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Necromancy Raksha


This rotation combines the safety of clearing pools with the speed of pool skips by utilising threadsoffate to clear majority of pools while not losing damage on Raksha to do so.

Critical strikes, well timed ability usage (not using big hitting abilities when they will hit cap and lose a bulk of their damage), and good player movement (not walking out of deathskulls range, being behind Raksha for soulstrikeflank) greatly increase the odds of a successful, fast kill.

This is an advanced guide which assumes a strong underlying knowledge of all mechanics and information presented in #raksha-basic.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Rotations last updated: 18 Feb 2024


⬥ Spam veng whenever available

⬥ Drink spiritualprayer to upkeep ripperscroll special attack

⬥ Keep hp low to benefit from berserkersfury

⬥ Drink vitality during rockfall

skulllantern90 is used as a flanking switch for soulstrikeflank during rockfalls


⬥ War's dummy: soulsapthreadsoffatetouchofdeathsoulsap + surge to crystal

⬥ Instance: (drop combat) + conjurearmylifetransfercommandghostinvokedeath + surgecommandskeletonsplitsoul + ‎ ‎vulnbomb → equip ranged/magic mh + ingen

Phase 1

(tc) + smokecloud + equip omniguard + deathskullssoulsapvolleyofsoulstouchofdeathsoulsaplivingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskullsbloatsoulsapfingerofdeath

Note: If you're at 97% before livingdeath, do adrenrenewal + livingdeath instead of livingdeath + adrenrenewal

Phase 2

necroautosoulsap + surge + walk next to eastern edge → soulstrikeflankdeathskullstouchofdeathcommandskeletonfingerofdeathnecroautonecroautofingerofdeathdeathskullsbloattouchofdeathsoulsapcommandskeleton → improvise

Phase 3

⬥ When Phase 3 starts continue with 2 more abilities from Phase 2

⬥ Raksha should be lured in between 2 pools to clear them during threadsoffate

⬥ If done correctly only 1 set of pools will be left and Raksha won't absorb more than 5% anima

ability → ability + surge ‎ ‎→ soulstrikeflanksoulstrikeflankthreadsoffate → target north or south pool + soulsap → target Raksha + volleyofsoulstouchofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecnecroauto/soulsap/volleyofsouls until phased

Phase 4

lifetransfer + divebloat + vulnbombsoulsap

⬥ If skeleton got stuck: equip excal → equip soulboundlantern + conjurearmyomniguard speccommandghostcommandskeleton

⬥ Otherwise: commandskeletonomniguard spec

soulsapnecroautotouchofdeathsoulsapnecroautosplitsouldeathskullsbloatcommandskeletonsoulsapnecroautotouchofdeathnecroautosoulsapvolleyofsouls + innerpowerdeathguard90 eofspec → finish with commandzombie/commandskeleton/touchofdeath/fingerofdeath

Example Kills

1:35 Example Kill

Average Example Kills