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Dragonkin Laboratory (Ranged Advanced)


The second Elite Dungeon, the Dragonkin Laboratory, is a relatively straightforward encounter. The encounter is useful for anyone wanting to learn how to deal with large mobs as well as bosses and combines aspects of single target and AoE damage.

The three bosses of the Laboratory drop the Greater Flurry, Greater Fury and Greater Barge codices in the order that they appear.

Each solo run of ED2 is worth coins 12,759,816 in uniques.

General Notes

⬥ It's recommended to set your anti-spam delay for your surgemobile to 1 via the Lectern at Anachronia.

⬥ You can surgemobile or bdmobile a tick before each gate unlocks to save a tick on every entry.

LotD Luck of the Dwarves will not improve the number of energies dropped, nor the drop rate for any codex.

⬥ The guide assumes knowledge of bosses and ranged rotations. Visit #ED2 Basic Guide or #Ranged DPM Advice as needed.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Visit #mechanics and look at NPC Center and Coordinate to understand using mechchin on Dragons.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Astellarn, the First Celestial

The first encounter of the Laboratory, this fight heavily utilises punishing area-of-effect mechanics but is still very straightforward and easy to master with some practice. Additionally, she drops the gflurry greatercodex

Example Rotation

Start of fight: gricorapidsgb eofspecsnap to prephase

After Pulsar spawn: grico / mds → equip deathsporearrows + build to 100% and 5 deathsporearrows stacks on Pulsar and Astellarn → incend → equip jasdragonbanearrow → get 3+ perfectequilibrium stacks with basics → ecb eofspec when neutron star spawns → lure star into black hole → dragonslayer + bolg specsgb eofspecgricosnaprapid if needed → divemobile diagonally to the next room

Note: 1st sgb eofspec must be cast when Astellarn is >200k HP so you may need to cancel rapid early.

Example kill (Astellarn):

Verak Lith

The second encounter of the Laboratory. Verak Lith's attack rotation is predictable, but deals consistent moderately high damage. Therefore, it is recommended to learn the mechanics properly to avoid any unnecessary deaths. Additionally, he drops the gfury greatercodex

He always melees the player when in melee distance and always uses mage otherwise. The auto attacks hit quite hard with the mage ones being desynced visually, so it is important to not mess up too many prayer flicks here.

Example Rotation

ecb eofspec + dive + surge into md of Verak → (tc) + ingen + smokecloud + gricodragonslayer + bolg specsgb eofspeclimitless + snaprapidgrico → equip deathsporearrows + mds + place dommine for Spire → divert on Spire → finish off Spire with basics then use basics on Verak to 100% and 5 deathsporearrows stacks → gdeathsswift → equip jasdragonbanearrow + ecb eofspec + adrenrenewalbolg specsgb eofspecgricosnapmdsrapidgricomdsshadowtendbolg specmdsdivert the Spire → kill Spire with basics → dragonslayer + rapidsgb eofspecsnap → finish off with basics → surgemobile back towards the bridge

Note: Save disrupt for bomb, if following the rotation above you will use it right before the first rapid post adrenrenewal

Note: soulsplit flick properly is very important in the execution of this rotation. Ensure you have enough food supergrest blueblubber as you will take notable damage even if soulsplit flicking properly and using divert on pillars

Example kill (Verak Lith):

Black Stone Dragon

The final boss of the Dragonkin Laboratory. She is the main source of the dungeon's primary unique: Draconic Energies draconicenergy, which are used to make the Mage T92 Elite Tectonic set elitetectbody and also drops the gbarge greatercodex

This fight consists of simple mechanics but can be very punishing if mistakes are made. It is also one of the few bosses to auto attack in all three combat styles, with melee hitting especially hard, so it is possible to die just from auto attacks if the player can't out heal with soulsplit, is low on food, and/or can't prayer flick the fight.

Example Rotation:

Phase 1

surge + dive + gdeathsswift + adrenrenewalecb eofspec + pre-place dommine at South Black Hands → ingen + smokecloud + dragonslayer + gricolimitless + rapidsgb eofspec → build with basics until hands spawn

Note: Make sure sgb eofspec is cast before BSD reaches 520k to pre-phase.

