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Helwyr Basic


Helwyr, Seren's general residing in the Heart of Gielinor, requires 80 Magic magic (boostable) and 40 Seren killcount to fight. His drops include the t85 Wand of the Cywir elders cywirwand and Orb of the Cywir elders cywirorb which are strong midgame magic weapons when used with Greater Concentrated Blast gconc. Helwyr also drops the Crest of Seren crestseren which is used to make the t80 Anima Core of Seren set animahelmseren.

The fight itself is one phase. The aim of this guide is to familiarise you with how to handle mechanics in order to successfully get your first solo kills.

Throughout this fight, Helwyr's auto attacks hit the player with melee melee damage. The player will pray Protect from Melee protectfrommelee or Deflect Melee deflectmelee.


Attack Rotation
Make sure to start the fight in the centre of the arena to avoid Helwyr skipping attacks Mushroom gas → 2 auto attacks → Cleave → 2 auto attacks → Frenzy → 2 auto attacks → Minion Spawn → 2 auto attacks → Repeat
Mushroom Gas
⬥ A large cloud of gas dealing 250 damage per tick; it will bind you if you stand in it too long. The player should: • Move out of the gas cloud as quickly as possible. If you find yourself stunned by the gas, you should NOT Freedom freedom as you will need to save this for later. • Click to view an example Mushroom Gas
⬥ Helwyr stands on his hind legs and hits in a frontal cone for up to 3k. The player should: • Use Resonance res to heal from this attack. • Click to view an example Cleave
⬥ Helwyr spins around dealing rapid melee hits, each applying a bleed stack on your debuff bar that looks like this: dismember. The player should: • Use Devotion devo to mitigate all the melee damage from the Frenzy.     • If Devotion is on cooldown, the player can use Debilitate debil or Reflect reflect to mitigate 50% of incoming damage.     • When Helwyr finishes, use Freedom freedom to clear the bleed entirely. • Click to view an example Frenzy
Minion Spawn
⬥ Helwyr will summon two 3k HP Cywir Alphas. The player should: • Use Area-of-Effect (AoE) abilities to defeat them whilst continuing to attack Helwyr. • Click to view an example Minion Spawn

Presets and Relics

Below are some presets we believe will lead to a great learning experience. Magic assumes the user is on the normal spellbook.

Necromancy and Magic will be the easiest to learn with however Melee and Ranged presets can be provided in #pvm-help. These are all not set in stone so if you are missing a couple of items, you will still be able to complete kills. Try not to downgrade too heavily though as these have been prepared with your learning experience in mind.

Preset Suggestions

Tips and Tricks

This is a great boss to learn how to use a few of your Defensive abilities effectively as well as familiarise yourself with movement during an encounter. Primarily in this fight, you will use Resonance res, Devotion devo, Debilitate debil or Reflect reflect to reduce incoming damage and Freedom freedom to clear bleeds. If you have Lesser Bone Shield lesserboneshield unlocked and active, you do not need to bring a shield with you to access Resonance res or Reflect reflect otherwise you will need to bring a shield.

Helwyr is also a great boss to practice some fundamentals when thinking about your abilities. Below is a basic structure to think about and practice:

1) Damage boosting ultimate ability sunshine / zerk / deathsswift / livingdeath

2) Build adrenaline, souls or necrosis stacks using appropriate basic abilities

3) Stronger threshold abilities e.g. wm asphyx , ‎ ‎assault destroy / cane , snap rapid / fingerofdeath, volleyofsouls

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your damage boosting ultimate ability runs out and build to 100% adrenaline again

5) Repeat from step 1

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