 3-hit or 2-hit.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Eruptions can be killed together or separately, requiring slightly different rotations and less co-ordination if done solo.

⬥ Once eruptions are killed, it is assumed that cleansing with Merethiel is done once, before going up to clear the blight storm for the first time.

⬥ Solak does not have enough HP to deplete the blight bar naturally before he reaches his HP cap, however, the blight damage from the ECB ecb special attack drains the secondary blight bar directly. With 1 good use of the ECB spec, the boss can phase during the arm climb attack.


The DPS on Eruptions goes up twice if not storm tanking, use defensives like freedom to build adrenaline whilst damaging the Blight Storm. After eruptions are dead, target Solak and build adrenaline with abilities like StormShards and frag, co-ordinated with the base.


pre-ECB ecb eofspec + (tc) + vulnbombcorruptshotgricobindingshot flankicon (if needed)


dbow eofspecgrico


Due to the aforementioned improvisational skills, the rotations for P2 post-eruptions are not set in stone, and achieving good damage requires strong ability management. As such, only general outlines will be detailed below, and improvisation rotations continue into P3.

North Eruption - As you go up for the second time, build on Solak with good basics and continue building with defensives as you damage the Blight Storm, aiming to build to 100% adrenaline as soon as possible

P2 Death's Swiftness deathsswift

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The aim of this deathsswift is to deal good damage, whilst dodging the minefield. The general outline for the deathsswift is as follows:

1x ECB ecb eofspec, 2x SGB sgb eofspec (1 last tick of DS), 1-2x Snap snap, 2x Rapid rapid, 1-2x Dbow dbow eofspec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This deathsswift is similar to the one in P1, however limitless will still be on cooldown from the Core and cannot be used. If adrenaline permits, ECB spec ecb is vital here.

P2 Post-DS

The aim here is to get good ECB ecb damage, immediately after deathsswift ends trying to end at 100% as the arm slam mechanic happens. As DPS, you will be climbing. The general outline is as follows:

1-2x ECB ecb eofspec, 1x Rapid rapid, 1x Snap snap, strong basics

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If you deal good damage and Solak is close to HP cap by the climb, build to 100% early and use natgrico → strong basics → StormShards to 100% (Or another strong basic if damage is needed)

P2 Arm Climb

As the DPS is the player who climbs, this is a good time to build adrenaline-boosting rotations in preparation for P3.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Use Incendiary Shot incend as the player jumps off the arm, the 2nd ability after climbing. This allows the buff to be stalled into the start of P3

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If using nat at the end of P2, you can build back to 100% with defensives after the incend. Use prepantidivert. The Divert divert will ensure you reach 100% with Solak's large melee hit.

Phase 3

This phase is also split into two parts, the P3 damage phase, and killing Erethdor in the mind realm. If following the rotations, Solak should be around ~600k HP as he moves towards the second pad.

P3 Rotation

⬥ Depending on whether a damaging ability or StormShards were used at the end of P2, use the opposite to hit 100% for Death's Swiftness deathsswift.

⬥ The P3 deathsswift is similar to P1 and P2, with much greater use of thresholds and dbow eofspec due to the greatly increased adrenaline gain from the incend buff. The general outlines are as follows:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• 1x ECB ecb eofspec, 2x SGB sgb eofspec (1 last tick of DS), 1-2x Snap snap, 2x Rapid rapid, 1-3x Dbow dbow eofspec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Save 1 stun (bindingshot flankicon / tight flankicon) for the 2nd pad.

⬥ After DS ends, 1-2 ECB specs ecb eofspec will be required to finish the remaining HP.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Co-ordinate with the base as to who uses Fragmentation Shot frag as he moves.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Aim to enter the mind realm with above ~30% adrenaline, if necessary, use limitless to get off thresholds.


Ecb EoF Rotation ecb eofspec

vulnbombHydrixBakri griconeedlebindingshot flankiconrapiddbow eofspec

Note: corruptshot can replace needle if co-ordinated with base. Try to use rapid as early as possible to build adrenaline.

Phase 4


Phase 4 rotations assume that the player is intending to kill Solak without entering the realm, known as "no realm". Depending on what HP Solak ends P3 on, the rotations vary slightly.

⬥ To potentially save kills that are extremely close, use the Wrath prayer for a last-ditch attempt.

⬥ If teammates are missing, a realming guide can be found in #Mechanics Overview, as an attempt to salvage the kills.

⬥ With or without the use of a dummy dummy as you exit the mind, build to 100% adrenaline and immediately use Death's Swiftness deathsswift

P4 Rotation

deathsswift + adrenrenewal → Build (antifreedomfragcorruptshot) → ecb eofspecgricosnaprapidsgb eofspec (cancel Rapid early if good adren) → gricotight flankicon

Video Examples - Storm tank - Non storm tank