Phase 2: Black Hands

⬥ Hand 1:

Equip fularrow + bolg specgricosnipe → finish off 1st hands with basics

Note: This hand should be damaged by pre-placed dommine

⬥ Hand 2:

rapidsnap → finish off with basics

⬥ Hand 3:

ecb eofspec → equip deathsporearrows → build to 100% and 5 deathsporearrows stacks with basics and rapidincendgdeathsswift → finish off 3rd hands

⬥ Hand 4:

Place domminebolg specsnap → basics to finish off

Post-hands BSD

ecb eofspecgricodragonslayer + rapidsgb eofspeccorruptshotgricoshadowtendecb eofspecsnap → finish off with basics/bolg spec and limitless + rapid

Phase 3: Flight

Build to 100% with basics → ingen + smokecloud during flight → build to 4 deathsporearrows stacks → grico to proc deathsporearrows during 5th flight → incendnat → build to 100% → ecb eofspec + adrenrenewal after 6th flight and vulnbomb + dive / surge next to BSD

Post-Flight BSD

dragonslayer + bolg specsgb eofspec → finish off with dbow eofspec / snap / rapid depending on adren and BSD hp.


The AoE centre of large mobs such as the dragons and lava strykewyrms is the south-west tile. This is important when choosing which mob to mechchin. Use stickybomb on Celestial dragons when their HP falls below ~28k immediately to prevent healing. Otherwise, use mechchin bindingshot or rapid as they begin to heal. Note that mechchin rapid only prevents on the healing on the main target Celestial, other hit Celestials that are not the main target will still heal. You can also use incend opportunistically for critbuff


4 Laboratory Slimes

mechchin incend method:

Equip mechchin + surgemobile + divemobile diagonally towards slimes → tag slime with corruptshot and move towards center of 3 slimes → frag → stall incend on a slime from far cluster and run back into nearby slimes→ (tc) close slime + smokecloudrelease incend with mechchin + bindingshot → equip bolg and target far away slime gricobolg specmds + dive + surge into next room

Note: After releasing mechchin incend use cease so your next auto isn’t smokecloud

⬥ Non-chincend method:

Tag a Slime with fragcorruptshot while luring the slimes together to use mechchin snapbindingshotpiercing → good basics to clear the Slimes.

Note: Slimes cannot multiply while stunned or bound.

3 Red Dragons

limitless + rapid the dragon downstairs → equip mechchin + dbow eofspec the northern dragon → needlesnap → finish off remaining dragons with basics.

4 Red Dragons

Target NE dragon + equip mechchin + needledragonslayer + sgb eofspecdbow eofspec → equip bolg and finish off the remaining dragons with bolg spec and strong basics

Note: If NE and NW dragons aren’t next to each other, try targeting NW dragon to hit it alongside SW .

Example Section (7 Red Dragons):

4 Lava Golems

divemobile into a cluster of golems + mechchin fragcorruptshotsniperapidsnap + adrenrenewal

Note: Drink adrenrenewal if low adren so you have close to 100% entering into next room

Example Section (4 Lava Golems):

2 Laboratory Slimes 1 Celestial Dragon

mechchin incend method:

accel + surge + dive into the corner behind celestial → gricomdsmechchin + target slime + fragcorruptshotbindingshot + dive and run away a few squares → sincend → run in release with mechchin + needle → equip bolg + target celestial + grico → finish off celestial with basics if needed

⬥ Non-chincend method:

Diagonally surgemobile + divemobile towards the next barrier and run around to behind the celestial dragon to stack the slimes behind it. Stun the celestial then target a stacked slime for a mechchin sgb eofspec. Clean up the remaining slimes with further stuns until the barrier opens.

3 Celestial Dragons

surgemobile / divemobile to the western wall → mechchin two celestials + throw a stickybomb between then + dragonslayer + sgb eofspecdbow eofspec → finish off the 2 celestials with basics → equip bolgrapid the 3rd celestial → finish it off with basics

Example Section (3 Celestial Dragons):

1 Celestial Dragon

ecb eofspec + surgemobile + divemobile towards celestial → throw a stickybomb → kill it with bolg spec and strong basics

1 Celestial Dragon

Run md of dragon and place 2 dommine → throw a stickybomb → finish off with basics

Example Section (2 Celestials):

Post-Astellarn to pre-Verak Lith

2 Celestial Dragons

Throw a stickybomb between the 2 celestials. Use mechchin and target Eastern celestial + dbow eofspecshadowtenddbow eofspec with basics in between to kill the 2 celestials.

