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Sliske's general in the Heart of Gielinor, Gregorovic is largely considered to be one of the harder GWD2 bosses for learners. This is generally due to his high accuracy and hard hits.


Attack Rotation
⬥ 3 Autos → Bouncing Blade → 3 Autos → Summon Spirits → 3 Autos → Shadow Spots → Repeat ​
Bouncing Blade
⬥ The first special attack occurs after 3 autos; he will throw a blade that bounces between you, other players if available, and then himself (it will not damage him), it will hit players 3 times, whether thats one player 3 times or 3 players 1 time each. Example
Summon Spirits
⬥ He will summon a spirit dependent on the area of the room that he's standing in, that will walk towards him. If it reaches melee distance of him it will be consumed granting Greg a buff based on the spirit summoned. The ghosts that are summoned are the spirts of Mania, Rage, and Delirium. Example     • Spirit of Mania - connecting causes his attack speed to increase.     • Spirit of Rage - connecting with him causes his damage to increase.     • Spirit of Delirium - connecting causes his poison damage to increase. Note: Spirit of Delirium can be ignored if mitigating poison damage via incense sticks or venomblood. By standing in the northwest corner he will only spawn this spirit.
Shadow Spots
⬥ Finally he will do a shadow spot attack similar to the twin furies, certain areas are marked with shadows that you must move out of to avoid a large mage hit, they come in small clusters with one being directly on the spot you are standing on and a few nearby. Example
⬥ At 140k health he will summon 2 clones, and at 60k he will summon 3 clones, they have 3k health each and Greg may teleport to them at random. Example

General Tips

⬥ The recommended method of killing Gregorovic involves attacking at a distance (at least 2 squares away).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Note: For melee you can use halberd-range weapons, such as Laniakea's Spear lanispear, Dragon Rider Lance dragonriderlance or Noxious scythe noxscythe

⬥ You should stand in the north-west corner of the arena with IritSticks Irit Incense Sticks at overloaded potency to negate the poisoning spirits and effectively ignore the 'Summon Spirits' mechanic

Necromancy Strategy


⬥ This rotation requires igneouskalmor. If you don't have one, remove deathskulls from the rotation and use touchofdeath and fingerofdeath where possible.

⬥ To save a few ticks, you may wish to summon your conjures on the move, any time after getting 100% adren at Wars Retreat.

⬥ You may wish to equip excal to dismiss and renew your conjures.

⬥ Keep Darkness darkness active at all times to minimise damage taken.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

T90 Rotation

This rotation seeks to hit 16-24 second kills consistently and requires teleporting to Wars Retreat between kills for adren.

Outside instance

conjureskeletonconjurezombieconjureghostkalgscrollcommandskeleton + right-click 'rejoin'

Inside instance

commandghost + right-click 'quick enter' → bd+surge to opposite corner → invokedeath

Main fight

vulnbomb + (tc) + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathdeathguard70 specsoulsapvolleyofsoulsfingerofdeathnecroautocommandskeletontouchofdeathfingerofdeathnecroauto (repeat auto until dead)

T95 Rotation

conjureghost after warsretreatteleportlivingdeath + conjureskeleton + conjurezombie at Wars Retreat → commandghostcommandskeleton + kalgscroll → enter instance → splitsoul + bd + surge (to opposite corner) → invokedeath → (tc) + vulnbomb + deathskullstouchofdeathfingerofdeathspecnecroautotouchofdeath → sdeathguard70 spec → improvise → as Greg dies equip excal

AFK Strategy

A full guide on how to AFK Gregorovic is available here: #AFK Gregorovic