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Magic Minion Tank

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions



This rotation requires you to teleport out after each kill to War's Retreat, where you should altar, bank, and then channel 100% adrenaline at the adrenaline crystals before entering the instance. Once you enter the instance, gsunshine once you see the base use dbreath.

RubyAurora gsunshinekalgscroll prepresbloodbarrage fsoa spec → build to 100% using gfury and defensives

Phase 1

(2.4s) magmatempesttarget → s omnipowerigneous → tc aod r omnipowerigneous + smoketendrils (7t) → limitless wmgconcimpactflank

Note: TC aod at 6 seconds on the boss timer

Phase 2

stormshardsdummy sonicwavemagmatempesttarget (on deto spot) → anti → drop target + detoaod bloodbarrage deto + gstaff eofspectsunamidbreathbloodamalg gconcTuskas

aod gconcgchain + surgemagmatempest

Note: Run behind the amalgamation before you tsunami so that it hits both bloodamalg and aod

Phase 3

gsunshine bloodbarragegconcdbreathbloodbarrage fsoa specgconcomnipowerigneouswmasphyx (3t) → smoketendrils (7t) → gstaff eofspec


Pillar 1 gconcdeepimpactflankgstaff eofspecgconcimpactflank

Pillar 2 wmgconcdbreathasphyxwrackandruin

Pillar 3 ingen rubybakri sgb eofspecgconcdbreathbloodbarrage gstaff eofspecgconcTuskas

Pillar 4 tsunamigconcimpactflank → improvise


‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Skip 2nd gconc on first pillar if low pillar hp

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Channel asphyx longer or shorter depending on pillar hp_


aod magmatempestmeta + adrenrenewalbloodbarrage gconcdbreathomnipowerigneousfsoa speclimitless smoketendrilswm → improvise

Note: Channel smoketendrils for longer or shorter depending on remaining hp, ideally end kill with wm

Example Kills
Mage Camp MT Vods
30/09/2021 - Souless911 ​22/01/2022 - geherman
AoD: 7-10 Man
This guide is made and upkept in collaboration with the AoD: 7-10 Man discord. For those interested in a non-toxic and friendly environment for ‘Small’ team AoD, with team sizes varying from 7 to 10. We accept all experience levels, from Learners to Experts and Teachers. We offer teams running throughout the day.

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