After celestials are dead run towards the gate and divemobile + surgemobile towards strykewyrms.

Note: if celestials aren't lined up for chinning, improvise and single target them with bolg and use dommine on one of them.

2 Lava Strykewyrms

equip mechchin + target eastern strykewyrm + rapidsnap

Example Section (2 Celestial Dragons + 2 Lava Strykes):

4 Black Dragons

Drink acceldivedive + surgedive + surgedive + surge (refer to video below)

Target eastern dragon of the two western dragons with mechchin use dragonslayer if available → sgb eofspecrapid → finish off with basics

Target eastern dragon of the two eastern dragons with mechchin + drink adrenrenewalsnapshadowtend → strong basics/dbow eofspec to finish them off → dive + surge towards the next room

Example Section (4 Black Dragons):

6 Black Dragons

Target closest dragon with mechchin → basics until 2 black dragons are stacked → rapid + run past the dragons → snap → basics to finish them off

divemobile + surgemobile to the dragons near the gate and target the northern one with mechchinsgb eofspecshadowtend → basics until dead

Run back to remaining 2 dragons and target northern one with mechchinrapidsnap → basics until dead

Note: Use dragonslayer whenever it comes off cooldown.

Example Section (6 Black Dragons):

4 Lava Strykewyrms

Equip deathsporearrows + ecb eofspec + divemobile diagonally towards strykewyrms → use basics on strykewyrm near eastern wall and build to 100% and 5 deathsporearrows stacks

surge north + place dommine near a strykewyrm and target another one while building to 100% and ds stacks → incend → equip fularrow + ecb eofspec → finish off closest strykewyrms with basics and rapid

Target a strykewyrm near gate and kill it with bolg spec and strong basics

Example Section (4 Lava Strykes):

4 Black Dragons

Equip mechchin and target middle black dragon → sgb eofspecdbow eofspec → equip bolg and kill north dragon with basics/bolg spec + run towards the gate → kill last dragon with rapidsurgemobile + divemobile towards the bank and load preset → drink accel and surgemobile + divemobile diagonally across the bridge and run down the bridge

Example Section (4 Black Dragons):

Post-Verak Lith to pre-Black Stone Dragons

3 Dragonstone dragons 1 Onyx dragon

surgemobile across the bridge → Teleport option 4 → divemobilesurgemobile → equip deathsporearrowssurgemobile → target south dragon → gricorapid (if you have good adren) → build to 100% and 5 deathsporearrows stacks → incend → equip mechchin and target NE dragon → sgb eofspecdbow eofspec → basics/thresholds to finish off the dragons

Note: If your mechchin aren't hitting all 4 dragons use dommine on the remaining dragon.

Example Section (3 Dragonstone + 1 Onyx dragons):

2 Dragonstone dragons

surgemobile + divemobile diagonally towards gemstone dragons → equip mechchin + dragonslayer + dbow eofspecneedleshadowtend → basics/snap to finish off the dragons.

1 Hydrix dragon

Drink accel + surgemobile + divemobile towards hydrix dragon → ecb eofspec + divemobile + surgemobile → basics until 3+ perfectequilibrium stacks → bolg specgricosnipedivemobile + surgemobile diagonally towards gate

2 Dragonstone dragons

Equip mechchin + target eastern gemstone dragon → rapidsnapshadowtendHydrixBakri grico to regain adren

Note: If dragons aren't chinnable run back south to lure west gemstone next to east one.

Note: You want to enter BSD with 100% so use a few basics on the gemstones if gate is open and you have <100%.

Example Section (4 Dragonstone + 1 Hydrix dragons)

Example Runs

All example runs are done off task. 12:43 [Pre-Grico Nerf] [Pre-GWD3] 11:57 BIS